AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing

UPDATE 2/4/22: There’s always bad news galore when Leftists are in a hurry to ruin whatever they can before pushback. Alas for them, good news abounds in the form of major pushback and the gradual lifting of dissembling fog surrounding the Big Lies driving the madness.

Canadian Bad Seed Prince Justin, versed in Orwellian projection, states that Canadians are “disgusted” by the truckers’ convoy. In addition we are advised by Sir Nibs that our world is now blighted by a 16 wheeler basket of Deplorables. “AntiSemitism, Islamophobia, Anti-Black Racism, Homophobia, and, [of course not to shortchange anyone] Transphobia.” Who knew?

Sadly for him, those people for whom he claims to speak say otherwise. And engaged, freedom-loving Americans and kindred spirits worldwide concur.

These are the real people who do real work and live real, responsible lives against one wretched little tyrant devoid of any positive qualities while living large the delusion that he is the most significant person on earth.

The best news is the growing support for the truckers’ universal message from the citizenry and business community as the chimes of liberty around the world drown out fear.  Despite the blue states whimpering in their cages begging not to be robbed of their chains, America can’t be far behind. We eagerly look forward to a torrential cascade pouring over the dam about to be permanently breached and washed away.

It’s happening. Be not afraid… May this be the final straw for all the “safety measures” that have proven to be nothing but cover to assert dictatorial powers over free people. The real WORKERS of the world are uniting, much to the dismay of the communists.

It’s not what you THINK you see. It says “Let’s go, Justin!” Or maybe it’s the imperative “Let go, Justin!!!”

2/2/22: After praising Joe Rogan for his open mike policy few weeks back, it’s disturbing to hear his fearful reaction to the threatened boycott by brain-fried former rock-and-rollers longing for 1969 again. Instead of framing himself and his show as a forum for free speech (which it is) open to all comers and letting listeners decide, he’s making conciliatory noises, promising to qualify and neutralize anyone who might upset the Neil Youngs of the world. Fair and Balanced in LeftLibWorld means obfuscation by propaganda, not factual rebuttal. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Don’t cave!! It’s Free Speech. End of discussion.

UPDATE 2/2/22: A bit of good news for the persistent Colorado bakers tormented, fined and driven out of business by the Gay Mafia. The judgment against them holds but the $135K fine has been waived. Although years of their lives and peace of mind cannot be reimbursed, the money saved and the partial sense of victory for the most basic Constitutional rights supposedly accorded Americans offers some satisfaction.

UPDATE 2/1/22: Don Feder offers a tribute to Norman Rockwell and the America many of us think we should still be inhabiting.


UPDATE 2/5/22: An interview with former Congressman Devin Nunes, new CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) which includes TRUTH Social. What’s this? A real alternative to the crony capitalists Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube that doesn’t censor what they deem politically incorrect? Bring it on!


UPDATE 1/30/22: With the right President, all Americans can resume enjoying their basic, unrestricted rights again. The actions Trump took and promises to continue is proof of that. But for reasons only explainable by an honest psychiatric community and serious students of history, fully living a free life is the worst fear for an unhealthy percentage of nominally rational adults, here and everywhere. How is it that free people can go full doormat in the blink of an eye as demonstrated by the rise of pathetic Homo Covidus and his willfully blind dedication to a blatantly pro-crime political Party? On the bright side, there is hope when those same confused souls stop putting their unquestioned faith in the prevailing sources of information, look further afield and start asking serious questions.


UPDATE 2/3/22: Take heart that it’s not you losing your grip when the Left makes a daily practice of rewriting objective reality. Woe unto the wide-eyed college student going out into the world for the first time and being accosted from all sides by this sort of Orwellian indoctrination. Imagine the agonizing struggle for that young person when even a celebrated, seasoned college professor like Jordan Peterson finds himself forced to leave campus life behind. 


UPDATE 1/31/22: Although we’ve been told for decades that radical feminism is all about equal rights, the dissembling lie is now loudly exposed with the silence about trans men invading women’s sports. Governor Noem of South Dakota has gone some distance toward redeeming herself by banning this insanity.

The ultimate goal of all these Leftist movements, however noble they sound, is always a totalitarian dictatorship that logically follows anarchy. Declaring 2+2=5 in the form of absurd pronouns and insisting men can menstruate and give birth is psychological anarchy. How better to herd confused and cowed masses into the “security” pen of complete control from above with nobody but the Select Few on top enjoying any rights at all?

