rewriting history

Apparently, Orwell’s prophecy has reached critical mass when young people and their older enablers who should know better decide they will obliterate the specially chosen parts of their history not to their liking. Perhaps they’d think differently if they realized how easily they too can be erased at the pleasure of the next wave of censors.

This madness is only possible when the adults abdicate all authority and let the children run the household like the little tyrants they are minus proper guidance from their elders. Right now, spineless politicians and college administrators are caving in at every turn to the infantile mob. Luckily, not all administrators at Oxford are the craven grovelers so many in America have proven to be. Do listen.

ISIS destroying history it doesn't like.
ISIS destroying history it doesn’t like.
Erasing and rewriting history not restricted to Islamic savages.
Erasing and rewriting history is not restricted to Islamic savages.


This is what it's really all about.
This is what it’s really all about.
The PC Left never sleeps. Always busy, busy, busy, rewriting the past and thereby the future.

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