AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!



UPDATE 1/20/22: Our slide into what could be a nationwide Third World existence is the result of half the electorate’s suicidal support for a mad, headlong rush into Woke, Progressive perdition. From the elected Leftist Dem elites down to the lowliest subjects cheering on their chosen slave masters, we are acting out insanity. 

Things are not much better abroad. Much to the shock of freedom-loving Americans, Australia and New Zealand  now in the psychotic throes of Covid hysteria have outed themselves as totalitarian, groupthink tyrannies passionately hostile to dissenting individuals.  In a vocal majority including even their own “conservatives,”  Aussies & Kiwis are eager participants in their own enslavement, occupants of brutally rigid islands of total conformity.  They are programmed by inbred custom to (using their terms) “take the mick out of” those “tall poppies” who stand out or apart. The government is always right and to be obeyed, or as Kiwi madwoman Ardern stated, ““Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.” Here as there, the villainized scapegoats have been identified and targeted as “the anti-vaxxers.”

Be afraid, be very afraid. The masses obediently singling out oddballs in the crowd as The Enemy is an ominous symptom of incipient tyranny.


ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 1/22/22: As November elections approach, there will be nothing new in the Dem strategy playbook, just more projected accusations of their own “illegitimacy” and “conspiracies.” 

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 1/22/22: Any sign of light and truth breaking through the January 6 “insurrection” fog is a godsend. Who REALLY is Ray Epps and why are the Pelosi inquisitors suddenly so eager to get him to testify before the their partisan committee? What phony narrative have they hatched to cover up their odd scrubbing of his name from their Most Wanted List after his appearing on video as one of the most vocal rabblerousers involved?




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)



DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 1/17/22: The sane Australian media laments the absence of a DeSantis figure there as a possible way out of a future even grimmer than their present. And sane America revels in the presence of a DeSantis should Trump not run. Hope springs eternal, based on hard realism and a willingness to fight for what’s true and life-enhancing.


UPDATE 1/22/22: Unfortunately, Soros’ plan to install crooked, Woke DA’s throughout urban America is bearing fruit, the rotten kind. New York has the already-notorious Bragg bragging about (then toning down) his hug-a-thug plan to turn the Apple into George’s proudest piece of rotten fruit.




UPDATE 1/22/22: It’s pretty bad when a California preschool is closed on account of a two year old refusing to wear a mask. But these are not good times., especially for kids.


CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 1/22/22: Seeing no one at home in Washington DC has whetted the ChiComs’ long-cherished desire to annex Taiwan. It’s gotten so bad that instead of deterrence through strength, there are now people in the Pentagon suggesting we destroy Taiwan and its crucial microchip industry, thereby making it undesirable. Anyone putting forth this absurdly detached strategy seems to have forgotten that defending Taiwan is defending freedom everywhere, and that includes defending America. But who cares about freedom when you’re a deluded bureaucrat drawing a steady salary and ignorant of everything except the four walls of your nicely appointed cubicle?


UPDATE 1/22/22: A young, newly elected Dutch representative makes life deliciously uncomfortable for the corrupt Dutch Prime Minister on embarrassing record congratulating the globalist Klaus Schwab for his Covid 19-Great Reset plans for the future. The visible young woman’s amusement is also ours. But nothing about Klaus Schwab or his plans is funny.

UPDATE 1/22/22: In a universe that needs moral balance and justice served for crimes committed, we can only dream at this point of the number of trials and tribunals that will nail the criminals of the Covid catastrophe. One wag offers a breezy Top Ten list of most likely and deserving defendants. 

UPDATE 1/21/22: Where did the flu and other seasonal maladies disappear to during Covid? Before 2020, these things claimed tens of thousands of lives without the entire world shutting down. In the last couple of years, practically no one died of the flu. Huh? Is it possible the flu and most other viruses not-so-mysteriously got included in those mounting “new cases” tallies that the MSM kept screaming silently at the corner of every tv screen?

UPDATE 1/21/22: One more horror story of Covid madness and malpractice. Always follow the money.

1/16/22: CoronaCrazed madness surrounding the world’s #1 tennis player is stepped up a notch as the Australian government makes an international spectacle of itself, showing off just how to exert totalitarian control over an entire population on the phony pretext of “keeping everyone safe.”