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 1/31/22: Everything we know is upside down, and other than a handful of conscientious politicos and the refreshing sanity of a convoy of truck drivers demanding their (and our) basic rights, we see little resistance to the real plague besetting us. The lunatics are running the asylum, and most of our friends and family are fully cooperating in their own demise. The unimaginable is becoming a growing, daily reality, but some of us are fortunate enough to continue a normal existence, albeit an incrementally more isolated one.  From whence cometh our help to break the evil spell?

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 2/4/22: We find ourselves slowly, slowly feeling that “boot stamping on the human face forever” thanks to election fraud which robs us of our choice of leadership and desired form of government. The Globalist Left’s ability to nationalize elections and subvert the Electoral College will eventually make the subterfuge of Trojan Horses like Obama (“first Black POTUS”) or Biden (“nice guy Everyman, The Unifier”) unnecessary. Like the banana republics and totalitarian dynasties blighting the darkest spots on earth, the American public may eventually have to take what it gets, not what it chooses.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 1/30/22: One misses Newt’s presence in DC, but his commentary provides a big boost to anyone currently in office. Assuming the Republicans regain the House in November, we must reassert the rights of Americans that have been literally trashed and withdrawn by the current Administration, particularly those driving the “Insurrection” narrative (with full cooperation from the Woke Media). Those guilty of turning America into a Stasi state must be brought up on charges and given a public trial which is much more than they’ve granted their political enemies. In such an honest public forum, the real details of what happened is appearing more and more to be a planned false flag trap intentionally laid for those dissenting the election results that day.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)

UPDATE 2/2/22: How gratifying to watch Lefties caught in a circular firing squad: Whoopi with her dumb racial Holocaust distortion, Joe (or rather his puppeteer handlers) and his/their thing about Black & female being the only acceptable flavors this week.


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 2/2/22: De Santis runs Florida like one of the free United States while simultaneously addressing Washington’s overreach into all American lives, specifically this week about the Covideers pushing bad medicine. Yikes! Yikes!


UPDATE 1/31/22: In tandem with the Brandon administration’s subversion of law enforcement nationwide, the new Adams administration has New York City’s demise already in full swing with no sign of resistance from Gracie Hall. As unrepaired broken windows suggest a lawless climate, the forced closing of a totally looted Upper East Side Rite-Aid suggest even the toniest areas of Manhattan are now criminally occupied territory. The presence of a Mayor on record using the term “Crackers” and a DA who doesn’t plan to prosecute criminals is not encouraging. And don’t count on any deviation from this administration’s plans (or lack of) for deterring crime. Whatever qualification or walking back already put out is purely for today’s news cycle to diffuse bad optics. The course of action is set. The laughable “summit” of Biden & Adams only makes one think of a confab of Mafia bosses carving up their territories. May the future prove such cynical perspective totally off-base. But don’t bet on it.

In search of a Thug-To-Hug for a heartwarming campaign shot, Alvin Bragg settles on an old lady who allegedly cooked her own grandchildren and ate them. Allegedly.



UPDATE 1/31/22: Rather than being guided by our cornerstone principle of free speech (not by chance the FIRST Amendment of our most FUNDAMENTAL founding document), the Left just stamps “CANCEL” on everything it doesn’t like. And the sheeple can only follow as directed. Rogan vs. Young is currently the most clear-cut case of LibLeftLove for censorship.


UPDATE 2/4/22: The Covid scam has been nothing more than a weapon against liberty, and the children have paid the highest price for the political ravings of the so-called adults “protecting” them with ugly, useless masks and an endless battery of shots even for the smallest infants.

UPDATE 1/31/22: There is already a whole film genre of The Children Wreaking Revenge on the adult world. This only sets the stage for a Covid Horror flick destined to make “Silence of the Lambs” look like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.


CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 1/31/22: As if on historical cue, the Chinese Reds have been granted the most visible worldwide media blitz possible with the Olympics. We shall see “Chinese” athletes who are actually highly paid recruits from a host of different countries. We shall also be instructed via our MSM what an incredibly creative and alive culture they are when the reality is they are the most brutally rigid totalitarians on earth. Starting with 2020, their plans for us have become fully apparent, all thanks to the full cooperation of the corporate & government colluders hungering for a piece of that poisonous pie of global domination. Perhaps some of us just won’t watch.


