UPDATE 6/6/21: To add to the stirring Memorial Day/D-Day tributes linked below from 2019, an equally powerful recollection from 2007 by late great American character actor Charles Durning, D-Day veteran and survivor. When the heroism of ordinary young Americans was mainstream.

UPDATE 6/2/21: One must seriously worry about the state of a country now in the act of turning its military against itself, making force-fed Marxist Critical Race Theory indoctrination a part of its training. And going so far as dismissing a high-ranking air force commander (Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier) for publicly criticizing this policy. 

One’s discomfort at the present-day corruption of our military is almost unbearable when watching this moving Memorial Day tribute to two young America brothers who stormed the Normandy beaches and survived D-Day and that of five equally brave American brothers  who managed the same miracle. Think again about the likelihood of future American soldiers winning a war on behalf of a country they’ve been trained to hate.

Read Lt. Colonel Lohmeier’s book. And to assure future young American heroes do not die and sacrifice in vain, two honorable voices (and military veterans) in Congress are on the case: Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw and Alabama Senator Tom Cotton. “We’re going to expose you.”

No telling if he made it back. We owe it to him and his fellow young heroes past, present and future to see that they come back to a grateful nation that owes them everything.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Have all those lost lives been worth it? What has it been for? No simple answer. That America is not under the heel of the British, that slavery is abolished, that we don’t speak German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese or Vietnamese (and all that those might-have-beens imply) has to provide some consolation and make sense of the horror of war. In the last analysis, we are the Land of the Free because we are also the Home of the Brave.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Despite cancellation by the perverse (and illegitimate) Biden administration, the 1776 Commission will be reinstated, authentic American history and tangible monuments to its heroes preserved for ourselves and our descendants.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Calvin Coolidge, long overlooked as an outstanding, eloquent American voice among our past Presidents, delivered a memorable speech on The Destiny Of America, Memorial Day, 1923. A moving contribution to any literary compilation of The American Spirit.

UPDATE 6/3/21: “Can do” has been the driving spirit of history’s freest, most prosperous country while the newly arrived Woke Unconsciousness of BidenWorld is all about “Can’t do.” Ultimately, it has to fail; and from the ashes, Can Do America with the assistance of young up-and-coming new leadership will rise and restore life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


UPDATE 5/31/21: Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood, in this case Florida, as rich Woke Californians flee the Progressive disaster areas they helped create for sane bastions of conservatism. Sad how that works in this world of  open borders within America and surrounding it: leave hell and bring it with you to recreate that hell in heaven. And then there is the infinitely more pleasing and optimistic take that the red states are just getting redder. I’d settle for them just staying red.


UPDATE 6/4/21: Who wouldn’t kill these days to live in that once-magical City By The Bay run by the likes of one Mohammed Nuru, former “poop patrol” czar and Willie Brown protege?  Seems this notable public servant has been caught threatening a food bank worker with a knife in order to obtain a bag of potato chips. “Just kidding,” he explains and gets let off. Open up that golden gate, California, here I come!


UPDATE 5/30/21: More “inclusiveness” to fight “systemic racism” comes to august Princeton U by excluding Latin & Greek from Classical Studies. More Dead Whites to dispose of. Parody once again proves irrelevant in detailing this Orwellian New Reality.

And the “selfish, badly educated, virtue-signaling little turds” shall lead you.



UPDATE 6/3/21: A 6th Circuit Court has just handed down a judgment as if in response to Pelosi’s House proposal “outlawing” such offensive terms in use since the dawn of speech as “mother,” “father,” “brother,” “sister,” “man,” “woman,” “boy,” “girl”…you get the idea. A college professor daring not to obey a male student’s demand to be addressed with his “chosen [female] pronouns” has won a skirmish in the all-out war against free speech. Any victory is a comfort, but the mania for bringing one’s selectively chosen victimhood (and pronouns!) to court has reached epidemic proportions, an evil genie let out of the bottle.

CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 6/3/21: Doing business with tyrannical, expansionist Red China is living out Lenin’s scheme to hang the capitalists with their own rope. As businesses are once again encouraged to desert America for the cheap slave labor of China, we are reversing Trump’s admirable move that brought business back to America and with it record unemployment created in consequence. Now saddled with Beijing Biden and his corporate cronies, we are again China’s butt boy walking back into a noose fashioned especially for us.

UPDATE 6/3/21: “Clean” energy fanatics continue to overlook the nasty collateral damage of their Dream Climate World. The unsightly, rapidly obsolete hardware-windmills, solar panels, batteries- is largely manufactured in China, eventually bound for landfill graveyards HERE that will never biodegrade. Another downside: slave labor used to create it for nothing and sold to the Environmentalist chumps abroad for gazillions.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 6/5/21: From Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Between Two Ages”: “The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. So it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

With  such globalist Master Planners  as Brzezinski aided and abetted by high-level drones like Dr. Fauci  in service to the ChiComs, are conspiracy theories just senseless paranoia?



UPDATE 6/5/21: Data from a reputable MIT scientist: Surprise!! Lockdowns have had little effect on Covid fatalities but a major effect on unemployment. “Follow the science,” they intoned from on high as simple numbers (and everything else) deemed  politically inconvenient were unscientifically dismissed. Meanwhile, millions saw their businesses, savings and lives go up in smoke. Needlessly.

UPDATE 3/21: As radical chic Hanoi Jane giddily cackled, “Covid is a gift to the Left.” Coupled with Rahm Emanuel’s sage “Never let a crisis go to waste,” the Left came up with their unbeatable Covid Plague Power Putsch!! And for the most visible hustlers (Fauci & Cuomo), a chance to make a killing (financial and literal) out of the crisis. Will the public buy it next time? Sad to say, there are still millions who pine for their masks and hate to let go of arbitrary tyranny and a wholesale suspension of basic American rights.

UPDATE 6/3/21: There’s a  new segregation known as Vaccine Virtue Signaling. The good guys are vaccinated, the bad guys are dangerous, selfish and should be marginalized whenever possible. But wait, if you’re vaccinated, what do you care about those unvaccinated Deplorables? And what if actually being infected (ideally without serious symptoms) is the best immunity and historically the road to mass recovery? All logic and rational considerations are still considered off-limits, and the civil war goes on, much to the delight of the Lockdown/Mask zealots who have managed to ruin hundreds of millions of lives in the name of “saving lives.”

UPDATE 6/1/21: Despite relaxation of restrictions, the public is now addicted to Covid panic porn, and the media giants will be only too glad to provide their consumers with more prolonged titillating disinformation.


UPDATE 5/30/21: A refreshing reverse twist on the stigmatization of those of us less than thrilled with masks. A CA restauranteur is charging $5 for those insistent on wearing The Mask or bragging about getting The Vaccine! One creative (and profitable!) way to keep those obnoxious virtue signalers at a safe social distance.

By contrast, some Mask/Vaccine control freaks staging a FLA concert are charging $18 for The Good Children and $999(!) for The Bad Children. One faction in this latest skirmish within the larger Civil War of Transformation considers the controllers annoying and levies just a small, symbolic penalty, still leaving the door open for coexistence. Quite the opposite from the control freaks who consider dissenters evil and deserving of impossible penalties. My way or no way. And there you have the whole story of Leftism vs. conservatism and ultimately, without hyperbole, an explanation for a hundred million dead uncooperative souls on the altar of communism.


UPDATE 6/4/21: The remarkable Israelis have come up with what promises to be a quick cure for Covid. Has it occurred to anyone that necessity is the mother of invention and that all life doesn’t have to stop while industrious human genius (free people in free markets)  cooks up that necessary invention? Or, God forbid, tries things like HCQ and Ivermectin, already proven effective and easily available for use?

Most importantly, will the public remember this the next time or fall for the totally politicized, totally unscientific Big Scare again?


UPDATE 6/3/21: For those interested in real benefits for people like employment, working, earning a living (which automatically eliminates the Left half of the political leadership spectrum), let it be known that red states relaxing regulations and lowering taxes post-Covid are roaring back while the Blue states eager for an electoral majority of permanent welfare queens can only boast of stagnation and record high unemployment. Hardly surprising as the current regime is determined to eliminate the working middle class by providing permanent unemployment benefits that wipe out any incentive to get a job.

