AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 2/25/22: The weakness demonstrated in the face of violent Russian expansionism (and the Chinese AND Iranian versions almost certain to follow) is not just something happening “over there.” Our ongoing, growing dependence upon the world’s two most powerful Communist regimes impacts every American.  Continuing on this suicidal path, we are doomed to be relegated to second class power or, worse, a nation of obedient robots in the image of China as Canada and Australia have proven to be.  OR we can choose leadership informed and fired by a genuine American spirit of liberty. That’s what we saw for four years with MAGA, and if enough of the populace wises up to freedom’s advantages over centralized control, we’ll be back. It happened with the right leader in 2016, then just as quickly vanished in 2020. God willing, we are due for a dramatic renaissance in 2024, beginning in 2022.

UPDATE 2/22/22: Trudeau has acted as expected, but the spirit of the Freedom Convoys must go on. What of the idea that they remain an undeniable, vocal presence without giving the Trudeaus of the world opportunities for tyrannical measures? 

UPDATE 2/21/22: Never was George Washington’s birthday (no, not “Presidents Day”) so charged with significance as we ponder the full significance of “the indispensable man” in the founding of America.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Freedom should be the unifying force for all good people, but for too many the security of quiet obedience to punitive authority overrides freedom. This explains the (no longer mysterious) accommodation of a large percentage of Australians, Austrians and now Canadians to tyranny, neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, brother against brother. God willing the champions of freedom ultimately win while the sheepish collaborators in their own enslavement spend the rest of their days hiding out in the darkness of shame away from the light of brave people winning this fight, working, raising their families, going to their chosen places of worship, enjoying the fellowship of others like themselves, left alone to live their lives as they please. The optimists say that day is not far off. 

The challenge is anything but a new story, and inspiration abounds from many sources. This passionate Canadian from Romania knows firsthand the impossible difficulties freedom fighters face, having suffered under the vicious oppression of the Ceausescus and lived to see her whole nation rise up as one against them. The last resort of a dictator is violence…

For now, the truckers are withdrawing, sensibly choosing not to be punching bags for Trudeau’s goons. But their cause is not going anywhere. We all live for the day when the innocent live freely and the guilty pay dearly.

Message delivered: there will be no “peace” or “freedom” until good men have been brought to their knees and silenced. And you’re next if you dare object.


UPDATE 2/22/22: Encouraging news that investment in Trump’s alternative social media company Truth Social has exploded from its inception this week with a waiting list of prospective investors itching to get in on the ground floor.


UPDATE 2/25/22: John Fraud Kerry’s “concern” about “climate change” in the face of Putin’s aggression is mad delusion at best. Most likely, he’s upset that his Biblical sermon (Flood! Pestilence! Earthquakes! Volcanos! Hurricanes!) is about to get drowned out by cries of REAL pain when REALLY bad guys like Communists do REALLY bad things. Scaring and controlling millions of people with frightening things that aren’t going to happen is much intoxicating to sneaky powermongers like the Heinz mooch than actually doing anything concretely beneficial for anyone.

UPDATE 2/23/22: The psychological profile of traditionally freedom-loving societies now sliding toward totalitarianism can be at least partially understood by the great divide in political orientation between what are now termed the Physicals vs. the Virtuals. The former (more conservative) do real work out in the world while the latter (more liberal) are those whose entire existence takes place in two dimensions on a computer screen. The image of today’s Virtuals is reminiscent of Tom Wolfe’s Masters Of The Universe who find themselves lost away from their computers and confronted with real people living real lives.

UPDATE 2/20/22: CoronaCraziness and Woke ideology are just two current examples of mass insanity that isn’t going to wane any time soon. 

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 2/20/22: When blindly loyal liberal Dems can no longer deny what their Party managed to pull off  in their zeal to destroy Trump and corrupt the electoral process unhindered since 2016, we have a chance of living again in a country where voters get the leaders they really need and want.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 2/22/22: To those who think it could happen here, it’s already happened. The Stalinesque response to January 6 and the placement of those dissenters in a D.C. Gulag sends the same message as that just delivered from Mad King Justin. Dare to dissent and you’ll find your bank accounts frozen, your pets confiscated, your property smashed, your bodies beaten, yourself on your knees and bound for lock-up. This week includes the case of one Facebook poster who broadcast the January 6 debacle, now subject to something predictably awful from Pelosi’s Black Shirts in the Judiciary.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 2/25/22: A letter to Ron De Santis from one outraged but hopeful American speaks for millions of others.


