AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 1/28/22: The forces of darkness using “Covid” mandates to suffocate healthy life in the name of saving it are meeting their match in the rousing, rollicking truck caravan North Of The Border, 43 miles (so far) of free people determined to override the mandates of our self-appointed jailers in BigGov. Beginning in Canada, the spirit is spreading to America. As always, the problem is not the evil gluttons for control but the passive acquiescence of those they wish to control. These truckers and their refusal to accommodate their slave masters provide the model of determination needed to recover our liberties. Can this be our Gdansk Solidarity moment?

Snotty Prince Justin has fled his palace for a safe space rather than face the great unwashed peasant “fringe minority” and their unacceptable views.


UPDATE 1/27/22: There is no moral certainty more powerful than that of a parent fighting for his/her child. That spirit should imbue any and all resistance to the poison we’re being forced to swallow. Lacking any moral standing or beneficial ideas, our political opponents on the Left can only resort to character assassination, the term “racist” being their favorite means of silencing dissent. One gutsy Virginia delegate is having none of it, and his Dem opponents in the State House are left with only their malicious dishonesty to show for it. Let it be so for the 1001 nasty personal exchanges most of us have endured of late.

UPDATE 1/26/22: Music expresses the essential spirit of a culture, and it is encouraging to read that online song requests in 2022 (meaning dollars and cents accrued) are overwhelmingly for those going back (gasp!) to the 80s & 90s.  Good news for those of us cringing at what passes for “music” nowadays.

Our suggestion for this and future generations is to go further back to the 20s/30s/40s/50s/60s when Broadway/Hollywood/Tin Pan Alley thrived. When good music also makes big money, we are gifted with a golden age; and the era of Gershwin/Porter/Kern/Rodgers/Berlin sung by Frank/Ella/Tony/Jo/Nat/Lena/Judy/Perry/Peg remains 24K. Complementing that extraordinary era, Rock/Pop in the 50s/60s thru Woodstock (’69) still provides endearing youthful nostalgia for us baby boomers. One hopes that in the absence of anything remotely comparable at present, the youth of today will seek out what permanently sustains millions of us old timers who remember what truly great songs were…and are.


UPDATE 1/29/22: Project Veritas is alive and well, going and still graphically exposing abuse of power more convincingly than anyone. 

UPDATE 1/27/22: Any mention and move toward the continuation of MAGA via young, dedicated Americans seeking public office and accompanying mass media alternatives is cause for good cheer. Admirable former Congressman Devin Nunes has just given a first interview as CEO of “Trump Media & Technology Group.” What could sound better?


UPDATE 1/29/22: What’s been and remains the real problem?  It’s not germs loosed on us by Communists and their American enablers. It’s human irrationality and the tendency of the masses to give up life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in favor of whatever sweet-smelling garbage Big Brother can get the Great Unwashed to consume. Such a diet of lies turns the masses into paranoid morons prone to follow anything their chosen masters decree as they wander blindly toward the corruption that will drown them.  The hold that mask/vaccine mandates still have over people, particularly the young, only gets worse.  Nothing is off-limits for the unrelenting political operatives, leaving no sacred spot in the mass psyche undefiled. Disney’s endearing 7 dwarves are the latest targets for remodeling in the Woke image, despite the fact they are fantasy creatures in fairy tales. 

We are being taken over by a mindset that begs for top-down control. Millions will not be happy until each and all of us are in cages. Even Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy and their brothers are not safe.

UPDATE 1/23/22: Australia continues to lead the parade of traditionally free nations moving with a terrifying ease into Covid inspired totalitarianism. The state of Western Australia seems to be outdoing itself in forcing its fractured notion of “public health” onto those New Lepers known as “anti-vaxxers.” The author apologizes for drawing comparisons to the Nazis who moved from similar purity and health policies into pegging a specific group to maintain the fear and tension necessary for their long range goals of complete domination. Like many, he is shy about making such a comparison. After all, the Nazis exterminated millions of Jews. The challenge to this shyness about making such comparisons today is, “Well, they had to start at A to get to Z.” And as demonstrated by the last two years and the worldwide lockdowns and damage already done, we’re already well past A, moving with great speed in places like Australia toward Q, R, & S, even Z.

Elderly Australian women harassed by police for sitting maskless in a park.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 1/27/22: Like everything else, the Dem Left’s only effective tactic is accusing its opponents of the crimes it has itself mastered and committed. Voter suppression! Russian collusion! Ye Olde Projection. So it’s going with the upcoming elections that are already being declared illegitimate as they face an almost certain bloodbath at the hands of infuriated voters. P.S. A Democrat loss is still not in the bag. 

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

1/27/22: Still no day in court establishing definitive proof, but sober investigators firmly believe the notoriously conspicuous Ray Epps was part of an FBI plan to turn January 6 into a false flag operation. How long must we wait for the Big “Insurrection” Lie to be exposed?


