AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 1/11/22: America is a whole history of lost causes that somehow came out of the hopeless dark into the permanent light. One cannot despair if there is even a glimmer of hope and the willingness to forge on. Our forbears have repeatedly, nobly set the example.

UPDATE 1/8/22: Admiration in abundance watching this incredible rescue of a downed pilot seconds before a speeding commuter train smashes into the wreckage of his plane. Kudos, bravos, hats off and thanks to the courageous American cops who wasted not a moment and saved a life.


UPDATE 1/14/22; Trump’s future in political office remains a question mark. Meanwhile, the spirit of MAGA thrives robustly in the person of Joe Rogan. Just a guy online (with eclectic political tastes to be sure) who asks commonsensical questions and gets equally clear, truthful answers from his guests.

ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 1/9/22: Beloved Electorate: how can we steal thee/Let us count the ways. Way #1 at the moment is nationalizing the electoral process rather than leaving things to the States as fundamentally proscribed by our Founders. Let’s hope those two renegade Democrat Senators continue to hold the line against what would spell the end of the American vox populi and the rise of a totalitarian UniParty society.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 1/13/22: The war on Trump supporters and/or those opposing the Brandon administration is not confined to those unfortunates caught on camera in DC on January 6. Now it’s angry parents at school board meetings, fighting for their children. We are all domestic terrorists now. 

UPDATE 1/9/22: Who is Ray Epps, the guy caught on camera, too enthusiastically pushing the crowd to breach the Capitol? And yet he’s not in jail like hundreds of others who were concerned , peaceful citizens wandering into the camera frame at the wrong time. Epps’ attorney says he’s also just a nice, concerned citizen with no links to the FBI and their scheme to plant rabblerousers (like Ray Epps caught on camera) in the January 6 crowd; so it must be true.

This is no longer J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Sorry to say they are evolving into our Woke/Deep State version of the Soviet Cheka (Secret Police). Find me the man, and I’ll find you the crime, in this case, a made-up one going by the name of “insurrection.” January 6 has become the collective, all-purpose crime committed by 70+million Americans who voted for Trump and would again in a heartbeat.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPDATE 1/15/22: New York’s new Mayor Adams is already shaping up to make De Blasio look like Ronald Reagan. His hug-a-thug new DA Bragg promises a reverse “broken windows” policy which (hard to understand) guarantees the reverse of the dramatically low crime stats of the discarded Giuliani legacy. Clearly based on merit (and the Mayor’s newfound fear of “white supremacy”), Adams’ brother Bermard has been gifted a government position paying a quarter million bucks per annum. And like sharp tasty tacks sprinkled on this catastrophic cake, New York City has now opened the voter rolls to a million illegals.

What could possibly go wrong here?

Bragg, Sharpton, Adams. Bedbug fellows. 



UPDATE 1/14/22: The latest outrage of cancel culture is the reported business termination of all Mike Lindell’s personal & charitable accounts by his longtime Minnesota bank. Cancel culture gone viral is not going away. To any halfway alert person, it’s a bad joke hearing Twitter/YouTube/Google explain they’re just protecting us from “misinformation” and lies, itself the biggest bit of lying misinformation out there these days. 

The only satisfying end to this will be the self-inflicted financial ruination of the cancelers as they are gradually abandoned by the wised-up consumer public.

Two can play this game.



CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 1/11/22: Breaking news! In totalitarian societies, almost exclusively those of the Marxist Left for at least the past 70 years, no political dissent in journalism, art, around the water cooler or even in the bathroom  will be tolerated. A movie appropriately titled “Unsilenced” is now a prime target for extinction by our good friends in Beijing.


UPDATE 1/15/22: Wouldn’t you know: we’re now told by the old reliable CDC that most people who died of this thing were already sick. But don’t take it from me. Hear out Commissar Walensky herself:

“The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75 percent, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So really these are people who were unwell to begin with.”

Or in the immortal words of Miss Litella after ruining millions upon millions of healthy lives in the name of “safety”:

UPDATE 1/14/22: Always follow the money. All those supposedly scarce hospital beds and overflowing ICUs! New case numbers exploding!!! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Courtesy of your tax dollars as generously doled out by Medicare/Medicaid on a per case basis. In the pink of health, no symptoms, test positive for Covid in the emergency room? Or just dead from a gunshot wound? No test necessary. With the stroke of a penciled-in entry, you too can be a Covid stat and cash cow for the hospital   bank accounts. What a great thing this socialized medicine is!!

