Something particularly crazy is happening on the Left, and there’s a good and encouraging reason.

UPDATE 2/28/21: The pejorative term “reactionary” has traditionally been used in reference to the rigidly hidebound, racist, religious fanatic. In days of yore, the good old bigoted “rightwinger.” Think KKK or Nazis. Now with perfect accuracy, every rotten nuance of the term describes the fanatic Left that has taken over the Democratic Party and currently most of America’s major political institutions and corporate giants.  To these new REACTIONARIES, we offer in serious opposition, An American Manifesto promoting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sound good?

ORIGINAL POST 12/1/19: On this Thanksgiving weekend (like EVERY minute of our lives), the blessings of being American remain firmly obvious to the honest and rational. However difficult personal or economic circumstances may be, this bustling free marketplace of goods, services and ideas provides each one of us the opportunity to work, to create, to earn, to save, to support oneself and others of one’s choosing (aka life, liberty, pursuit of happiness). LEGALLY, CONSTITUTIONALLY, the freedom to move & grow, OWNERSHIP of one’s life, is woven into the American fabric. This is not utopia. Challenges arise, and real adults acknowledge and tackle them. Win or lose, as Americans on the move we’re always in the game.

Sadly for some, even the richest and most privileged among us, America (and life itself) will forever be a disappointment, its utterly unique, positive  presence in human history tantalizingly lost on them. This mass ignorance, this tragic hollowness in human character is catnip for the power-hungry, ever on the alert for the permanently disgruntled masses, perpetually panting, salivating for the elusive elixir of salvation.

So, socialism has made its latest Big Comeback, this time in response to the nation’s electoral choice of real free market capitalism over the Obama/Clinton Big Gov Master Plan. No more quiet, non-violent, gradual, dignified, civilized, lawful moves to the Left and European-style socialism. O, to be Sweden! (On second thought, maybe not.) The unprecedented, unexpected real, positive results of Trump’s vision for a restored America has necessitated a panicked, maniacal move by the mainstream Dem Party to a totalitarian takeover of EVERYTHING, subverting even the electoral process itself.

The consequences of this insane reaction are potentially fearsome, but one can take heart in Newton’s 3rd law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Some would correctly call it The Law of Two-Party Politics. The loonier the Left gets, the more it embraces ideologies of tyranny & slavery; so take heart. Something very right is happening on the Right.

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