UPDATE 1/24/22: Some of the deadliest lies told are those doled out to the young and vulnerable. The many so-called “up” sides of abortion offered to a scared, doubtful, confused mother-to-be are among the most destructive. Beware of that easy choice.



BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPDATE 1/27/22: It was clear from day one that Eric Adams was, contrary to his pre-election con, Third World/Banana Republic material. With each passing day, another destructive edict, a new outrage, one more worm to rot the Big Apple.

Should have been a clue when De Blasio endorsed Adams. The Communist passes things along to The Crony.



UPDATE 1/28/22: Astonishing how a screechy-voiced, arrogant dweeb can become such a legend in his own mind. Rock stars: what don’t they know? A dried-up old codger now and still as stunningly stupid as his brain-dead fans so passionately into cancel culture. 



UPDATE 1/26/22: Nowhere is safe, even (or especially) among the nuns & priests. And we’re not talking about your conventional sexual abuse. One woman’s nightmarish story of reclaiming her gender dysphoric daughter from the clutches of the Woke gender-bending fanatics running the girl’s Catholic school.

CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 1/27/22: Old question: how can the Biden Crime family get away with accepting $31 million from ChiCom corporate interests and not be run out of DC on a rail? That persistent dilemma the decent public suffers through, waiting for justice in this life.

1/24/22: We’re all faced with that ubiquitous MADE IN CHINA label that uncomfortably reminds us we’re bankrolling America’s (and all human freedom’s) most determined foe. Silicon Valley and Washington experience no such discomfort and are in fact perpetuating and advancing the threat to great profit and advantage for themselves.

UPDATE 1/23/22: The ruthlessness of the ChiCom regime extends far beyond its own borders. According to one report, over 10,000 Chinese abroad have been forcibly returned to China against their will. The ChiComs have only our worst nightmares to offer.


UPDATE 1/26/22: The main issue is the horrible price of a cure that has nothing to do with the disease it was intended to combat. That terrible price includes an extraordinary spike in non-Covid deaths among prime age Americans.

UPDATE 1/25/22: Can our personal & political liberties be salvaged after the CoronaCraze? Clearly, those on the Left dread the end of this gift to their uncontrollable yearnings for control.

UPDATE 1/23/30: Goofy-haired Boris covers his (alleged) Christmas partying posterior and junks the Covid scam for a most fortunate UK. Looking forward hopefully to the rest of the world’s sorry lot of leaders to follow suit.


UPDATE 1/26/22: Those of us determined to stay healthy both physically and mentally throughout this Outer Limits scenario have little but our built-in truth-detectors and common sense to guide us.

The so-called “vaccines” have NO history of testing & research nor do they contain the viral elements necessary to fight the virus itself. These two requirements provided the basis for  those miracles of medicine that came earlier in our lifetimes and saved us from polio (among other maladies). Currently documented cases of injury and death mount in the VAERS tally, giving us as strong a reason as any to abstain.  There are also reports from other almost totally “vaccinated” countries like Scotland and Israel of extraordinarily high rates of infection.

Given a strong immune system, the normal and healthy are likely to avoid death or even symptoms, and it’s common knowledge that a naturally activated immune system fighting off any virus or illness is the best antidote. The adamant, fanatic dismissal of natual immunity by those profiting from the “vaccines” speaks well of our inborn weapons against illness. We choose to take the chance, and to deny us that choice is nothing short of the tyranny one rightly associates with the worst totalitarian regimes of the present and past.

UPDATE 1/26/22: Social and medical reasons abound about the travesty of mask mania. The physical and emotional damage done, especially to the young, should be reason enough to discard them. But they are not going away because they stimulate the fear necessary to distance & divide people from one another. What better way to undermine the morale of a whole society? The ugly things are too valuable a tool of mass control for the power-mad politicians to discard them.  Minus the sinister masks, the spell is broken.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Rand Paul remains the leading figure in Congress confronting and exposing Fauci and the massive fraud he and his minions continue to perpetrate.

Equally important in this fight is the grass roots resistance such as that headed up by an LA attorney and a Holocaust survivor who have managed to stop vaccine mandates for the moment in vax-mad Orange County, CA.

UPDATE 1/24/22: Thousands of free-thinking doctors are speaking out and marching against mandates. They are the ones who are NOT caving to the mob and their own Woke professional organizations. Most to their credit, they do not stand to make money dangled in front of them by BigPharma.

Speaking of money, we are reminded that before vaccine profiteers BigPharma and Bill Gates, there was J.D. Rockefeller. Going back more than a century, we learn there has always been untold wealth and political power to be gained from manufactured medical scares inflicted on the public.  Will the negative effects of the “vaccines” or at best their worthlessness change the public’s perception of all this? For many, thinking independently is too scary after harboring such blind faith in our medical bureaucrats.