UPDATE 2/23/22: The sudden decision to phase out the mandates in New York City is the first good thing to come out of the Adams administration. Sorry to say this is less a matter of principle than an impulsive panic move on the part of politicians getting a whiff of pushback from their constituency.

UPDATE 2/21/22: As real statistics make clear, there’s no good reason for any individual or business burdened by high taxes and excessive regulation to stay in a blue state when the red states are obviously friendlier environments.



UPDATE 2/20/22: Forbes Magazine, a name and publication once synonymous with American capitalism, free enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit, is now a fulltime participant in Cancel Culture, firing writers critical of the BigGov Establishment.



CHINA-Told Ya So

2/24/22: With Russia emboldened to conquer and annex the Ukraine, surely China is itching to do likewise with Taiwan. Considering the corruption and weakness of the Brandon administration, there is little reason to think that would meet with any opposition since we are intertwined economically with both Russia and China. Having destroyed our own energy independence, Brandon has put us at Russia’s mercy for oil. American companies have farmed out practically everything imaginable to the ChiComs for production, making us dependent upon them for countless essentials that we use every day. And their economic power over vast swaths of corporate America already allows them to call the shots within our borders.

Those who insisted that ANYTHING would be better than Trump and did everything possible to eliminate him can take the full credit for where we are today and for what dark crises almost certainly lay ahead.

2/20/22: We’re already paying a big price for doing business with China, and the worst is yet to come when our American money, land and resources are quietly being transferred to Chinese ownership.


UPDATE 2/24/22: Waking up to the fraud and misinformation peddled by the “experts,”  Israel is finally coming to its senses and lifting all the pandemic panic measures. No one has the luxury of indulging in the theatrics of a “pandemic” or “climate change” when immediate threats like Putin and  Iran present themselves. Falling for the hyperbolic Covid narrative is surprising for a country that has lived with daily threats of extinction since its founding.

UPDATE 2/22/22: Sweden has provided a control to the great lockdown experiment inflicted on humanity over the last two years. Let history decide, not later but beginning today.


UPDATE 2/26/22: Iceland is one more nation coming out of its sleepwalking stupor as more pressing realities present themselves. Make note of Iceland’s message to its citizens as it drops all Covid mandates and restrictions. Get infected! Get a life!  Natural herd immunity has seen us through every other bad flu! Other breaking news: the earth is not flat and it goes around the sun, not vice versa. Oh. Now you tell us.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Regarding the wearing of face masks, there is stupid, there is ignorant, there is idiocy. It ranks right up there with some of the worst forms of human folly and has earned its place in history’s garbage dump.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Like the (formerly heroic, now reviled) truckers, medical professionals have gone from saintly “frontline workers” to pariahs with a flash of a needle and a blunt refusal to submit. Too many real scientists and medical professionals objecting to the exertion of force over the public on vaccines/masks et al have unjustly suffered for their courage to resist this very un-American, punitive fist of Big Brother. And complicit establishmentarians like the AMA have totally shamed themselves and undermined the credibility of one of our noblest professions.

UPDATE 2/24/22: The CDC has the stats this week proving that a vast majority of new infections and hospitalizations are of the vaccinated. No, this is not from the “anti-vaxxer” conspiracy but from the same source that had the world locked down and pushed for universal vaccination/zero Covid for two years.

UPDATE 2/20/22: It is true “misinformation” to accuse all Covid vaccine skeptics of being “anti-vaxxers.” Doubtless there is some overlap with those taken in by the fanatic anti-vax movement that’s been around for decades. Present-day skeptics are questioning an untested, unresearched mixture now being forcibly foisted on everyone on the planet. The baggage of blatant corporate profiteering and the political weaponizing involved only further darkens the suspicious picture presented.



UPDATE 2/24/22: The Ukraine has been left particularly vulnerable by allowing itself to be disarmed some time back in exchange for so-called promises of security. Bad decision.

WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 2/27/22: Doubts are being cast upon the stories coming out of the Ukraine. We know Putin is attacking the country. What’s questionable are the ultra-romantic tales of heroism emerging about the Ukrainians. They are certainly victims of Putin’s aggression, but are the embellished stories coming out designed to draw us into the conflict? The fog of war is historically notorious for such deception.

UPDATE 2/27/22: Word that Putin is entertaining the use of nuclear weapons in his assault on the Ukraine does little to allay fears that he’s really a dangerous lunatic. Anyone really serious about creating a new Russian empire  a la Peter The Great is not going to let the consequences of a WWIII stand in his way.