Written by a Black man who described the sense of subservience one feels NOW at being forced to cover our faces. Ralph Ellison did not choose his classic tome’s title “Invisible Man” by accident.


UPDATE 1/21/22: Despite the return of common sense (and civil liberties) to several prominent Western nations, mask/vaccine madness here in America is not going away just yet. Remember in politics, we’re only as free as the people the electorate has chosen to represent us, and regrettably, we have El Demento.

UPDATE 1/22/22: Proof positive that The Vaccination is holy and works like magic. Four bouts of Covid, four “vaccinations.”  NEXT!

Tried them all. Gimme a pink one!!! And a turquoise one after that!!!


UPDATE 1/21/22: Heartening news that a federal judge has blocked Brandon’s vaccine mandate for Federal employees. And the CDC is allowing cruise lines to switch their stringent mandates to voluntary observance of protocols. How long will it take once and for all to declare the vaccines failures and their continuation senseless if not dangerous?

UPDATE 1/21/22: A French Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Luc Montagnier, says Don’t Get Vaxxed. No guarantee of his credibility beyond reading about a distinguished career devoid of any history of irrationality or political activism. God forbid a real scientist offers his take on the subject with no prospect of financial gain (unlike Fauci and his friends in Big Pharma). Professor Montagnier, like thousands of other stalwart medical figures speaking up, stands to reap nothing but grief for expressing such heresy.

Money+ Marxism=Power.

UPDATE 1/21/22: There’s no end to how the Leftists driving the whole Covid narrative will use the vaxed/unvaxed/masked/unmasked designation to smear and destroy. And sheeple are more than game, having bought into the whole mask thing as not merely a health measure but a visible sign of high moral fiber. Engaging the cowed public to shame and snitch on those defying Big Brother mandates has always been encouraged by the most successful dictatorships.

A smear masquerading as a PSA,  high-minded NPR falsely reported that Supreme Court Justice (and heartless murderer) Gorsuch refused to wear a mask for a recent meeting, forcing Justice (and hapless victim) Sotomayor to stay away on Zoom. How else to distract from Sotomayor’s  ignorant recitation of fake stats on Covid deaths in children? No surprise it was an outright fabrication, totally denied by both Sotomayor and Gorsuch. Naturally, NPR has made no correction or retraction of their lie. While perennially playing the victim, the Left is really in full-frontal attack mode. Always.


UPDATE 1/21/22: To allow and encourage free use of the cheap, available alternative treatments for Covid would be to admit the whole lockdown/vaccine/mask routine has been a scam and a lie. It’s the old trap laid for themselves by serial liars. They are never going to back down now, even when the result is people dying unnecessarily. 



UPDATE 1/20/22: Our faith in our institutions (including the medical establishment) is seriously compromised, thanks to the overwhelming lie that has been “the pandemic.”


UPDATE 1/22/22: There’s never any shortage of surrealism in the World of Woke. Gavin Newsom calls train thieves “gang members” and proceeds to apologize to all those insulted gang members out there robbing and pillaging as gang members do. Best of all is hearing that the hep Mars candy people feel obliged to give M&M’s an updated look “representative of today’s society.” Behold.

The New Woke M & M look. Who of those millions letting them melt in their mouths could possibly be offended at this?


UPDATE 1/21/22: Kindly and rational writer Matt Walsh has upset a couple of strange Trans activists on Dr. Phil’s show by telling them they’re just a man and woman pretending to be (respectively) a woman and a man. Reportedly they’re very upset by all this and have fled to a safer space than syndicated national television.

UPDATE 1/21/22: The wimpy cheat who can’t compete with other male swimmers has stepped up his delusional self-invention by comparing himself with Jackie Robinson, the admirable Black man who crashed baseball’s racist barriers. And the irredeemably gutless NCAA is more than happy to oblige him in his fantasy.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

1/22/22″: Treasured institution and rich resource Hillsdale College offers an overview of The Great Reset planned for us by the globalists. Aldous Huxley foretold this diabolical plan, describing it aptly as a quiet path to “non-violent totalitarianism.”  Think of that oblivious frog in the water slowly being boiled to death. You’ll be heartened to know there are alternatives.

UPDATE 1/21/22: Go, Vlad, go! Hey, Xi! Send me a postcard from Taipei! Signed, Yer Pal Joey!

