Voter Fraud Item #1 On The Dem Agenda For November

May 17, 2020


UPDATE 5/17/20: Ah, so now it’s to save senior lives that elderly Hollywood Liberals call for mail-in vote. And goaded on by none other than a public-spirited Never Trumper brigade led by Bill Kristol. Hell, let’s keep this virus thing going forever until the economy is in total Depression or the November election, whichever comes first and whichever gets Trump out!

ORIGINAL POST 5/17/20: They’ve tried the Russian collusion thing, impeachment, destroying the economy “to save lives.” The last great hope is stealing the election. O the enthusiasm and good will surrounding mail-in votes! All those poor shut-ins who can’t get out! All those suppressed minorities and illegals who can’t produce an ID at the polls! We’ll mail you a ballot. And you. And you. And you. And you. No problem if you’re  underage, not an American citizen, mentally incompetent, even dead! And all those votes coming out of predominantly red districts and from veterans abroad? Mysteriously bound for dumpsters.

Hillary thinks it’s tops. She cares about the disenfranchised. Would it be a Dem world without Michelle going high for the stay-at-homes?   The journalist foot soldiers for the Dem cause are in. The MSM message? Voter fraud is just one more whiny Repub talking point. Those votes are just inadvertently “lost.” Pelosi porked it into the stimulus some weeks back, albeit unsuccessfully; but the lady persists.

THIS is Issue #1 for her and The Party. Fortunately, a recent California election demonstrates that vote harvesting and falsely inflating voter rolls via mass fake mail-ins do not necessarily provide a magic bullet for the Dems. Conducted in her home state precisely as the estimable Ice Cream Queen would have it, the Dem lost badly.

Encouraging news, but beware. The tally of lost votes from the last four elections? Almost 30 million. When people won’t vote in the proper numbers for a USSA, monkeying with the ballot box is definitely the way to go. Vote from dead

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  1. Joan Swirsky on May 18, 2020 at 5:14 pm

    Fred….this is the exact subject I’ve lined up for a future article. I believe it is the ONLY issue of importance in the upcoming election. As always, you did a great job, including your signature humor!

    All the best….


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