UPDATE 1/23/22: Israeli study finds vax makes young men prone to heart problems. No matter. Having painted themselves into a zealot’s corner, the vax fanatics and their champions in power will continue their war on the skeptical.

HCQ-Available, cheap alternatives to The Vaccine

UPDATE 1/27/22: The Brandon administration seems to be outdoing itself in directly assaulting, even killing those Americans it has decided are enemies. The State of Florida and its residents are Enemy #1 this week with the deliberate outlawing of monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid patients. Suddenly, another viable alternative to Brandonista BigPharma vaccines is being actively suppressed and smeared as medical “misinformation.” One treatment fits all. Big Brother knows best. Not merely politics, but pure evil.


WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 1/29/22: Our weakness as broadcast out loud worldwide by the presence of a nasty, senile Fake POTUS is too tempting for our expansionist enemies to ignore. For Russia, there’s the Ukraine. For China, there’s Taiwan. Putin’s annexation of the Ukraine is just for land and power optics since most of its best and brightest have long ago left. Too easy. God help them…and us while in the absence of strong, responsible shepherds, the wolves are helping themselves to every sheep in sight.


UPDATE 1/28/22: Orwell would be dryly amused at the boundless irony of seeing “1984” prefaced with a trigger-warning to college students who might be upset or feel unsafe reading it. Advice to parents: don’t send your kids to college. If you can’t read Orwell or if teachers like Jordan Peterson are not welcome there, steer clear.


THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?


UPDATE 1/26/22: The real victims of Wokeism, remaking the world to the specs of a Master Planning elite, are human beings relegated to the status of lifeless pawns destined to be moved about in service to some great Utopian ideal. The Big Ideas of our superiors consisting only of hot air matter, not human lives, Black or otherwise.



GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 1/28/22: Sorry, Mr. Breyer, you’re out. We need to get a Woke Black female in there, and you’re just too…um…White and male. 


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 1/27/22: Like ugly mug Terrorist Supreme Arafat, the Taliban are just about to become legit. Weren’t these the people who did 9/11? Is there ANYTHING bad for America and humanity in general that BrandonWorld hasn’t actively enabled and endorsed?

Good as gold. Best Friends Forever! And you can take it to the bank!


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 1/29/22: URGENT!! The Ukrainian border is sacrosanct and must be secured by American forces at all costs!

The American border now open wide to roughly two million illegals in just the last year? Not so urgent.

So why advocate an impenetrable wall to keep out Russian barbarians while clandestinely by cover of night flying thousands of totally undocumented illegals into places like White Plains NY and Madison NJ (Murphy’s own personal “sanctuary”) ? Answer: if you can’t get enough legal American citizens here to vote for you, import new voters!



UPDATE 1/25/22: European Jews are just as clueless as their American counterparts. Never forget? Never forget What? they ask.


AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







UPDATES 1/27/22: Fantasies? Lies? Joe’s got a million of ’em.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter




UPDATE 1/27/22: Take only a slightly deeper look at the most Woke rich celebs and corporate types wildly virtue signaling their Wokeness, and you’ll find a closet full of decidedly unWoke skeletons. Mars, Nike, Unilever are just a few examples of those financial behemoths posturing and pandering madly as Social Justice Warriors. Not surprisingly the conditions of their employees in Chinese or African slave labor camps are less than utopian.



UPDATE 1/23/22: It’s rare one can find common ground with an Obama, but he was right on mark when he stated, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up.” Couldn’t agree more. It’s full speed ahead!  for this “outperforming” worst of the worst, and thanks to that truism, we’ll be rid of him even before it’s really good for the country. 


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)



UPDATE 1/24/22: Remember AIDS? We are reminded of Tony F. back then telling us all that everyone was going to get it just by being in the same room with those gay lepers. And yet, decades later, he’s the highest paid hustler on the U.S. Treasury payroll, and The Man Who Is The Science. And then there’s also the little matter of being a Covid profiteer. And why not? Create and perpetuate a crisis? What would be the point if you don’t make hay out of it?

Life is certainly not fair, especially when those who commit the worst crimes don’t pay for them. The moral universe will never seem right again in our lifetimes until the real origins and motives of Fauci/Collins & Co. are fully exposed and undeniable. 







UPDATE 1/27/22: It remains a fathomless mystery why some consider George Soros a humanitarian when he has made the destruction of America his life’s mission. How does one explain his focused bankrolling of radical District Attorneys in all our major cities: Gascon in  LA, Boudin in Frisco and now NY with Adams’ hug-a-thug comrade Bragg?  How would George explain his support of anarchy to the widow of a murdered cop?

Not surprisingly, the Jewish former Nazi operative is just now on record having donated $125 million to America’s Party of Crime currently headed up by the Brandon administration. There is no doubt whatsoever the money will be used to good effect by a cabal that demonstrably shares George’s own determination to ruin us.

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