UPDATE 1/28/18: The formerly solo Leader of the Free World has a partner again in America.

UPDATE 12/30/17: Spielbergitis: tears and sympathy for the passively victimized European Jews of “Schindler’s List;” smug, tut-tut revulsion  for the fiercely resolute Israelis kicking ass in “Munich.” What is this suicidal compulsion Jews (with Leftist leanings) have to for condemning their friends and sympathizing with their enemies? Behold, their boundlessly stupid stance against Trump and his full-square support of Israel. Such repeatedly warped judgment, consistently doing the wrong thing, makes Holocausts possible.

UPDATE 10/21/15: In the wake of multiple street attacks on Israeli citizens by Arabs, Western Leftists cheer or stand by passively. In Europe,  overrun with Muslim “refugees,” a victim of a knife attack apologizes for his attacker! One advises these suicidal fools to fully abandon the safety & perks of their hated Western lives and go live, shoulder-to-shoulder, among the noble savages they champion.

Defending civilization, the West, America, Israel, freedom: it’s a lousy job, but someone’s gotta do it…particularly if the President of the United States is Not Present.  In the case of THE 3/3/15 SPEECH, quite literally. Such pettiness only emphasizes the difference between a destructive political operative…and a heroic leader. One’s noble presence is a striking, undeniable reproach to the shameful, shameless other. Thus, the obvious personal animus between them. One snipes. One leads.

Leader of Free World...and BO.
Leader of Free World…and B.O.

When the sentimental American Left pictures Jews as helpless little people shoved into ovens, copious tears are retroactively shed. When Jews pack major heat and really mean NEVER AGAIN, they’re the Devil. Go figure.

For good reason, Bibi embarrasses  Barack which explains the arrival of a team of B.O.’s flunkies in Israel to help defeat Bibi in the upcoming March election.

Pick one: a traitorous, power-mad Administration intent on nothing but power OR a shrewd foreign leader who combines political acumen with solid principle. Put the latter on view addressing Congress regarding a genuinely critical issue, and you have a White House in panic mode, exposed.

Empty Suit, Empty Chair, Just Empty.
Clint’s imagery truer than ever. When will they ever learn?

Bill Whittle seems to see things the same way.

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“Be strong and resolute! Neither fear nor dread them!””

  1. Netanyahu is the leader of the free world and he acts more American than Pinocchiobama who should never have been elected {resident.

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