AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 2/17/22: In dramatic opposition to the Vatican establishment including the Leftist Pope, Archbishop Vigano, truly a man of God and himself worthy of being Pope, wishes the Freedom Convoy well and illuminates for all of us that this is about much, much more than the right to go into a supermarket or refuse an inoculation.  This is about the courage to resist those forces determined to encase the entire world in a globalist monolith of totalitarian control.

UPDATE 2/18/22: Good news that parents continue to make their voices heard, demanding school choice and apolitical curricula for their kids. They are a front-line force holding back the tyranny looming over all of us. Ditto the Canadian truckers who are making it more evident by the day that they represent the essential best of the American spirit.

The arrogant politicians and media hailed truckers as heroes when it burnished their own phony image of themselves as “leaders.” But no longer as those heroes now demand basic rights, not a patronizing pat on the head.

2/16/22: Government’s response to the so-called Plague was a curse to the small business owner and individual citizen. By contrast, BigBiz in bed with BigGov pols enforcing the lockdowns grew like Topsy at the expense of any competition it couldn’t destroy in the free marketplace. 


UPDATE 2/16/22: It’s a start. DJT Jr. has posted what is said to be DJT Sr’s first post on the new Trump Media site. We are paying bigly for letting them steal the election.


UPDATE 2/16/22: The claim that 30-40% of young people identify as LGBTQ is as disturbing as anything one could imagine. Are the adults of the future that confused to swallow whole this destructive propaganda?

UPDATE 2/15/22: O, the price we’ve paid as a society from just a little accommodation here, a little accommodation there. Wear the damn mask, take the damn shot, stay home just for two weeks….no…make that 2 more weeks….no, make that two years. And the price is losing our minds and our souls. The old authorities and once-reliable rocks-doctors, clergy, friends, family-have lost their authority, and we are at sea. The damage has been done, and now we’ll just have to weather the long-term devastation. For those still in possession of themselves, keep saying “No” and enjoy your lives.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 2/14/22: Despite dwarfing Watergate in both scope and influence, evidence of Hillary, Inc. spying on Trump with the full intent to destroy him will be totally ignored and buried by the MSM. 

UPDATE 2/13/22: Hillary and her cohorts have been caught. But the jaded cynics among us keep asking, “Will she/they pay?”

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPDATE 2/18/22: Missing De Blasio yet? Adams kicks another jam out from under himself with renewed vax mandates and a bad habit of playing the race card with disturbing frequency.

UPDATE 2/17/22: To anyone seriously interested in diagnosing and describing the terrible consequences of Leftist Dem policy, start with our crime/drug plagued big cities.

UPDATE 2/16/22: New NY Mayor Adams is living up to his disappointing start and then some, now playing the race card in knee-jerk response to routine media criticism. The Apple is rotting from the top without the assistance of all the usual worms besetting a great metropolis.


UPDATE 2/16/22: The good news first. What?! San Francisco? Common sense? Rational anger from Leftwing citizens at politicians? And now the same old same old bad news as San Fran with its prevailing suicidal policies remains winner and champion of crime and social disintegration. 


UPDATE 2/14/22: The latest victim of toxic corporate wokeism is a super-talented Levi Jeans executive getting axed for daring to object to the restrictions placed on her kids by the California Covid commissars. Fortunately, she has the resources to move herself and her four children to Colorado.

UPDATE 2/13/22: Buy SABRA hummus. The BDS rabble at Harvard hate it which makes me love it even more now than I already did. While you’re at it, keep stocking up on GOYA (see 7/12 & 13/20).

One of many stacks. Better than Tupperware, perfect for storing the homecooked dog food in the fridge, and the hounds love to chew on the cartons they’re able to retrieve illicitly from the sink. And the hummus is tops.



CHINA-Told Ya So


UPDATE 2/17/22: Is Norway the first domino, the beginning of the end internationally to the whole CoronaCrazed nightmare? Here and everywhere, we’re long past due to OPEN EVERYTHING, and a surprising number of Dems agree. We shall see if the destructive love of control so integral to a left-of-center world view gives way to the overriding American virtue of liberty.

UPDATE 2/17/22: Our intrepid “leaders” along with the millions of the passively trusting will forever insist the lockdowns, masks, “vaccines” and all attendant damage done were worth it. But it wasn’t. None of it was. And faith in those government institutions entrusted to guide and protect us is forever scattered to the winds. Regaining trust in “science” (which once used to be just science sans quotes) is going to be an uphill endeavor. 


UPDATE 2/18/22: One of The View’s overexposed multi-millionairess nags has just announced with a proud flourish that she will be wearing a mask “indefinitely.” 

