2000 MULES, documentary on stolen Election 2020, out the first week of May. 

WATCH 2000 Mules.


UPDATE 6/24/22: Is the fix already in for the upcoming midterms?

UPDATE 6/20/22: Bill Barr and his Swamp cronies may laugh away what makes them uncomfortable, but Election Fraud 2020 and the attendant use of J6 to eliminate any trace of Trump and MAGA is not a done deal. Deniers will be hard put to counter the evidence permanently laid out for the world to see in D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules.”

UPDATE 5/31/22: Justice still denied.  And one more essential American institution (FBI) disgraced and undermined. Our official government protectors have become the institutionalized enemies of The People.

UPDATE 5/27/22: But we can dream, can’t we?

UPDATE 5/19/22: Are we to be a country underpinned by laws or a tinpot regime run on the evil whims of a Marxist Mafiosi? The next elections will be the test.

UPDATE 5/16/22: Pennsylvania ruling mail-in voting unconstitutional is a good start. Perhaps another 49 states, and we’ll have something that approximates a fair election, on a single day, called Election Day.

UPDATE 5/14/22: The most crucial, dangerous times lie just ahead going toward Election, 2022. Don’t be shocked if, sometime just prior to November, the Dems suddenly announce a new emergency calling for a return to the joys of “safety” and the necessary precaution of Mail-In Voting.  Sad to say, there are a substantial number of Americans eager to jump in frightened obedience once again.

UPDATE 5/9/22: “2000 Mules” is out and available for public consumption. Will it matter? What can we salvage from the unparalleled damage of Stolen Election, 2020? For millions of businesses, life at best is just starting over. At worst for too many other businesses and individuals, it’s over.


UPDATE 5/5/22: Not hard to understand the Dem desperation for an Orwellian Ministry of Truth as the facts of Stolen Election, 2020 are now available to the mainstream via Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules.”

UPDATE 5/5/22: High Noon in America? Safe to say, it would be a great relief for anyone caring about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if BrandonWorld with its Clean ‘n Green/Zero Covid/Year Zero/One World/Marxist bent  were soundly routed. Those still swallowing the Big Lie of BigGov’s good works will never change their minds, even as they starve or freeze to death masked & locked away in their hovels. Shanghai or bust!!

UPDATE 5/3/22: Warning: there’s nothing that will deter the ruthless, powerful forces behind the mealy front of BrandonWorld from stealing another election. Certainty of a “Red Wave” is not a given.

4/25/22:  If stealing the election worked in 2020, the same culprits are seriously asking, “Why not try it again in 2022?”

UPDATE 3/28/22: Is vindication for Fake Election, 2020 on the horizon? 

UPDATE 3/18/22: Rasmussen says Repubs have a 11 point lead if elections were held today. Dare we hope?

UPDATE 2/20/22: When blindly loyal liberal Dems can no longer deny what their Party managed to pull off  in their zeal to destroy Trump and corrupt the electoral process unhindered since 2016, we have a chance of living again in a country where voters get the leaders they really need and want.

UPDATE 2/14/22: Despite dwarfing Watergate in both scope and influence, evidence of Hillary, Inc. spying on Trump with the full intent to destroy him will be totally ignored and buried by the MSM. 

UPDATE 2/13/22: Hillary and her cohorts have been caught. But the jaded cynics among us keep asking, “Will she/they pay?”

UPDATE 2/12/22: Hope springs eternal that undeniable evidence surrounding the stolen 2020 election sinks into consciousness of the general public, and that includes the collusion of those standing to gain the most by seeing Trump out of the picture, including the questionably “loyal” Mike Pence. Naturally, as 2022 looms ominously for the Democrats, their projected accusations of Republican voter fraud are already sprouting all over.