Meanwhile, the crafty Narrative crafters are busy blaming bad employment/job numbers on…who else?…Republicans!



Suburban neighborhoods of one-family houses have long been the dream of intrepid souls fleeing the government dependency, public housing and rampant crime of the Inner Cities. Now that shot at the good life is being  targeted by the current administration for re-zoning. Goodbye American Dream house, hello “Affordable Housing” aka crime-ridden welfare ghetto plantations, coming soon to a small town near you.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

“Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.” No, that’s not just Abraham Lincoln at 1863 Gettysburg. It’s every concerned American today, contemplating the consequences of the prevailing Identity Politics put in place and now carried out to keep us permanently at one another’s throats.

We are living out The Hunger Games” and Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, the dystopian nightmare of centralized control by the totalitarian few over the many kept in place by making all family and social life a chaotic cauldron of fear and suspicion. Dickens provides the bookend to Lincoln’s timely quote: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

UPDATE 6/1/21: It’s news of precisely ZERO interest to phony “Social Justice” grifters like Black Lives Matter that Black on Black crime continues to snuff out dozens of lives daily in the killing fields of Inner City Chicago and other Democratic Party political machines. The only good news is that grifting Democratic Party outposts like BLM amassing lots and lots and lots of those hated capitalist dollars often fall prey to deadly internal squabbles over how those ill-gotten spoils are divided up among their corrupt leadership. Note the striking similarity to the PLO and that long-running grift.


UPDATE 6/5/21: A Yale psychiatrist lecturing on “The Psychopathy Problem of the White Mind” gives us a window into projection and the psychopathic problem of the Leftist mind by excitedly describing the catharsis she’d experience “unloading a revolver into the head of any White person that got in my way.”

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority  

UPDATE 6/3/21: Every state has become a potential site of illegal immigration and human trafficking. These newly acquired U.S. citizens-to-be/government dependents/Democrat voters continue to be delivered to predominantly red states via bus or plane by dead of night. Check out video of a newly Woke Chattanooga Choo Choo.


5/30/21 The Church of Leftism continues its evangelical crusade to recruit to its flock the dissatisfied, the discontented, the resentful, the guilt-ridden, the hateful, the willfully ignorant, the stupid, anyone drawn to totalitarian ideology. Witness George Floyd and all those career criminals preceding him in canonization. He even has a square named after him, but if you happen to make a pilgrimage to this new American Lourdes, be sure to bring your bulletproof vest. 

ISRAEL and AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

UPDATE 6/3/21: Islam and the Left (including self-hating, spineless Jews) find common cause in hating Israel and will hopefully end up devouring one another. Or maybe, to the amazement of those Woke Jews, it will be the end of just THEM.

UPDATE 5/31/21: Jackie Mason speaks. Are you listening? With Trump, the Jews (and their two favorite hangouts known as America and Israel) were safe and secure. After 100 days of Biden and the anti-Semitic Leftists that now run him and his Party, we are dreck. See any connection there?

Dear stubborn ignorant American Jews wedded to your Leftist faith: get a brain. Wake up!


UPDATE 5/30/21: A dangerous tolerance for a New Racism is evolving naturally out of the Leftist worldview of Identity Politics, that longed-for American Civil War II, a chaotic society entirely made up of Victims and their Oppressors. As a late and unlamented BLM firebrand exulted recently, “The white man will not be our equal, but our slave. History is changing. No justice, no peace #BLM.”

So it has come to this:

“Bring back racism!” proudly screeches the Woke manager of a St. Louis Popeye’s (named after that spinach-fueled navy vet known for overt displays of male chauvinism and physical White Supremacy. Must change that name!)

Unfortunately, there might be some legal obstacles to this little commercial exercise in Wokeism. Astute legal scholars have managed to unearth the fine print in our legal history detailing an obscure Civil Rights Act from 1964 that forbids such discrimination. But why should this New Racist care? In his lawless alternate reality of defunded police and canonized career criminals, the working motto is, no matter what I do,  “I’m Wokey, so no pokey for me!” Domestic anarcho-terrorist relic of the 1960’s Bill Ayers poetically expressed it as, ““Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.” 