UPDATE 2/26/22: Putin is the one in the headlines this week. But the excitement of tyrants everywhere about the obvious senility and ineffectiveness of Dr. Jill’s boyfriend has reached new highs. Iran now joins the celebrants in anticipation of being handed full nuclear capability in the conspicuous absence of any official American  deterrence or leadership.

Regarding Putin: those who really know verify that he is a lunatic and makes the world a somewhat more dangerous place. Still there are those embittered harridans in pants suits guzzling Chardonnay who will claim that Trump is Vlad’s BFF and probably the more sinister villain. Meanwhile the man himself demonstrates the presence & attitude that made Vlad The Invader opt for staying put in Moscow those four years between 2016-2020. Just a coincidence, of course.

Despite the current absence of an American presence on the world stage, the Ukrainians are not rolling over easily as planned. All true patriots are taking note. One can only hope this spirited resistance, standing alone in the world, will last. The clear-eyed souls, seriously interested in NOT repeating history’s mistake of confronting tyranny with weakness, agree that this would not have happened if Trump were President. As nobody can deny, it didn’t.

Zelensky, Ukrainian President, literally stands his ground, willing to die defending his country.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Is it 1938 again in Europe? Is the world about to find itself under attack on multiple fronts breached by Russia, China and Iran? Perhaps an evil axis of at least two if not all 3?  World War III or perhaps just the new New World Order of disorder, chaos and death. Grim stuff to contemplate, but let’s not pretend things are going well.

UPDATE 2/25/22: “Perhaps a policy of deterrence and strength, rather than appeasement, works..” Behold the Obama/Biden Doctrine of appeasement. And for those trying to keep the whole Trump-Putin collusion thing going, here’s another quote: “Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer.” Any diplomatic words coming from Trump about Putin is based upon this wise strategy and knowing full well  with whom he’s dealing.

All this is lost on the likes of an Obama or Biden who have no strategy except to do what’s best for the Global Collective, certainly not America. In response to a Putin or Xi or the Mullahs, Joe and that part of America ignorant of how to handle bullies has nothing to offer but words, words, words, and empty, dishonest ones at that. Trump, on the other hand, intends to win for himself and for America. And that’s why they hate him so.

UPDATE 2/24/22: Europe finds itself at war because no one, including Putin fears Sleepy Joe. Despite what he has assured the world in the past about his prowess on the international stage, the nasty old geezer is a loser. However, one should not discount the damage he and his clan of crooks are capable of doing. The Biden Crime Family,  spelled H-U-N-T-E-R, have much to do with where the Ukraine finds itself today.

UPDATE 2/22/22: In case Trump’s detractors haven’t noticed, Putin never made even a suggestion of expanding his influence beyond Russian borders in the years 2016-2020.  This is hardly by chance. The notion that Vlad The Aspiring Conqueror tried to interfere on Trump’s behalf is absurdity, quite the reverse of what stood to benefit him. Had Hillary won, we would have witnessed the present threats (and those of an equally expansionist China) four years sooner.  As things play out and the full extent of Hillary’s collusion with Russia (among 1001 other corruptions) is undeniably exposed, one will be able to say Told Ya So; but by then incalculable damage to America and freedom at large around the world will have been done, not to mention innocent lives lost. But don’t expect any apologies from those doing the worst damage. For them, power is everything and doing the right thing counts for nothing.


UPDATE 2/26/22: Those still possessing some inner life in the beleaguered world of 2022 have become confirmed skeptics. How could we not be caught in a tsunami of blind acceptance of lies and dissemblance from those people and institutions we used to call “experts” and “authorities?”

UPDATE 2/22/22: Orwell’s Animal Farm pigs have staked out their positions in Canada and will not stop there unless stopped by a greater, opposing force.



UPDATE 2/26/22: Contrary to what we’ve been told for over a year, we’re being had, bigly. A criminal administration is mugging us all and insisting it’s all for the best.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

El Commandante Trudeau’s mentor and main strategist brags about how “we penetrate cabinets.” Thanks to the unintended transparency of the internet, conspiracy theories are no longer theories.

UPDATE 2/21/22: How handy for the power-hungry to have a national “EMERGENCY!!!” act to extend even when there’s no emergency to warrant it. The end to such “emergencies” is something dreaded by those declaring them. Manufactured panic and fear, those special gifts to tyrants that keep on giving, Canada yesterday, America today, good ol’ reliable Russia ’round the clock over the last century.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Some are offering as gloomy a prediction of things to come as one can envision. While remaining totally aware of reality, one has to hope there is an unseen power greater than the ravenous hunger of dictators who have just tasted fresh blood. There is always the Divine Source men have called upon through the troubled Ages. And then there is an unspoken passion dwelling within millions for liberty they have known and refuse to give up.

