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UPDATE 3/21/21: The future of a free America depends upon the preservation of free speech and an uncorrupted ballot box. Our best hope rides on those all-too-rare politicos in State Houses and DC spearheading the fight for our most basic American rights in both word and deed. While the MSM lionizes those State House scoundrels like Cuomo and Newsom  guiltiest of ruining state economies and keeping businesses closed and millions unemployed, we have their nemeses like Noem and DeSantis successfully fighting freedom’s fight  within their own states. Will enough Americans think for themselves, assess real results and allow this fight to go national? 


UPDATE 3/21/21: Covid Madness still rages rampant across the land. The Vaccine has now joined The Mask as the new sign of virtue (and conversely selfish evil in its absence). And rational questions surrounding inoculation posed by any responsible, thinking individual have joined the Narrative as the new Treason of Denial. The working epithet and shaming insult is Vaccine Skeptic. Such controversy and rational questioning is nothing new, nor unjustified.

Shame on those of us who dare to ask:   if one can still get the shot and suffer symptoms, what’s the point? Is the cure worse than the disease? What about natural herd immunity if one isn’t elderly, obese, immuno-compromised, or all 3? After all the doublethink mandates from the redoubtable Dr. Fauci and the disastrous results of “keeping safe,” lockdowns and masks  for hundreds of millions, what rational person wouldn’t be suspicious? When the ventriloquists pulling the Hologram Puppet President’s strings declare through their senile mannequin  that Vaccine Skeptics are “unpatriotic” and “macho,” any inclination to get the shot evaporates.  Adding to our concerns, authentic medical professionals continue to warn us of the very real dangers and well-documented pitfalls of what’s being fed to us from Experts who have proven themselves to be Anything But. Others rationally argue that the vaccine actually frees us from the grip of the Faucist frauds. 

Whom and what to trust? Science as practiced by politicized quacks has lost its authority; confusion reigns, confidence is lost. The waters are murky, the path unclear. We have only ourselves to trust. The upside is that the decision will ultimately be our own, not that of our aspirant zookeeper masters. 

Lies Of The Week 

UPDATE 3/21/21: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence (1962 John Ford film)

There is a plague and scourge now sweeping the country. It is not from a laboratory but from the minds of power-mad political operatives operating on the flaws of human mass psychology: ” Legends become fact, and lies become truth on the basis of their service to a cause.

Bernie Sanders on the wonderful new “Covid-19 Relief” boondoggle (a fraction of which goes to anything related to Covid-19):  “In my view, this is the most significant legislation for working people that has been passed in decades.”  Strange word choice “working people” when most of the bill is specifically for people who don’t work but live on government, taxpayer-subsidized (people who work) welfare.

About that “tax hike on the rich” that’s going to penalize them for being so fat and greedy? You’ll be footing the bill, not them.

And that new bill that’s purportedly “for the people.” Anything but. A simple accounting reveals social engineering on steroids For The State and the insignificant Little People in the way be damned.   

In his own depressing version of Jimmy Carter’s memorably miserable malaise speech, Biden takes credit for the vaccines that didn’t exist or get into one arm before he came riding in on his rocking horse. Like Dick Morris said, “The crowing rooster taking credit for the dawn.”

And while Joe takes credit from Trump for the vaccine, Nancy is there to place the blame on Trump for chaos at the border, described as a trickle up to January 20 and mysteriously exploding in the weeks since. Who else could have created such a mess? Certainly not Nancy’s Democrats!   

Just in case you still believe everything you read in the paper: the Washington Post quietly, very quietly retracts its claim that Trump pressured Georgia’s officials to bend things his way when he simply alerted them of illegal hanky-panky in their midst, very much like his supposedly impeachable offense of alerting the Ukrainians of the same.  

Mask Nation

UPDATE 3/21/21: Our Beloved Leader scolds 330 million of his naughty followers and imposes mandatory mask-wearing until he decides we’re good again. Sadly, one more Babylon Bee fiction that is actually truth.  

The Blind leading the sighted.



UPDATE 3/21/21: Why did Joe shift from moderate/conservative to Full Woke Left? Like Willie Sutton said, “Go where the money [and power] is.” Loving, understanding and wishing to serve and preserve America? Nah. Where does that get you if you’re a low-talent boor interested in getting rich and being a BFD? Now sitting atop the political heap, Sleepy Joe does his keepers’ bidding in his basement lair and just signs whatever is put in front of him, 69 Executive Orders (so far) totally bypassing the inconvenience of representative government and public accountability thanks to a cooperative MSM. 

FAUCI and “Experts”

UPDATE 3/21/21: A little man in all respects on an oversized pulpit. Despite consistent, considerate reminders from people that he has no say about what American citizens choose to do with their lives in big or small matters, the naked little emperor continues to squeak out his confused, destructive mandates through the  megaphone he’s been handed. Meanwhile, real scientists recognize a world-class Know Nothing when they see one. 


Stopped Clock Nasty Man gets it right on America, China and Woke Silliness for one of his allotted two minutes of correctness per day. 


Cloward-Piven is cool again. For the Great Reset, it is the ideal, diabolical strategy to bankrupt the country, turn us into a totalitarian Soviet USSA with basically no private enterprise, just one big welfare state funded by what few productive individuals and businesses managed to continue functioning. Now you get why those Dem mayors and their overseers in Washington encourage and studiously ignore all those riots across the country.


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  1. Fred….without commenting on each and every piece you’ve written here, let me say that you always zero in on the most relevant issues of the day, and provide your readers with the best and often most piercing commentary. Keep up your great work!

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