UPDATE 2/4/22: We find ourselves slowly, slowly feeling that “boot stamping on the human face forever” thanks to election fraud which robs us of our choice of leadership and desired form of government. The Globalist Left’s ability to nationalize elections and subvert the Electoral College will eventually make the subterfuge of Trojan Horses like Obama (“first Black POTUS”) or Biden (“nice guy Everyman, The Unifier”) unnecessary. Like the banana republics and totalitarian dynasties blighting the darkest spots on earth, the American public may eventually have to take what it gets, not what it chooses.

UPDATE 1/27/22: Like everything else, the Dem Left’s only effective tactic is accusing its opponents of the crimes it has itself mastered and committed. Voter suppression! Russian collusion! Ye Olde Projection. So it’s going with the upcoming elections that are already being declared illegitimate as they face an almost certain bloodbath at the hands of infuriated voters. P.S. A Democrat loss is still not in the bag. 

UPDATE 1/22/22: As November elections approach, there will be nothing new in the Dem strategy playbook, just more projected accusations of their own “illegitimacy” and “conspiracies.” 

UPDATE 1/9/22: Beloved Electorate: how can we steal thee/Let us count the ways. Way #1 at the moment is nationalizing the electoral process rather than leaving things to the States as fundamentally proscribed by our Founders. Let’s hope those two renegade Democrat Senators continue to hold the line against what would spell the end of the American vox populi and the rise of a totalitarian UniParty society.

UPDATE 12/4/21: It was apparent well before Election 2020 that continuing MAGA and all its proven benfits hinged on preventing voter fraud. The corrupt installation and dramatically toxic effects of the illegitimate Brandon Presidency proves the point. Having succeeded in 2020, nothing will stop those intent on doing it again and with even more sophisticated tricks. On an optimistic note, there are high tech patriots savvy about the computerized chicanery, foiling the scoundrels, plot by plot. 

Perhaps we can look forward this year to the equivalent victory and sense of relief of a Rittenhouse acquittal on the election/voting fraud front. This includes not just the integrity of computers a decisive stop to illegal immigration flooding both the welfare and voting rolls. No one battle wins the war, and no war is ever permanently won without focused, permanent vigilance following victory.

UPDATE 11/20/21: When asked if a written vote on a cocktail napkin would be legal and acceptable, a Washington State Voting Board official answered in the affirmative. Toto, I don’t think we’re in America any more. 

Madam/Sir: your ballot, a Starbucks napkin. Cast your vote in between Frappuccinos!

UPDATE 11/16/21: It began the minute Trump won and achieved its ultimate purpose with a rigged election. Now at last, there are hints of postponed/denied justice finally being served. Is it too much to hope that  Durham is  really making some inroads toward exposing the 4 year coup and its perpetrators, starting from the obscure outsiders and slowly, slowly, slowly, inexorably moving inward to the very recognizable figures at the rotten core of it all? 

Durham: boring from the outside into the rotten core.

UPDATE 12/12/20: Now that the Supreme Court has begged off looking into the suit filed by Texas against the corrupted battleground states, it has come down to the state legislatures voting along Party lines to set things right. According to some, this is possible if Trump refuses to concede. Hope against hope….


UPDATE 12/8/20: As predicted in the original post here(5/17/20), the central issue of this election always was voting fraud. So it has transpired, BIGTIME. The best news for Trump would be that, spurred by Justice Samuel Alito, this will go to the Supreme Court where, hopefully, millions of provably illegal votes are declared invalid or, alternatively, the election is declared invalid and the decision rides on a House vote. At that point, things are looking very good since the House vote is NOT one vote per House member(where Democrats are the majority) but one vote per state legislature (29 of which are Republican-controlled, 19 Democrat, 1 [Nebraska]”unicameral, non-partisan”).  If this pans out, we have four more years of Trump and some semblance of the rule of law holding sway. Minus such a victory accomplished via Constitutional lines, we are in deed and fact a lawless, one-Party banana republic.


supreme court, 2020

UPDATE 10/6/20: A continuation of all aspects of the free American way of life hinges on Trump’s re-election, and the usual suspects are focused entirely on thwarting that, whatever the means.

