American Spirit

UPDATE 10/27/20: “Remember Poland circa early ’80’s when it was said: “we took to the streets and realized for the first time there were more of us than them”?  Yes, we remember. And we’re living it now, right here. God bless the American people who love their liberty and wish only the same for their fellow Americans, not Big Brother control. MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!

Promises made, promises kept.
Promises made, promises kept.

UPDATE 11/1/20: The Spirit grows and grows and grows!      Even in Jerusalem!! 

Butler PA! A cold autumn night in western PA doesn’t deter the MAGA spirit!Trump rally

Unlike American Jewry, Israel knows its friends, knows its enemies.

Jerusalem, bikers for Trump

Rush Limbaugh, American

UPDATE 10/29/20: As the great El Rushbo battles advanced stage 4 lung cancer, we pray for his recovery right in tandem with an election victory for the Conservatism he has uplifted and championed as effectively as any individual in our lifetimes. God bless him and the USA he loves.


Amy Coney Barrett, Supreme Court

UPDATE 10/27/20: CONFIRMED! And now a 6-3 Conservative majority in the court (even despite the next time the Chief Justice goes predictably wobbly). It’s really Clarence Thomas’ court now, not Roberts’. At last a legal showdown on the big issues: ObamaCare and all its many attendant socialist tentacles; abortion no longer a frivolous convenience or amoral political statement; the Second Amendment as a statement of our most basic right to self-preservation; for that matter, the First Amendment, free speech under constant, severe attack of late from the American Left/Democratic Party that has gone headlong over the edge into Marxist-inspired violence and destruction. The original intentions of our Constitution now promise to be protected and carried out in practice and, with Trump’s re-election, the American horizon will look very bright indeed.

ca. 1980-2001

Communist China: Told ya so and Biden

UPDATE 10/31/20: If we are blessed to secure a Conservative victory on Tuesday, we will have survived the immediate INTERNAL threat to America’s survival. Not by chance, we will have also sidestepped our most serious EXTERNAL threat which is Communist China, the real bosses of the Biden Crime Family. As information about Hunter’s laptop is allowed to come forth, the Biden-China connection is becoming more sinister by the minute.

Granted a Trump victory and Biden’s disposal in history’s ash bin, we must move even more decisively toward as complete economic indepedence from the CCP as possible. Their ruthless use of biological warfare is now all too evident, and their mastery of all-consuming totalitarian control,  Orwellian 24/7/365 surveillance of every citizen’s life, is a matter of record.  We have been granted ample warning. Will the average American heed it?china-puppeteer biden

Lies Of The Week and Andrew Cuomo

UPDATE 10/31/20: NY Governor Cuovid Cuomo rewrites history, downplays his very own (real, not “alleged”) mandate condemning record thousands of seniors to death in nursing homes and projects blame onto…who else?…Trump. Reality says otherwise, but nice try. Perhaps those coming lawsuits from aggrieved relatives will change his mind…or, better, put to flight the false public perception of his self-described, fantasized heroic handling of the crisis.


UPDATE 1o/26/20: And the Lie(S, at least 19 of them, each easily countered with fact) Of The Week goes to former POTUS, unlamented, unmissed Barack Obama in his campaign speech on behalf of his former Veep.


UPDATE 10/25/20: The lies from the Left come so fast and furiously that one could spend 24/7/365 listing and responding to them. One Big Wide Lie repeated daily in some form since the day after Election ’16 has been the charges that Trump is a bigot, a racist, a fascist, an incompetent, a heartless monster. As his hoped-for re-election approaches, the viciousness now strays into the maniacal. The easiest and truest response is to invoke my infallible Mirror Offensive: take a look at yourselves. That’s YOU you’re talking about. But since the Left’s projection of their own sins onto Conservatives comprises nearly their entire m.o., one needs to get specific and actively call things out. Every day, all day. What a job.


