AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 8/8/21: Solzhenitsyn’s memoir, BETWEEN TWO MILLSTONES, offers fractured America hints of healing and resurgence from a great poet who looked with unblinkered eyes at his own land’s hellbent self-destruction and still found hope.

UPDATE 8/7/21: Let’s face it: we’re currently trapped in an asylum being run by Leftist lunatics. Some of them are “scientists:” some of them are our elected (hmm) “leaders;” some are prominent media “influencers” upon whom lots and lots and lots of really mush-headed people rely on for “thinking” and the stupid choices that follow. What they have in common is that all are working in service to evil, determined to rob us of our most precious possession: American freedom and prosperity.

What those of us opposing them have in common are lifetimes and souls enriched by that American freedom and prosperity gifted us that we have no intention of losing. Who doesn’t fear what that may cost us as individuals and as a nation? Time will tell.

In the meantime, take inventory and fully enjoy what is yours. No privilege or right is more sacred or satisfying than ownership. 

UPDATE 8/7/21: One way to Own Your Life is to be prepared for emergency shortages in the event of mass power failures or the ugly specter of more lockdowns and restrictions on “the disobedient.” Here’s a start to becoming a Prepper. 


BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track





UPDATE 8/6/21: We’re paying the price for lionizing children, conferring on them the fleeting sop of “self-esteem” instead of letting them learn about both the pleasures AND pains of life along the road to maturity. Allowing them on childish whim to make life-changing decisions before being capable of understanding the gravity and permanent consequences of those decisions amounts to child abuse. Among those abuses not being mainstreamed: gender transition surgery.

Confused yet?



CHINA-Told Ya So

COMMUNISTS-The most TOTAL of totalitarians

UPDATE 8/6/21: Here we go again, letting down poor little Cuba making another attempt to break free of Castro’s Marxist tyranny while America yawns. 

Restating the obvious about the downside(s) of communism: it enslaves and kills. Simply put, it’s a political religion that goes to any lengths to enforce one-size-fits-all behavior on millions of individuals who don’t like what they’re pushing. More disturbing than the lethal effect it has on everything it touches is the accommodation that freer, supposedly civilized individuals make for it.


8/2/21: Unlike vaccines proven effective and safe after YEARS of testing, the current vaccine mania is exacting an inconvenient toll as documented by the CDC: 11,940 DEAD 618,648 Injuries and 1,175 Unborn Babies dead following COVID-19 Shots.  Any reaction from the Vax tyrants? Perhaps the wise old communist adage about the need for broken eggs to make that great collectivist omelette?

UPDATE 8/1/21: Much to the dismay of the mask/vaccine fanatics and the MSM that thrive on mass panic, there are honorable medical professionals offering commonsensical, rational steps to be taken by the general population to protect themselves from the virus. There is also the good news diligently suppressed nowadays that over 99% of the infected will recover, some without any symptoms.

Not necessary.


UPDATE 8/6/21: So 14 vaccinated human lab rats go to a party and 11 of them get the Chinese Bat Bug. One more victory for the heroic Vax Warriors.

UPDATE 8/4/21: Another clear-headed, healthy (and unvaccinated) freeman repudiates the Vaccine hysteria. There are millions of us waiting for the return to an America built on individual liberty and choice, not blind obedience to political operatives and the willing mob it has deputized en masse to enforce their will. 

UPDATE 8/3/21: ObamaLouie & Michelle-Antoinette are throwing a birthday party, and 500 of his nearest and dearest are invited to his humble little $12 million seaside estate! Oprah, Spielberg and Clooney are among the glitterati! Oh, to be there, to be one of THEM! Meanwhile the rest of the American proles are being told to once again mask up, lock down and do what they’re told. How fitting to have arguably the most destructive figure in recent American history ostentatiously flaunting both his nouveau riches and the special privileges accorded Him and denied average Americans. 

BBB: Barack’s Birthday Bash: LET THEM WEAR MASKS!

UPDATE 8/2/21: The Prog mind at work:

Obsession #1-How dare you! Throwing  useless debris [masks, gloves, Covid-related garbage] in the oceans! Horrible mankind! SAVE THE PLANET!!!

Now watch obsession #1 collide with obsession #2:

Obsession #2-Everyone mask up!! Oh wait. Too many people on Mother Gaia. No masks, more dead people. YAY!  Lose the masks;  the planet is saved!!

Happy Ending for rational freedom lovers and a brief, blessed break from the perpetually hysterical until the next “existential crisis” can be cooked up.

UPDATE 8/1/21: A return to masks and lockdowns is in the air. Will the public succumb again? How far will they go and how much force will it require this time?

Being skeptical about the Covid Jab isn’t being anti-vax. It’s being skeptical about something that has been rushed into production, politicized and now forced upon the public like every other Leftist edict. Rational persuasion and room for disagreement has no place in the totalitarian mindset. Only force will do, and communism’s century of 100 million bodies piled high is testament to that.

Words from a master.

HCQ-The Fate of HCQ=The Fate of America

UPDATE 8/4/21: The shameful record of our benevolent BigGov attacking cheap, available solutions to most cases of The Virus. Why, one asks? “Power, born of ignorance and fear,” one can authoritatively respond.

Equally applicable to the Global Warming scammers as to the Vaccine Nazis.


UPDATE 8/7/21: The once respected AMA (American Medical Association) has gone through the Woke looking glass and is calling for the elimination of sex on birth certificates. In case you hadn’t heard: male and female as the only two biological choices in the natural world no longer exist in WokeWonderland.