TRUTH-The Great Uniter

Amazing how destructive divisions between good people cease to matter when telling the truth is their shared highest value. In that is our salvation and greatest hope…and the most powerful weapon against those who would enslave and destroy us.




UPDATE 5/31/21:  Truth, Hope, Decency-the Biden-Harris campaign promise-to the surprise of no one familiar with reality is quite the opposite. Let me count the ways.

And there’s the big question of who’s the daily manager and architect of this mad dash down the road to Cloward-Piven ruin? Some say it’s Dr. Jill. A better educated guess is that the ventriloquist to this mentally impaired wooden dummy is his Chief of Staff, one Ron Klain.

A world turned upside down.


UPDATE 6/5/21: Never let a crisis or the opportunity to create a crisis go to waste. And to cover a wide web of pure evil behind such doings,  never deny a worse-than-useless career bureaucrat the credit (in this case, the blame) for a crisis he helped create and prolong from start to finish. Hereby, we dub THE nightmare of the last two years, the FAUCI FLU.

UPDATE 6/1/21: Fauci Fatigue is at last settling in, dispelling the paralysis he’s inflicted on the public, really the world. His has been a career of little talent other than competent slithering up the ladder of Big Government bureaucracy to become, inexplicably, the highest paid individual (including the POTUS) on the U.S. Treasury payroll. As his emails have surfaced, we come face-to-face with this weapon of hapless mass destruction. This is nothing more than a hollow man awarded big responsibilities, all the while fully aware enough of his own considerable deficiencies to put himself in permanent CYA mode. His prerequisite self-glorifying little book due for early release has suddenly vanished as the curtains have parted, and the snaky little weasel behind it has been exposed, smiling sheepishly like the naughty boy caught in a lie that he is. Maybe they’ll really find out who and what I am, and now they have!

Never has the role of America as historically reliable world leader been handled with such detached, cold incompetence. What amounted to a bad flu with a 99% survival rate was morphed suddenly and deliberately into a global crisis, needlessly ruining countless millions of lives worldwide on the say-so of this bloodless bureaucrat with little to speak for himself other than the large club mistakenly placed in his tiny hands. Power corrupts, absolute power…well, you know the rest.

Trump followed poor advice in giving this cipher his omnipotent media pulpit and now painfully realizes, along with the rest of his supporters, the costly error made. The dire consequences are apparent to all except those who fancy Big Government and centralized totalitarian control as keys to a happy human future. To those of us still holding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as fundamentals goes the task of fighting our way out and back.


UPDATE 6/4/21: Ella Emhoff, Kamala’s stepdaughter has become, entirely on her own considerable absence of aesthetic merit,  a hot commodity in the fashion world as the new face of Ugly Chic! Since beauty is only skin deep, it’s exciting to think that some Anna Wintour type is going to have the bright idea of skinning Kamala and make these two a matching pair of runway stars.

Not that Kamala doesn’t have plenty of time to dabble in High Fashion as she’s not really that good  at anything  or into handling little jobs  thrown her way like 1)managing open borders (nothing to see here: keep ’em open, keep ’em coming!)  and 2)something about voting rights reform, you know, like fixing elections and stuff like that. Anyhow, a girl can’t cut a break waiting around forever  for the Big Job! When IS Joe  finally off to the glue factory? [Cue shrieking peals of Kamala Cackles.]


UPDATE 6/3/21: As all realists knew even before the election was stolen, we’re living through Obama III, Completing Transformation, and Mr. “Sorta God” is very much present. For a brief summary of the main items on the JoeBama menu, click here.


The unanimously hailed Most Embarrassing Republican POTUS candidate known affectionately to millions of conservatives as Mittens moves himself down one more notch holding his own as Most Noxious Living RINO in light of his attempt to blackmail fellow Republicans into setting up the Kill MAGA Permanently [aka January 6th) Commission.


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