UPDATE 2/3/22: It’s petty and really no joy in saying “I told you so. ”

Or maybe there is. To quote a writer looking optimistically ahead when the full details and exposure of the wicked Covid disaster are conventional wisdom:    “Of all the lies people can tell, the worst are the ones they tell themselves. This is where the truth about character is revealed. The old saying holds that tough times build character. That is not true. Tough times reveal character. What many of us have seen cannot be unseen and it will resonate for some time.”

Few things are more sadly apparent than the deterioration of community in these times. Too many have revealed themselves to very bad advantage.

UPDATE 2/2/22: I have lost most people I thought of as friends by simply stating, “You don’t lock down a whole world of healthy people to save a few sick ones. Deal with the sick ones but don’t make the rest of society pay.”

Thems is still fightin’ words to those who will never recant their faith in The Great Covid Scam. They are not the ones missing paychecks, harassed by local cops for letting their kids play with their friends or for going to the closed beaches.

Whatever their economic or personal situations, there are those VERY comfortable with being controlled and locked down for a “good cause” like “safety.” No,No! squeal those who continue to profit from it or those who continue to welcome the drama and sense of power they fancy they should have over everyone else on the planet. The very essence of Leftism is control as contrasted with the mindset of liberty, live and let live.

They are the Karens barking at the unmasked in the grocery store or wearing masks themselves while riding alone in their cars. It’s never been so obvious that it’s a better world when most people aren’t given the opportunity to torment their neighbors, ESPECIALLY for a “good” cause. Quoth C.S. Lewis:


Check out what prominent Democrats had to say about “vaccines” before THEY were in a position to weaponize their use against the public.

2/5/22: Israel provides as strong an argument as any currently available for resisting the Mandates. Despite having nearly  100% vaccination rate, Israel reports the second (perhaps now the first) highest per capita death rate in the world AND the second highest infection rate worldwide. This gigantic miscalculation by one of the most scientifically sophisticated nations on earth is the legitimate science which today’s politically driven “scientists” and their slavish followers will not easily absorb. Counter that with the good news that since removing its mask mandate, Great Britain has yielded its lowest infection rate figures since mid-December. Not welcome news to those wishing to perpetuate this historically monumental folly and fraud.

Finland, FINIS. Denmark FINIS. Pray that America is not far behind. 

UPDATE 2/4/22: The whole Zero Covid myth is a pathological longing for “purity.” Small wonder it brings out the most evil attacks on any group (“anti-vaxxers”) perceived as being an obstacle to that deathly state of perfection. Among those pariahs are fired Pharma workers who explain their reasons for avoiding the jabs despite the nasty consequences.

UPDATE 2/3/22: Don’t tell me: masks are useless?  Could it be that lockdowns are worse than useless? The whole vaccine/mask charade coming out of Washington and now spreading to all points of Podunk LIKE A VIRUS is just theatre and political optics?


UPDATE 2/5/22: As posited at the beginning of this post topic, our future pivots on the ability for all medical possibilities to be available for treatment of…whatever. This goes hand-in-hand with free speech and free inquiry without which we are the U.S.S.A. Since when in the formerly free world have legitimate treatments for the seriously ill suddenly, pointedly been aggressively smeared (as “misinformation”) and forbidden from even casual mention or suggestion?

This is kiosk in a Mexican airport. 


UPDATE 2/3/22: The clever and enterprising J.P. Sears comes clean about a former blind spot he had about guns. 

WAR & PEACE: LENIN’S (and fellow Socialist HITLER’S) HEIRS

UPDATE 2/3/22: Will Vlad or won’t Vlad? Maybe. And will the Dems claim he’s scared of them if he won’t? Definitely. And is he (who always tells the truth) as stupid as the Brandon administration and tell us ahead of time precisely what he plans to do? Doubtful.




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 1/30/22: The war on fossil fuels, making us dependent again on foreign oil, is nothing but force-feeding useless and wildly expensive green technology onto us. To the clueless Pollyannas of the world: Going Green is not about making life better with clean, plentiful energy but is making life an endless trial for a general public totally dependent upon whatever scarce energy is provided by Big Brother. Think life in Soviet Russia, and you get the picture. Remember in that so-called “egalitarian” paradise there was a tiny ruling class with all the luxuries of the West while the average Ivan and Ivana scrambled for whatever crumbs might be tossed their way.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 2/4/22: Attractive and rational Dem up-and-comer Tulsi Gabbard has choice words for Brandon on the disastrous use of ID Politics pandering in place of merit, citing Kackling Kalamity as Exhibit A.