TRANSGENDER TYRANNY-Through The Looking Glass

UPDATE 8/6/21: The concerted push for normalizing sexual dysfunction and confusion-transgenderism, multi-gender fluidity-is one more assault from the Left on a rational society’s stability, forcibly ripping thousands of years of common sense and a commonly shared sense of “normal” out by the roots. How better to sow chaos, raze social order and impose totalitarian control in its place?

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 8/4/21: If it’s not proper pronouns, it’s vaccines or politically incorrect place names or historical references. We are a world of individuals now permanently on trial for crimes against the Woke Left.

UPDATE 8/2/21: The clocks are most definitely striking 13 when the U.S. House of Representatives has passed an “Equality” act (pending only Senate ratification) making it a punishable crime to call a man a woman or vice versa. Once institutionalized, take your pick where to file this true insanity: the Orwellian cancellation of objective reality, one more defining line of rational thinking erased, the death of free speech/religious freedom/Constitutional law,    totalitarian tyranny, America through the looking glass.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 8/7/21: So four Capitol cops that were present on January 6 suddenly wake up separately in unison one morning and decided to do themselves in? Nothing to see here…except a sinister cover-up scenario that should bring the ruling DC junta tumbling down. Will justice be done or must this wait for a Final Judgment none of us can witness in this life?




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 8/7/21: The total insanity of the Green Energy movement is on full display with this illegal administration’s push to replace manageable, working fossil fuel energy sources with electricity powered by fossil fuels (like coal, diesel) and hideous, non-biodegradable windmills & solar panels taking up areas larger than several of our largest states. How about one in your backyard…or maybe out by Barack’s pool or on Barbra’s beachfront or at Pelosi’s front door?

Makes perfect sense to those saints who walk amongst us creating that perfectly pristine, “green” “zero carbon” Mother Earth.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 8/5/21: The deliberately uncontrolled invasion on the southern border is Cloward-Piven applied to immigration in the same manner as its formulators have suggested for the desperate, Democrat-controlled Inner Cities. The numbers to date suggest the DC cabal is well on its way to its goal of an overwhelming Democrat voting electorate. Meanwhile, as tens of thousands of these political pawns pile in illegally on top of one another under insufferable conditions, one notes the deafening silence emanating from those Trump-hating humanitarians once so vocally aghast at “children-in-cages.” Oh…there’s that also little extra bonus of  Covid pouring in with them, unchecked.

Golly, even the most feeble-minded are liable to start thinking the present DC gang isn’t all that motivated  to do right by the American fools who put them in power.



AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party






UPDATE 8/7/21: Big Lie of the week: the stirring chorus of [shocked! shocked!] outrage from DC’s biggest shysters over odious Cuomo‘s [shocking! shocking!] thing with the young ladies ain’t about wandering hands. With Cuomo gone, the focus will be off the disaster of lockdowns, ruined economy, millions of ruined lives and diffused by the startling new revelation that vain, arrogant men in power sometimes take advantage of young women. How inconvenient it would be for his authoritarian compadres higher up the political food chain if Cuomo’s crime of power abuse via Covid fear in collusion with said compadres took center stage in the public forum.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter

UPDATE 8/7/21: Listening to Arthur Clarke’s remarkable 1964 predictions involving instant global communication in the 21st century is inspiring. As he foretold, one can do virtually everything from brain surgery to shopping without leaving one’s own living/working space; and travel about the planet is “just for pleasure.” One only hopes that our Leftist Master Planners ultimately fail in their plans to rob  us of all the pleasures of free movement and association on the pretext of “safety” or the next manufactured “lockdown” crisis.





UPDATE 8/7/21: It’s America, 2021. Do you know where your children are? The Creep-in-Chief is at it again. 

UPDATE 8/2/21: It’s astonishing that anyone, especially reliable conservative writers, take the disastrous Biden Presidency as anything other than surreal theatre starring a cast of extra-terrestrials. Try making sense of Joe  sticking his used mask into the hand of the young son of the Kentucky governor greeting this nebulous life form that we’re supposed to believe is the honestly elected Leader Of The Free World. Lucky us to have not one but two Doctors in the [White] House, one the comically self-inflated Jill (D.Ed.) and Joe (D.C.), Doctor of Creephood.  from DC.

The boy looks down with the same disturbed amazement that has gripped all rational Americans since last November.



UPDATE 8/4/21: All the wrong reasons. It’s pleasing to see this arrogant little punk sweat a little, but it’s coming down to the same absurdity of kindred Mafia scum Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion rather than murder. In Andy’s case, it’s partly CYA by DC cronies and partly the case of a political NY State rival going after him for being a garden-variety male chauvinist pig rather than for his cold-blooded extermination of Covid-infected seniors forcibly sent back into nursing facilities. 


UPDATE 8/7/21: Does it get any more outrageously surreal when it’s suggested that criticism of St Fouch is to be considered a Hate Crime? 




UPDATE 8/3/21: Reiterating Kirstie Alley’s opinion that this witch gives witches a bad name, Newt seconds the notion and suggests concrete action against this one-woman political plague.



UPDATE 8/2/21: Disappointing to see Noem not standing up for employees against employers demanding The Vaccine. Good to know now how she rolls in the crunch with yet another concession to Big Money. Her abandonment of the MAGA base is just another variation on suicidal RINO accommodation to its sworn enemies. In the bargain, she has forfeited any political future on the national stage.


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