AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 8/26/21: As the brisk stream of catastrophes emanating out of BidenWorld/Twilight Zone morphs into a tidal wave,  things look less and less like incompetence and more like the deliberately destructive agenda of those whom absolute power has corrupted absolutely.

Unfortunately, the solution to this grim state of affairs does not not lie in the removal of one senile robot from power. The real problem remains the mass stupidity of our fellow inhabitants of this planet and their age-old talent for messing up a good thing.  The original European idea of representative governments that resulted in America was the premise that ALL men and women are the MASTERS of  themselves and their PUBLIC SERVANTS in government (s)elected to safeguard their freedoms, not the obedient, dependent charges of those SERVANTS. This would come as a shock to the likes of Biden, Obama and Pelosi…and to those voting citizens who foolishly insist on investing such power in these bloodless scoundrels.


BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track








CHINA-Told Ya So


UPDATE 8/27/21: Daily/hourly bulletins screaming about THOUSANDS of Covid “cases” without distinguishing those figures from real people actually ill or dying  continue to be THE effective means of panicking the public for political and financial profit. Drama lovers among the mindless masses remain Halloween thrilled and enthralled like little girls in the carnival funhouse.

UPDATE 8/25/21: Teaching young Westerners that their civilization is fundamentally evil and browbeating the older ones who should know better (but reflexively vote Left) is a virus far deadlier than anything the Chinese could ever cook up in a lab. 


UPDATE 8/28/21: Uh-oh. Real science is coming to the fore as Israeli studies of its own fully vaccinated population (now widely REinfected) demonstrate that the worshiped magic bullet “vaccine” is only a fraction as effective as the natural immunity derived from herd infection. Admittedly, this is bad news for the power-mad politicos intent on exploiting the herd mentality instead of just taking care of the seriously ill while allowing healthy society to go on.

Herd mentality vs. herd immunity 

UPDATE 8/24/21: Contrary to everything the general public is being told, the arguments against mandatory vaccination for the Chinese virus far outnumber reasons for this politically motivated move by Left-leaning government officials and their servile mouthpieces in the MSM.  We are living in a murky haze of lies and total loss  of credibility as top government medical officials state arrogantly that “the science is settled”  on the question of vaccination vs. herd immunity. For them, there is no room for debate or legitimate inquiry contrary to what they dictate and will go to any lengths to enforce their agendas, even denying essentials such as medical care for refuseniks.

These are political operatives intent on keeping fear alive and conveniently creating their own “facts” at odds with the real ones ascertained over time through rigorous testing.

UPDATE 8/23/21: Our Betters in public life-politicos, entertainers-are making it clear that lockdowns and masks and vaccines with all attendant perks are for the Little People, not themselves. There’s Obama’s birthday bash, and now there’s Nancy’s political fundraising soiree in Napa where all the GotRocks White guests are mixing sans masks or social distancing while the colored help are all masked and probably compelled to be vaccinated.

Happy-looking bunch of Leftist revelers/Pelosi fans. Note the colored masked hired help is considered a threat while the White unmasked “sophisticated” moneybags are presumed safe and above all that.

Funny how safe and carefree it is to belong to the 4-W Club: White, Woke and Wealthy in the Wine Country. Too bad for the rest of us.

UPDATE 8/23/21: Australia continues to lead the way toward the totalitarian, ChiCom-like takeover of people’s lives under the pretext of the common good: public health, The Virus, The Holy Vaccine. It’s an ominous day when the Oz PM assures “mums and dads” that their children are in good hands, specifically NOT in their parents’ hands while being physically shepherded en masse to vaccine centers by “members of Youth Command and Police.”

This is a western democracy? The latest word has it that Oz officialdom is rethinking this tyrannical, destructive policy. 



THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 8/23/21: It looks like every week will be a variation on illustrating that good ol’ Joe from Scranton, a poor excuse of a human being by every measure, is the worst thing that has ever happened to America. Better said, he is the worst thing America has ever inflicted upon herself.  A combination of a thoroughly corrupt, not-too-bright character and the lure of  unlimited power and wealth offered this grifter by the Left has created a sickly neon rainbow of disaster for the country and the free world at large. The UNfree world that is now Afghanistan already demonstrates the consequences of what  VDH calls it the “drossy touch”  and “Biden’s brown thumb.” The real President of the United States calls it something else. 

UPDATE 8/22/21: Compare Trump’s clarity of purpose and steely grasp of reality last night to helplessly surreal BidenBlob flanked by his two masked, nervously silent keepers-in-black on Friday night.  This is the choice Americans have had all along, yet roughly half the population prefers and identifies with the fantasy of a sleepwalking “nice guy” who is mentally incompetent and anything but nice.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 8/27/21: The self-aggrandizing Capitol cop who shot Ashli Babbitt on January 6 has at last come out of hiding and has been given the opportunity by the Trump-hating MSM to congratulate himself:  “I showed the utmost courage” blowing away an unarmed girl, and in so doing “I saved countless lives.”  Beginning with Ashli Babbitt, his heroic count of saved lives is ZERO and holding fast. Couldn’t Pelosi & Co. find a better media spin doctor for this hapless loser?




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)

ISLAM (Afghanistan)

UPDATE 8/28/21: For clueless latecomers still elated at “getting out after 20 years,” we now have the chaos and terror of thousands trying to leave Afghanistan and suddenly 13 dead American bodies after a year of NO  casualties. Where a single casualty in Afghanistan had become news, we are now back to daily statistics and scores of grieving American relatives. And you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Isla Jima. They’re laughing at us.

UPDATE 8/28/21: Leaving behind a full arsenal of military hardware that will last them for years, Biden has been deemed by the Taliban their Best Friend Forever…and by every rational person on earth a literally bloody curse to our combat forces. 

UPDATE 8/26/21: Looming Afghanistan bloodshed (including trapped Americans) and the worldwide epidemic of terror attacks about to explode brings home the West’s persistently suicidal ignorance of radical Islam. And let’s all Imagine a new re-Imagined Taliban with a seat at the UN. [Cue John Lennon.] Meanwhile, by way of warning to future would-be “conquerors” of this permanent war zone going back centuries:  this is not Japan or Germany. These are not “hearts and minds” that will ever be won. Unless you plan to settle for permanent containment, THINK TWICE. 

UPDATE 8/25/21: TALIBAN DECLARED WINNER OF THE WAR ON TERROR! thanks to the brilliant strategy of the most incapacitated, hapless, incompetent and thoroughly empty individual ever to occupy the White House with a special nod and a wink to his handlers and puppeteers. In the very credible opinion of William McGurn in the WSJ, this Afghanistan travesty was schemed out and timed to provide a glorious, victorious, end-of-war backdrop for a 9/11 twentieth anniversary speech coming right up. Instead, we have and will have the the horrific specter of thousands of dead Americans, European & Afghani allies trapped inside an entirely enslaved nation of Afghani Muslims. For the cake’s frosting, there is reborn international terror coming to a town, city or commercial aircraft near you.

With Trump, we were getting “tired of winning.” With Biden, we are becoming accustomed to losing on a larger scale than any time within memory.

A rhetorical question.

UPDATE 8/23/21: It’s simple enough to respond to anyone blind enough to hail Joe Biden’s wanton abandonment of Afghanistan as “heroic.” Just look at the dire consequences. But then, that would require rationality and a firm grasp on objective reality which is beyond most mental hostages of the Woke Left. That reality is that the Taliban still want to see us dead in as large numbers as possible which means, surprisingly to some, the radical Islamic war on us is ongoing. 

One small consequence to our allies like the UK and France, neither of whom were notified ahead of the abrupt pull-out, is the frantic efforts of both countries to evacuate their stranded citizens.