UPDATE 1/13/22: A courageous Israeli scientist confronts Israel for the same totalitarian, one-size-fits-all approach to the “Zero-Covid fantasy. A totally corrupted science/medical establishment is a plague dwarfing by comparison the danger posed by those nasty microbes creeping out of  ChiCom labs.

UPDATE 1/9/22: New Jersey news outlets are starting to sound more rational as they distinguish between cases OF Covid vs. cases WITH Covid. And blessedly, it’s being reported not in panicky tones but in a matter-of-fact (FACT being the refreshingly operative word) manner. Can the tide be turning despite the eagerness for more of the same by the politicos and their criminal accessories in government, the media and white lab coats?

What’s say we be done with this? Hmmm?


UPDATE 1/14/22: This benign-looking little man so loved by Hollywood and the Trump-hating elite everywhere is as slippery as they come. It’s that old thing memorably stated about his fellow sociopaths-in-arms, the Clintons: he lies so easily.

UPDATE 1/13/22: Is it not enough to know that masked children are being forced to breathe up to more than 6 times the acceptable limit of CO2 for adults?  Maybe, just maybe it’s bad for everyone to be breathing your own bacteria. It’s more than ominous for a society when a prevailing mindset implanted by “experts” allows a parent to disregard warnings about the masks and “vaccines” hurting their own children, let alone themselves.

As Adam Carolla responded to such illogic and irrationality, “We are doomed.”

UPDATE 1/13/22: Why are there shortages on the shelves? Perhaps it has something to do with the vaccine/mask mandates that are driving millions out of the workforce. It’s been bad enough punishing the billions of healthy to save the thousands of the sick (which didn’t save them anyhow). Now the plan is to starve them.

We look in vain to the highest legal authority in the land to eradicate the insanity, but the moral universe continues to go more topsy turvy as health workers in non-private health facilities are being forced out of their much needed, ultra-essential positions by the Brandon vax mandate upheld by a corrupted Supreme Court.

In the evil frenzy to not let any crisis go to waste, it has always been about politics, not what’s good for people. Yet one more example of this perversity is the hatred ginned up for a superb athlete who won’t go with the program. The highly effective strategy working so brilliantly in Australia and other reputedly-free countries (like America) is to create a new object of hatred to deflect the mob rage from those controlling them. The new Deplorables are The Unvaccinated, and Novak is this week’s object of our Two Minute Hate.

UPDATE 1/11/22: A nice slimy new black market has sprung up as it always does when Big Brother decides to control and ration what the demands of the free market naturally provides. Remember Prohibition and all of its attendant benefits, especially for gangsters? This time it’s used rapid Covid tests scrounged from garbage cans that people can use to lie their way into those places gripped by the mandate vice.

How much do I hear for this used negative test card?!!

UPDATE 1/9/22: So much for the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as one proudly triple-vaxxed celebrity after another (and millions of the hoi polloi) get a positive thumbs up from the Covid testing monster. The disbelief and denial are deafening, but the fraudulent mindset is malleable. Next thing you know, Testing Poz will be the Next Cool Thing for a new Vaccine Breakthrough elite.

1/8/22: In saner times within memory, didn’t they used to recall millions of dollars in edibles like bad fish or tainted dog food when a handful of consumers got sick? Concern for consumers has certainly dwindled despite the death and serious injury count for vaccines during 2019-2020 (as reported by VAERS) as more than a million reported incidents and 21,000 deaths. Compare that to all the vaccines for the previous 30 years. Not only NO RECALL but they just keep putting new & improved lifesavers out, called “boosters.” Not to worry if they don’t work and the jabbed are getting sick in greater numbers than the unjabbed.

HCQ/IVERMECTIN/Cheap, available remedies that work

UPDATE 1/14/22: A modest proposal to the brainwashed Vax/Mask lovers: what say we try some of those easily available, cheap, EFFECTIVE treatments that have always been available and yet hysterically suppressed by the people pushing the Vax/Mask routine? What about natural immunity?