UPDATE 2/4/22: Poor Whoops has really flunked Rudimentary Racism I. Nazis? Jews? Race driven? Uh, yeah. That’s what you get from people who are so race-obsessed and driven uncontrollably to wild virtue-signaling over ID politics at every opportunity. The final word on WhoopiGate. Turns out she’s just dumb, not evil. 

UPDATE 2/1/22: The View’s Whoopi Goldberg has just turned herself inside out, exposing her own self-serving brand of racism now so common among Black Leftists and their sympathizers. According to her recent display of wise compassion, the only real racism is that inflicted on multi-millionaire, ultra-privileged Blacks like herself due some reparations. Meanwhile, regarding that little dust-up between Jews and Nazis about 80 years ago: “The Holocaust isn’t about race. No. It’s not about race….This is White people doing it to White people. So, this is y’all go fight amongst yourselves.”

In other words, the only REAL racism of concern is against Blacks, and antisemitism just doesn’t compare. Aside from threats of losing her career (which isn’t going to happen as it did to others like Roseann), someone might bring the former Caryn Johnson (different Karen spelling but just as obnoxious) up on charges of cultural appropriation, stealing that very Jewish last name. 

Black & female candidate for the Supreme Court in British jurist drag. 

UPDATE 1/31/22: Wanted: race hustlers interested in raking in huge amounts of money for no reason other than to spend it on fancy houses and lavish vacations for themselves. Special perks include being praised as Social Justice Warriors without benefiting a soul except themselves. A good business to be in, but the IRS is not fully on board. 


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 1/31/22: With its nocturnal humanitarian missions flying illegals in and dropping them all over the country, the Democrat Party has now officially branched out into human trafficking to beef up their fundraising efforts and swell their voting rolls.




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party


UPDATE 2/5/22: Not a lot of uproar from the Left over GoFundMe’s selective altruism, stealing $10 million donated to the Truckers’ Convoy and stating their intention not to refund the money but to force diversion to charities unconnected to the Truckers’ cause. Thankfully, there is sure to be some serious backtracking on the part of GoFundMe as they are called out on fraudulent appropriation of funds.






TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 2/1/22: Looking sharp and ready to rumble. Village Idiot Joe reflexively grins, and we continue to bear it.

UPDATE 1/31/22: Is it too much to hope for the Bidens’ well documented corrupt dealings with China to be exposed and punished?


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)




UPDATE 1/30/22: The amazing Mazie has decided that she wants a new Justice  on the Supreme Court who isn’t confined by the law. In other words, she wants a Social Justice Warrior like herself, empowered to impose her own foul notion of “justice” on hundreds of millions of people however and whenever she feels like it. How like a totalitarian Leftist rewriting the rules of the game to suit her own self-centered view of a world she longs to rule. And she’s too dumb to know that this doesn’t fly with people possessing even a spark of knowledge about how our government works.

The Leftist Supremes just outed themselves as intellectual cretins with their totally false statements on The Virus.   Surely the shrinks have a word for this personality disorder they all share, something on the order perhaps of “megalomania” or “narcissism” or maybe just plain “bossiness.” There’s the au courant new term “Karen” which could be defined as a female with a less-than-average IQ and stunted personality development who wishes she could be Queen Of The World like a Mazie or Sonia or Hillary.





UPDATE 2/1/22: Giving Hillary a run for her money in the Dislikeableness Derby, Liz has been rightly dubbed the “ridiculous Rino.” Millions of us now suffer through a strain of buyers’ remorse at having supported her father and the now embarrassing Dubya. Different times, different circumstances. Trump showed what is possible without becoming one of the corruptocrat Deep State.  Let us hope it’s soon a good riddance to all to them. We have been punished enough by the consequences of their MAGA loathing.


UPDATE 2/1/22: We’re comfortable with the classification of many power-mad Fat Cats as Crony Capitalists, but George also falls effortlessly into the Vulture Capitalist slot. How else to describe the ugly funding force behind criminal-friendly DA’s now installed with wicked  Soros precision in major US cities like NY, LA, Frisco and Chicago?



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