Despite the ever present shadow of death, the promise of life and its eternal resurrection.
Despite the ever present shadow of death, the promise of life and its eternal resurrection.

On this Easter morning, Christians celebrate resurrection, the triumph of light, love and life over darkness and death. Does any narrative better express the essence of the human story? And has there ever existed a place on earth allowing light and life to flourish more freely than America?

Alas, where there is light, there is always darkness. The devil never sleeps in his tireless quest to quash liberty and turn us into a “transformed” nation of Orwellian robots.

Our response: “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” And music, in particular the deeply moving traditional Easter hymns, celebrated here in years past.

And to counter the unthinkable banishment from sight of a suddenly politically incorrect Kate Smith and “God Bless America,” we offer…what else?… Kate Smith and “God Bless America!”

And “Oklahoma!”, not the PC travesty recently produced but in its true, intended spirit of healthy American vitality.

God give us strength to counter the ever-present forces of darkness. Bless and protect the America celebrated unabashedly by Irving Berlin, Kate Smith, Rodgers & Hammerstein in those times of yore and, with our most fervent hopes and prayers, for all time.

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  1. My friend, Michael Schur, an immigrant to America, a Russian Jew, told me how he thinks its nice to visit Europe, its culture, art, but every time he’s in the plane coming home, he thinks, “God Bless America.” I’m an immigrant myself, a person who has had first person experience of communism, I know exactly how he feels. So indeed, yes, God Bless America.

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