This is both virtue-signaling gone to brain-fever levels AND a message of terrified germaphobia. Like all Leftists, a free world is a scary rather than exciting one; and according to that mindset, everyone should live in cage just like her. But there’s one key proviso: unlike The Little People, her cage is guaranteed to be a golden one encrusted with diamonds from which she’s free to come and go as the mood strikes her. Not so the rest of us.

UPDATE 2/17/22: Someone (reputedly Stalin) once said one death is a tragedy, and a lot of deaths are just statistics. That said, how many sudden vax-related deaths does it take before these inert stats become seriously considered as needless, preventable tragedies?

UPDATE 2/17/22: There should be no doubt that the worldwide Covid lockdown has been a planned collusion between BigGov and crony capitalists. This is now borne out by an FDA biggie caught on hidden camera admitting these compulsory “vaccines” ensure a regular income for BigPharma. Follow the money.

UPDATE 2/16/22: O those masks. What they really mean, and it has nothing, nothing, nothing to do with ChiCom germs.

UPDATE 2/14/22: Foisting a totally unresearched, untested “vaccine” on billions of subjects worldwide doesn’t arouse doubt and suspicion? Put that reality alongside the branding of skeptics as criminals, and you have a  scenario worthy of the scariest science fiction.


2/17/22: That people have to go to court to get an FDA approved drug administered to their dying relative AND get refused is a crime beyond description. It becomes clearer with each horrific incident that the whole Covid lockdown/mask/vaccine thing has never been about promoting health or saving lives. This suppression of free scientific inquiry, HCQ being a prominent case in point, is a hallmark of the worst tyrannies; and we’re heading to that Stalinist state of affairs when even a stated opinion can lead to severe punishment. All dissent, scientific or otherwise, is now branded “terror” or “misinformation.” 

Behold the Science Establishment, 2022.


UPDATE 2/16/22: Ridiculous and dangerous precedent set as Remington is forced to pay $73 million to Sandy Hook families for manufacturing the gun wantonly misused by the maniac who did the shooting. This legal cave-in is one more serious body blow to the Second Amendment and to the basic rights of Americans in general.

WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 2/19/22: The Ukraine matters because it’s strategically located, and it’s an astonishing motherlode of natural resources.


UPDATE 2/16/22: The enduring popularity of Agatha Christie and her mysteries reflects our need for a balanced universe, the triumph of good over evil. Unfortunately, too many are confused about who and what are good and who and what are evil thanks to the intentional dissemblance of the real evildoers of this world. The catch-all name for such people is Satan.


UPDATE 2/16/22: The appointment of a proudly depraved exhibitionist for a government position affecting national security brings to mind the disintegrating decadence of ancient Rome. 


THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 2/16/22: The Canadian dilemma is the dilemma of ALL liberty-loving people praying for the secure continuation of a free life despite the machinations of those who live to control the masses. For Trudeau and his odious ilk, a return to normal is the last thing desired. Their power depends upon the continuation of lockdowns, masks, compulsory vaccines, ruined businesses, record incidents of drug abuse, suicide, even death among the young and healthy. These terrible results are the real pandemic, made possible by the resigned acquiescence of people to that totalitarian control. 




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 2/18/22: A totally qualified albeit personally unpleasant scientist with a successful record of running an important government agency has been tossed out the window because some women got their feelings hurt. Inevitably, he will be replaced by someone whose major qualifications will be not professional experience & expertise but skin color and/or sexual proclivities. And, of the utmost importance, a generally Woke outlook on things. Not exactly the keys to any successful operation.

UPDATE 2/13/22: As “anti-fascists” have proven to be the worst fascists over a century, so the new “anti-racists” are pushing race war and segregation. They are quite simply the worst sorts of racists.


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 2/13/22: Anti-Christian violence and persecution has reached all-time highs worldwide, mostly from Islam, In addition, Indian Christians are regular targets of Hindu extremists.


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




Old but pertinent news as “Palestinian” leadership continues to use all those grifted billions to annihilate Israel rather than provide anything that might improve the quality of lives for the Arabs that make up their constituency.  Despite this permanent war on her existence, Israel is defiantly making strides toward peaceful co-existence with its other Arab/Islamic neighbors.

UPDATE 2/14/22: The preference of a majority of Arabs to enjoy the proven benefits of being Israeli citizens rather than “Palestinians” is studiously drowned out by those pushing the Hate Israel/Apartheid/Genocide narrative.