UPDATE 10/1/20: Nothing to see here, move along as Congress’ most slickly vicious and money-hungry anti-Semite finds her chicly turbaned visage planted facedown in voter fraud muck. 


UPDATE 9/25/20: Finding thousands of mailed-in military votes in a Wisconsin ditch, ALL for Trump, ditto in Pennsylvania, bears out real concern for bigtime voting fraud. But not for Democrats trying anything within grasp to sabotage the election.

military vote lost

UPDATE 9/12/20: Reassuring news for anyone interested in preserving the Republic: there’s a plan for putting down the threatened post-election insurrection by the Dems. In answer to the fed-up public wondering why Trump hasn’t already sent  in the National Guard: “(1) Democrat governors rejected his help; (2) Democrats are just dying to have proof that Trump is actually a Nazi and they imagine that using the National Guard will provide that proof; and (3) the logistics of sending troops into a hostile state are challenging.” 

Once past the election, POTUS promises to invoke the Insurrection Act and stop the destruction. And to the great aggravation of his enemies and delight of his supporters, Trump keeps his promises.

UPDATE 9/11/20: The Woke Left and NeverTrump scoundrels are gearing up for major Resistance come Election night, 2020. Forewarned is forearmed, but how will this be fought, except in the courts? Calling all conservative lawyers and litigators! Then again, the Silent Majority may roar so loudly  in a landslide and be so omnipresent that the wolves will retreat…for the moment. Evil never sleeps.

UPDATE 9/8/20: In light of Dem Leftdom’s stopping at nothing to attain absolute power, mail fraud is seeming more and more likely. The list of creepiest scenarios is currently topped by the idea of the sudden appearance of “lost” or “recovered” ballots by the millions despite what appears to be a clear victory for Trump on November 3…all leading to the courts and ultimately, John Roberts. This so-called Conservative has an ominous history of veering Left in the crunch. Call us Conspiracy Nuts, but the plausible question long ago posed arises again: “What do they have on him?”

UPDATE 5/17/20: Ah, so now it’s to save senior lives that elderly Hollywood Liberals call for mail-in vote. And goaded on by none other than a public-spirited Never Trumper brigade led by Bill Kristol. Hell, let’s keep this virus thing going forever until the economy is in total Depression or the November election, whichever comes first and whichever gets Trump out!

ORIGINAL POST 5/17/20: They’ve tried the Russian collusion thing, impeachment, destroying the economy “to save lives.” The last great hope is stealing the election. O the enthusiasm and good will surrounding mail-in votes! All those poor shut-ins who can’t get out! All those suppressed minorities and illegals who can’t produce an ID at the polls! We’ll mail you a ballot. And you. And you. And you. And you. No problem if you’re  underage, not an American citizen, mentally incompetent, even dead! And all those votes coming out of predominantly red districts and from veterans abroad? Mysteriously bound for dumpsters.

Hillary thinks it’s tops. She cares about the disenfranchised. Would it be a Dem world without Michelle going high for the stay-at-homes?   The journalist foot soldiers for the Dem cause are in. The MSM message? Voter fraud is just one more whiny Repub talking point. Those votes are just inadvertently “lost.” Pelosi porked it into the stimulus some weeks back, albeit unsuccessfully; but the lady persists.

THIS is Issue #1 for her and The Party. Fortunately, a recent California election demonstrates that vote harvesting and falsely inflating voter rolls via mass fake mail-ins do not necessarily provide a magic bullet for the Dems. Conducted in her home state precisely as the estimable Ice Cream Queen would have it, the Dem lost badly.

Encouraging news, but beware. The tally of lost votes from the last four elections? Almost 30 million. When people won’t vote in the proper numbers for a USSA, monkeying with the ballot box is definitely the way to go. Vote from dead

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  1. Fred….this is the exact subject I’ve lined up for a future article. I believe it is the ONLY issue of importance in the upcoming election. As always, you did a great job, including your signature humor!

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