And to think one of the endless complaints one heard about Trump from our Lib/Lefty friends was how he was going to get us into a war. Slo-Joe’s assessment of Putin’s “minor incursion” into the Ukraine reflects our scary, totally upside-down world courtesy of those who voted for this execrable human mash-up.

One very amused, one ready for the Alzheimer’s ward.

UPDATE 1/20/22: Abolish work, make it unnecessary for a sleep-walking, dependent proletariat, and you’ve accomplished The Great Reset, a hollowed-out world of beautiful, lazy, useless Eloi ruled over by the savage Morlocks in H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine.”




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

UPDATE 1/22/22: Looking forward to pushing your dead car when the battery conks out and no charge station in sight? And paying practically the amount of a new car for a new one that works? And that traffic jam in a storm where you and thousands of others make up one long automotive graveyard? Best to stay dry & cozy in your all-electric, “carbon free” house…until they cut off your rationed amount of electricity in that same storm. Or Mother Nature decides the sun isn’t going to shine or the wind to blow. 

And then again, there’s this industry called “oil & gas” that can provide all the fuel humanity will need for centuries if you drive, cook, want to stay warm, want to stay alive and not go bankrupt in the process. Take a minute. Think about it.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)


UPDATE 1/22/22: Hardly news by now that European cities & towns with their no-go zones should be warning to us. All’s very open and considerate with these uninvited guests who won’t leave until the invasion becomes a political majority and enforces Sharia on its entire host society. 


ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




UPDATE 1/22/22: No one is more deserving of admiration than Israel, but its fanatic lockdowns and mandates reveal the same fatal flaw killing economies, spirits and lives throughout the formerly free world.  

Maybe they’ll relax and take a different tack in the face of registering the world’s highest per capita infection rates despite their manic 100% vaccination/Zero Covid goals. Could it be those vaccinations are playing havoc with people’s immune systems rather than reinforcing them?

UPDATE 1/20/22: Once more for those insisting Israel is illegally, immorally “occupied land.” It IS occupied land, occupied legally and historically by the Jewish people whose history there dates back millennia. That’s thousands of years before Mohammed ever breathed or a single one of his Muslim followers ever dreamed of slaughtering Infidels.

AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







UPDATE 1/21/22: Lying is no longer an aberration from the Left side of the political spectrum. It is a way of life. One lie upon the other becomes a necessity to cover for the pile of lies climbing to the sky. There is no going back for inveterate liars. That would mean the jig is up for the most slippery and slimy of prevaricators.

TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 1/21/22: Man of the hour, man of the year. Hands down, the worst President ever. He makes us long for Carter and Obama. In fact Biden is so far ahead of them that any honest historian will have to just pretend they never were in the running for the title of The Worst. One difference is style. The earlier disasters were calm sorts of presences, slowly opening the sewer wide for anyone nearby with a good sense of smell to wonder about the source of that horrible stench. A somewhat more restrained, measured approach. By contrast, Joe is there with a front end loader, madly ladling out the sewage as he gleefully drenches anyone and everything within range.

We are cursed with a towering mediocrity who managed to get himself into politics and stay there for almost a half century. This week he treated us all to a 2 hour marathon of  incoherent noise. For anyone with eyes and ears to witness this untidy scene, it was an admission that half of America has gone as mad as the man they claim was the “adult,” “unifying” alternative to Donald Trump.

It’s unanimous except for the blind, lame and rather amoral pundits like The View girls and those in accord with them: Biden’s first year has been…“a disaster.”


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 1/20/22: Hillary is happening again! She’s all in for the Brandon agenda, blasting those “White moderate” spoilers Manchin & Sinema. Shrewd move to ally herself with the Brandon agenda. It’ll work as well for her as it has for the Pride of Scranton & Wilmington.

And what about all those numerous women on numerous occasions brought to the White House with a certain Mr. Epstein while she was First Lady? If you can’t keep track of your husband, how on earth can you expect to rule the world?



UPDATE 1/20/22: We’re in for the long wait, but it’ll be worth it to see the protective bubble surrounding this dissembling little horror burst. 




UPDATE 1/20/22: Joe has Hunter. Nancy has Paul, Jr. And nephew Gavin. Do you suppose it’s about apples and that tree?

Cousins and birds of a feather. Highly appealing.






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