2/20/22: Who needs a Tiananmen Square slaughter when you can just freeze political protesters by freezing their funds and those funding them? As Hanoi Jane exulted, Covid has been a gift beyond measure for the Left and its totalitarian aims a means to an end. {And who remembers Covid at this point? It’s just about outlived its usefulness.}



UPDATE 2/25/22: What if most Americans were informed that our oil resources are greater than all the Middle East? They would also have to be disabused of the lies about our use of fossil fuels posing an “existential crisis.” Then, perhaps they could go on, unimpeded, driving their cars, heating & cooling their houses, cooking on their stoves, flying off happily to vacation spots and generally enjoying guilt-free, wonderful lives.

A safe, efficient, attractive alternative to fossil fuels.


GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 2/25/22: Biden, beholden to the antiracist racists, has nominated a Black female as promised for the Supreme Court, eliminating all those women and men who just don’t check the right boxes and intersect properly. How flattering for the nominee to be picked because she is the right color and sex for the moment, not necessarily great at her job? How great for the country and the stature of the Supreme Court? Black, female, dumb, mean, incompetent? You’re 99% there, baby.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

UPDATE 2/24/22: BLM, in all its grifting, greedy glory, is  getting a bit embarrassing for that major political Party that has made it a flagship of its virtue-signaling flotilla. Lots of leaky boats there.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party




UPDATE 2/22/22: Leftism is a religion and a very malevolent one that any rational person should fear.




TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 2/26/22: We sit on the edge of our chairs, leaning forward anxiously, awaiting with bated breath what this demented disaster has to say about the “state of the Union” and his part in creating it.

UPDATE 2/25/22: Somehow, some way, we’ll muddle our way out of this one. These are not Americans. These are poisonous, parasitical barnacles who have attached themselves to our ship of state.

D.C. corruption is nothing new as Johnny Mercer, a political conservative, knew well.


UPDATE 2/21/22: Fidel is still dead, but his little island remains a hotbed of plotting and conniving for Global Revolution. Its strategic proximity to America and the rest of Latin America is a plus. Now add a newborn totalitarian dictatorship just Up North, and lacking resistance, you have a whole North American continent invaded and itching to go a bright Red.

CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)



UPDATE 2/22/22: Although Fauci is the most infamous poster boy for the dangers of high-status “expertise,” it’s a pandemic that has spread its cancerous poison across the world. Canada is only the latest country to make headlines demonstrating the consequences of so-called Experts from On High superseding and eliminating the most basic human rights.







SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act

UPDATE 2/26/22: It’s a great day for Intersectional Politics and all celebrants of “Inclusive Diversity” as the Brandon Transformationists (Supreme Court division) add another Weird Sister SJW to go with the two already installed (Elena & Sonia) replacing that Leftist White guy with the troublesome Anglo-sounding name. For those pushed to the head of the line in WokeWorld like Kamala, Sonia, Elena, and now Ketanji, being ethnic and female would never have been enough. When Biden promised a Black woman for the Court, he failed to mention that she must also be gung-ho on unchecked immigration [check!], pro-abortion as her judicial record verifies [check!], an Obama supporter [check!] and generally an all-round Leftist [Check! Double check!!!]. Black female jurists with a conservative bent who most definitely do exist need not apply.

Worked for Sonia, works for Ketanji.


UPDATE 2/25/22: Justin’s longing to turn Ottawa into his own Little Havana continues apace.

What’s the difference between Canada and North Korea? One country is a police state under the boot of a young tyrant scion of his father’s dynasty who brutally crushes opponents, free speech, and liberty, and the other is a country in Asia.

“A wannabe emperor, a haircut with an ego like Justin Trudeau…” (at 8:40).

UPDATE 2/22/22: Poor Mad King Justin informs us that it’s our fault he has been forced to do with he is doing to all of us inferiors and will continue indefinitely to do. This is one sick 50-something Bad Seed with a whole team of professionally planted syncophants enabling him. If and when those giving him his Great Reset marching orders are forced by full exposure to desert him, we will see a puddle where this out-of-control little tyrant used to be.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Optimists look beyond the Prime Muenster’s current malevolence and see an arrogant fop permanently tarnished and disgraced, his public life ended. Let us hope.

UPDATE 2/20/22: Tears are falling like rain for police complaining about too many calls excoriating them for tyrannizing the public on behalf of the Pouty PM.

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