And what of tens of thousands of Americans and their Afghani allies? We are confident that Joe has a firm grip on IT. What IT is we leave to the imagination.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority



AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party






TRUTH-The Great Uniter



UPDATE 8/27/21: A growing demographic of totalitarian tyrants has emerged in this age of Covid, prominent among them the PM of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern and her fanatic, absolute Zero Covid approach currently strangling Australia and borrowed from Red China. all with disastrous results. As of this week, Australian officialdom is reconsidering the destructive folly of this Groundhog Day travesty. 

Perhaps they might simply treat those seriously ill while allowing herd immunity to immunize the general population. Why ruin millions of lives on the pretext of saving a relative handful? That is a rhetorical question posed on the laughably flimsy assumption that most politicians really care about safety, medicine/science and the public welfare. 

Ardern’s latest foray into control freakdom is locking down her entire country over ONE reported Covid case. For some places, that will mean 3 days, in others a week. As more “cases” inevitably pop up and the media scream “Fire!”, this political game of corralling whole healthy  populations will continue indefinitely. Why not 8 days? A month? A year?! In between, there will be yet more (ineffectual) “vaccines” and boosters to the boosters of yet more “vaccines.” And masks. And more lockdowns. And more vaccines.

If you can exercise total control of normal, healthy, free human life for this “good reason,” why not the next time for another “good reason?” To quote her on the subject of Covid (no, it’s not Big Brother from 1984): “Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.” 

Orwell’s Big Brother couldn’t have stated things more honestly.

You, faceless/soulless/inconsequential citizen, are our property and will do precisely as you are told when you are told.




UPDATE 8/29/21: Our stalwart leader shows savvy political impartiality in Middle Eastern affairs by incoherently babbling in his sleep (while seemingly awake) to the Jordanian King  AND actually falling asleep with the Israeli Prime Minister. 

Naturally the equally stalwart and impartial media have informed us he has just closed his eyes and intently leaned over (and down) toward the speaker in order to eliminate all visual distraction from a genuinely deep involvement with what the Prime Minister of Israel has to say…..Mr. President…um….Mr. President………………

UPDATE 8/28/21: One word about our “leadership” if one can put aside the horrific consequences: PATHETIC.

UPDATE 8/26/21: Biden and his suicidal Party of destroyers. Malicious? Stupid? To be fair and accurate, a lot of both. 

UPDATE 8/25/21: “[Biden-Harris] is what you get when the voters vote against a candidate rather than for a candidate.’”

UPDATE 8/25/21: Pitifully pandering Joe takes the symbolic knee for BLM and any other Leftist group eager to pull America out by the roots (while, like himself, keeping all those millions of capitalist dollars and absolute power for themselves).



UPDATE 8/25/21: In case Cuomo thought we’d forgotten him in the flurry of the Afghanistan fiasco…and in case anyone has any doubts about his evil core corruption, his parting shot just included pardoning a celebrated domestic terrorist and accomplice to bank robbery and murder back in the good ol’ days of the Weathermen/Black Liberation Army anarcho-radicalism. Cuomo’s last grand gesture of compassion also included commuting the sentences of an assortment of other murderers with a single white collar criminal thrown in for image softening. We eagerly await the next chapter of this publicity whoring sociopath’s odyssey. He will remain an interesting subject for  psychologists studying the sort of “respectable” political figure that fully identifies with killers and thieves.



UPDATE 8/25/21: Even Joe can’t explain why he picked a giggly, self-absorbed, inauthentic, incompetent political gold digger for his Veep. We fully sympathize since he couldn’t provide one good reason he’s President. Oh well, just make it up as you go along. 

Dream team sleepwalking through the Twilight Zone. 



UPDATE 8/22/21: Pelosi continues to come out firmly in support of Jello Joe and his “clarity of purpose” in abandoning Afghanistan and thousands of stranded Americans eagerly anticipating all the great things in store about to arrive with the Taliban.




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