UPDATE 2/13/22: Good News From Israel:  fascinating scientific research to enhance the senses, hearing sights, feeling shapes, is of particular benefit to the blind & deaf.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







UPDATE 2/16/22: Don’t expect to see this from any major media outlet or from your average liberal friends, but the major hoaxes of the Trump Era were all contrived lies. All of them. It’s imperative for our current survival that we don’t have to wait for future historians to verify this.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter

UPDATE 2/17/22: There’s comfort in witnessing a slow but steady unraveling of the Covid narrative, but for many there is still confusion about where to gain the full truth of the real science and of the scandal that has ensued. Start with The Great Barrington Declaration, then follow more of those without a political/financial agenda. Thankfully, they are numerous.




UPDATE 2/16/22: Wonder who are some of the noteworthy LimoLib celebs contributing to a fund that bailed out a BLM killer?  Surely it can’t be a surprise that they hail from the highest-paid strata of Hollywood/Broadway/Pop Music, and predictably, they are very proud and vocal about where their money and their support has gone. Or do they even know or care?


UPDATE 2/17/22: The Demented One’s dead dog story is the latest admitted proof straight out of his mouth highlighting his ugly essence and the typical inability of this senile creep to conceal it. As was wisely said, we do not become better with age but simply more ourselves, whatever that may have been throughout our lives. And in his case…


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 2/16/22: The Least Likeable Lady in politics continues to top herself as the greatest of her lower-than-low attainments approaches full transparency. She should be very worried, but compulsive liars and dissemblers like her are skilled in denying the reality of their situations and who they really are. And nobody on record remains so stubbornly detached from how rational people see her than this sorry case.

Peekaboo! We see you. And a whole lot more are just about to be forced into seeing what we’ve always seen.





UPDATE 2/18/22: The Kalamity is as cluelessly inert and, well, wicked as we thought. Her American-hating tweet released in Iran in their Farsi tongue is meant for a country that throws gays off buildings, shrouds women head to foot in black like packaged slaves, plans to wipe Israel off the map once they get enough cash and uranium from us to do it thoroughly. And we’re the rotten ones?

Translation: “The truth is: There is segregation in America. Xenophobia exists in America. Antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, all exist. Wherever injustice is dealt with, there is activity ahead.” Some wags have speculated this was written against her will by her captors, but more likely, by HeelsUp herself hoping to catch the eye of some Mullah looking for another moll for his harem. 




UPDATE 2/18/22: What makes these four RINOs think their refusal to defund the mandates is just fine with the Party’s political base? Is it the money they might lose from Big Pharma donors?  Whatever the motive, this is going to stick permanently on their records as surely as the spiteful McCain’s notorious thumbs-down on defunding ObamaCare.


SUPREMES-Different faces, still a Leftist Weird Sister act


UPDATE 2/19/22: Canada seems to have acquired its very own January 6, and it has its very own madman to instigate it. Sometimes rumored to be the product of a fling between his naughty girl mother and Castro, the Prime Miniature (h/t to Greg Gutfeld) has made his admiration for the Cuban tyrant well-known and is most definitely the ideological if not the biological offspring of Mao & Stalin’s Caribbean counterpart. It’s like father, like son, both the slick Gallic one and the one with the green fatigues & scraggly beard. Shooting and full violent confrontation seem ominously possible, but first comes cruel intimidation from El Despotito in the form of freezing bank accounts, the confiscation of funding, threats of impounding and liquidating pets, Any sympathetic media covering this outrage are equally subject to the wrath of the Boy King’s haywire regime. How far will this go? Will the Canadians stand up to this?  Or are we witnessing the onset of a Soviet dictatorship just North Of The Border?

UPDATE 2/17/22: The Little Boy King touts his “responsible leadership” and draws gales of contemptuous laughter from the Parliament he addresses. Helpless to resort to anything but projection of his own Nazi tendencies, let’s hope this loose cannon is allowed only to go as far as horrifying and waking up a nation. If the populace, police and military forces continue to support him, we are looking at a worst case scenario.

UPDATE 2/15/22: The little tyrant is seeking to have his decisive moment as Big Tyrant. Will the people of Canada acquiesce to him?

UPDATE 2/13/22: Dare we hope that the Freedom Convoy provides the spoiled Prince Justin with his Ceausescu moment? Or are we facing an unthinkable Tiananmen Square horror? We wait anxiously to see if the populace can look directly in the face of tyranny and overthrow it…or look the other way and let it do its worst. How about a third choice: that the empty little tyrant be forced to leave the public square and find out what it’s like to earn standing in this world on merit, not by force.

God willing the worst case scenario is avoided: resistant people killed, the surviving populace cowed into permanent submission. We are living in a world of multiple breaking points.

The Little Dictator is getting some very bad ideas, and the world is not amused. 

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