What if you found out that the Feds have always known that HCQ, Ivermectin and the spread of natural immunity provide a real path out of medical crises like this? Maybe your sources of “truth” are seriously corrupted?



UPDATE 1/13/22: Is this all really happening? Are people really this irrational en masse? Words like “preposterous,” “ridiculous,” “insane” don’t do the situation justice.


UPDATE 1/9/22: The State of the Union as judged by our choice of leaders can best be described by any clear-eyed onlooker as a Desperate State Of Affairs.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 1/12/22: It CAN and IS Happening here, but not because of the “Far Right” as Sinclair Lewis predicted 85 years ago or as today’s Left insists. The cross and gun (aka Obie’s “bitter clingers”) are not accurate symbols of this incipient tyranny. It’s the hammer & sickle.

This cover art looks a lot more like Stalin’s version than Hitler’s. But don’t tell Sinclair Lewis or today’s Lefties. 




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority

UPDATE 1/13/22: Oh goody! Let’s wait and see what happens to New York now that they’re clearing a million illegals to vote. Things have changed a bit since our grandparents came through Ellis Island a century back.




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







TRUTH-The Great Uniter

UPDATE 1/15/22: For those self-styled “intellectuals” who view their relationship with the New York Times like a religious source guiding them into what’s true in this world, there is a terrible shock & reckoning somewhere in their futures. Admittedly, some will only awake from their Wokeness in the Afterlife.





UPDATE 1/14/22: There’s an encouraging sense in the air that the moral universe is not totally upside down when polls indicate nasty Uncle Joe’s approval rating is heading to record lows.

As Rush brashly stated about Obama, we vehemently want Brandon to fail; and hope springs eternal watching the wheels come off his runaway wagon. 


CLINTON (The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave)

UPDATE 1/13/22: Oh no.  Her?    Again?

And does it matter that she’s married to the bosom buddy of a celebrated pedophile who was a regularly welcomed guest at the White House and likely procurer for Bubba? To those eager to vote again for her and fully accustomed to moving the goalposts of life’s rules, it just didn’t happen. Even if it did.



UPDATE 1/13/22: The Little Big Creep has an equally sinister partner in life, Christine Grady, a dark daughter of doom extolling all the virtues of experimentation on both 2 & 4 footed subjects in her capacity as Big Nurse of the NIH’s Department of BioEthics.  What a charming pair. Small wonder they found each other. The voyeur in us imagines that their romantic pillow talk has to include such sexy subjects as debarked beagle pups eaten alive by bugs, aborted babies and organ harvesting, maybe a little grave robbery for kinky Gothic stimulation.

Partners in life and the detached dehumanizing of the faceless masses.

UPDATE 1/12/22: Projecting his own mendacity and destructive impulses onto his vocal critic Rand Paul, Fauci is just following the current Democratic Party tactical playbook that has made January 6 one big lying smear on any and all Trump supporters.



UPDATE 1/14/22: It’s bad enough processing the specter of Hillary’s return from the dead, but THIS?

Looking to knock over a bank or just stealing an election?



UPDATE 1/13/22: Kristi makes one more clueless leap away from the MAGA base with her patronizing advice to vax skeptics to just “quit your job.” We’re already on to Haley, Cruz has just let a big one slip, both Cheneys are unabashedly out of the closet, so right now, we’re banking on De Santis.

MAGA RATINGS as compiled by Sundance:

Trump = Pure MAGA

DeSantis = Political MAGA

Noem = MagaLite with a twist of Koch and Corporate money

Haley = Anti-MAGA, pure corporate GOP establishment

Cruz = MAGA opportunism / splitter against MAGA

THE SUPREMES (unfortunately not the Motown singing group)

UPDATE 1/11/22: The current trio of hard Leftists on the Court vary in degrees of abysmal ignorance and detachment from their duties as jurists, Disturbingly it’s news to all 3 of them that they’re not political activists. 

Sonia comes off worst by a nose against the other two, but what can one expect from someone who is a shameless groupie sending video love letters to Chesa Boudin, the disastrous Frisco DA and bad seed son of homicidal Weathermen terrorists still making trouble for civilized society long past their 1960s heyday.


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