The Language of Liberty

UPDATE 11/22/20: The courageous Ms. Powell invokes the same Biblical wrath stirring in the souls of at least 70 million, liberty-loving Americans. May God answer our prayers.


CoronaCrazed! and HCQ

UPDATE 11/29/20: The crime of mass Lockdown in pursuit of “safety” meets the judgment seat of facts. Likewise, HCQ effectiveness in combatting the virus is once again evident to those actually interested in medical solutions and not political power.


UPDATE 11/29/20: Fauci, Cuomo, AOC: Time Magazine’s Persons Of The Year. Perhaps, we don’t share the MSM’s premises of what constitutes a good person or a good deed. Just as the definition of “Glamour” got a major makeover a few years back.

Leftists=The Good Guys...no matter how provably bad they are.
MSMSpeak: Leftists=The Good Guys…no matter how provably bad they are.

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