Serfin’ USA-The New Feudalism

UPDATE 10/25/20: In light of the Dem Left’s dream of Serfdom as described by Hayek, it should come as no surprise that Covid Lockdown is their dream realized, the New Feudalism. For those of us cherishing the most basic human rights granted all Americans, the CoronaCrazed Mask-A-Rade perpetuated by Democrat mayors and governors is a surreal nightmare. Dare we hope for a radical reversal of this horrific “New Normal” if Trump gets his second term?

The New Feudalism of Vassal Bureaucrats a la Fauci.
The New Feudalism of D.C. Royal Lords, entrenched by the “Expert” Priesthood  a la Fauci.

Mask Nation

UPDATE 10/26/20: Now Mask Refusers, widely viewed as murderers,  are now sentenced to Delta Airlines NoFly blacklist, right alongside political terrorists. 

There’s a slim chance that whole mobs masked en masse in the tens of millions like the photo below will give the DemDeathMaskers pause. Who says this doesn’t fall right down political lines? [P.S. Silly naive me. Nothing gives Trump-haters pause. A shameless “former Republican” DC operative doxes the nuns on Twitter! No bottom to that grungy Trump-hater barrel.]

nuns in masks


UPDATE 10/25/20: Might as well laugh about something so senselessly cry-worthy.Mona-Lisa-Quarantine




UPDATE 10/27/20: “Is there something wrong with her?” asks a certain well-known man not prone to burst out laughing in response to serious questions about socialism and leading the free world. Um, yeah. There’s a lot wrong with her, and America will have plenty NOT to laugh about if she goes any further up the political ladder. This is the Left’s ideal candidate, the original Hollow Woman, ready to be anything and anyone to anybody who’ll give her power. Any physical attractiveness she might have displayed suddenly evaporates when that voice and weird cackling jars the ether. Very reminiscent of another eminently dislikeable female candidate  prone for many, many years to inappropriate laughter. Maybe post-Election, the two of them can yuck it up on their own talk/laugh radio show. Could be ENDLESS ratings magic among a [VERY] specific demographic. And living hell for anyone within earshot.

The impending good news is, barring the catastrophe of her being elected next Tuesday, she’ll go down in history as just one more losing Vice Presidential candidate (56 out of 58) who never went further & faded away into obscurity.

Laugh’s on us…or her? Tuesday will tell. 

“Experts” and HCQ

UPDATE 10/26/20: Beware “Experts” indeed, especially those allied with a Leftist agenda of mass control. Fauci knew full well about HCQ and approved of it years back. Yet worldwide lockdown and adamant propagandizing against HCQ for common use was “the good doctor’s” prescription for what should have been a manageable epidemic. Think of the lives needlessly shattered and lost, the businesses ruined, the non-Covid patients left untreated, all still in force. Repeating: this is no mistake; this is a crime. Will things change once we are past the election when Trump can exert his full power to fully open the country again?


Hanoi Jane

UPDATE 10/28/20: She does have a knack for publicity. Now Hanoi Jane has conveniently reinvented herself as Jesus Jane, Divine messenger sent to earth, declaring, “I bring glad tidings to the Left from God ThemSelves![Get those PC, gender-sensitive pronouns right!] And that message is ‘Covid.’ P.S. Don’t let this God-sent gift of a crisis go to waste!”

Jesus Jane tilts her very own version of Christianity on its Leftward side.
Jesus Jane tilts her very own Christian revelation on its Leftward side.

UPDATE 10/25/20: Like flies to excrement, two Foul (Fowl?!) Clucking Eminentas Hanoi Jane and AOC share intimacies in an online hen party for two. Seems the very thing that keeps these publicity whores in the news-their all-consuming “more equal than others” hypocrisy mixed with bad brains & self-absorbed nasty natures-is cause for heartrending commiseration between them on Zoom. Both defenseless victims of Donald Trump’s less-than-worshipful comments! Kinda #MeToo without the unwanted fanny pats and pinches. Sob.cackling hens

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