UPDATE 11/23/23: A victory for freedom and sanity anywhere is a boost for freedom and sanity everywhere. Thanks to a Dutch electorate awakening from Woke, the eternally maligned and threatened Geert Wilders seems to be on the path to becoming PM of The Netherlands, heretofore one of the most suicidally Woke nations of the European continent. God (and a life forcibly spent in hiding) has allowed him to survive despite all efforts to kill him and the common sense of cultural self-preservation he espouses.

UPDATE 12/10/16: Now convicted by a Dutch court of “hate speech” for-what else-Islam’s intention to destroy us, Gilders remains a model of steadfast courage in the face of today’s PC insanity.

UPDATE  5/5/15: Wilders mercifully still here to warn us on our own soil (Garland, Texas). 

Accommodating millions of Islamic immigrants who wish to enslave and kill Westerners is not a good idea. Geert Wilders continues to sound the warning. More Geert Wilders. More on the Islamic/Sharia threat to our way of life.

A hero by any account. Discount his warnings at your own risk.
A hero by any account. Discount his warnings at your own risk.

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