AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 1/3/22:  From the reliable American Heartland:


ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

UPDATE 1/8/22: OK. Let’s dispense with “whataboutism” which means nothing anyhow to the shameless frauds and failures comparing the “insurrection” that wasn’t to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. So, let’s just ask, “What about January 6?” which means having to ask the real questions leading to the full truth about what really happened beginning in November 2016 on thru November 3, 2020, January 6 and beyond to the troubled, ongoing aftermath.

As usual, we’re witnessing projection on steroids as the plague of illegitimately elected frauds accuse 70+ million Americans of trying to subvert honest elections. Get out the mirrors!!!

So many questions conveniently going unanswered:

Who exactly is Ray Epps?  And why isn’t he on any FBI Wanted list or rotting away in the D.C. Gulag? Who else was planted in the crowd by the Feds?   Are the Feds in this case the FBI?

UPDATE 1/6/22: Hats off to DJT and Lindsay Graham for their responses to Brandon’s pathetic read-out from his teleprompter. Politicizing and exaggerating the gravity of a few hours of disturbance in the Capitol a year ago will do nothing to secure our borders, revive an economy and a whole populace still oppressed and depressed by mask & vaccine mandates. It will not bring back the businesses, trashed cities and millions of lives still callously being ruined in the name of “safety” and “health.” How moved we are to see the phony poseurs shed such copious crocodile tears in purely symbolic reverence for their invented “hallowed democracy” while the real America, its people, are suffering directly due to intentionally destructive policies. The faux solemnity exhibited deserves only jeers of contempt in response.

Kamala’s ludicrous comparison of January 6 with December 7 and September 11 is a step into Wonderland. Only in the stupidest of worlds does one need to refresh her memory and that of those shallow souls prone to take anything she or her colleagues say seriously. But let’s do it anyhow with a few un-doctored photos and simple, irrefutable stats.

Remember Pearl Harbor? December 7 was the beginning of a World War that lasted 4 years and claimed over 50 million lives worldwide. Immediately makes one think of January 6. Not.

September 11 claimed 3000 lives that day in 2001 and launched America’s ongoing war with radical Islam that over the millennia boasts millions of infidel corpses with vows of more for Allah. But January 6 was JUST AS BAD!!, insists one hollow Hollyweirdess speaking for unbalanced shrews everywhere.

Right. January 6 comparable to or worse than 9/11. No question.

January 6 lasted a matter of a few hours after which Congress was back in business doing its mischief to complete the coup that started on the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency. No one was murdered except for a couple of Trump supporters (which doesn’t matter) while 1 Capitol policeman died of a stroke several days later and 4 Capitol policemen on duty that day would subsequently commit suicide. (Did someone say “suicide?”)

It got a bit more contentious elsewhere, but this would be enough to land you in solitary confinement for a year with no end in sight. 


Of greatest immediate significance to the serious-minded are those hundreds of participants, peaceful bystanders at the Capitol that day, plucked violently from their homes all across America by this administration’s version of the KGB/S.S. They are now languishing in a D.C. gulag, yet to be charged or tried for any significant crime beyond trespassing. The biggest political jackpot hit by the administration consists of 70+ million American citizens now permanently put on notice that any political dissent seriously critical of those now in power could result in similarly harsh repercussions.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track


UPCOMING 1/3/22: After DeBlasio, one positive view has been that at least no one could be worse.

Not so fast.

Incoming NYC Mayor Adams shows no sign of giving up mask/vaccine controls and even promises to expand them. Add to that his choice of a Progressive DA who thinks jail is an unkind idea for hardened criminals. If not already apparent, this is the strategy bankrolled nationwide by Soros to install criminal-friendly prosecutors and turn our cities into MadMax world.

In making the Deplorable Unjabbed his primary focus of punitive police action rather than looters, muggers and murderers, the day-old Adams tenure has already proven itself to be one huge, ham-handed blunder.

Separated at birth?



So who has Twitter permanently banished this week?  One can hardly keep track.

UPDATE 1/4/22: A children’s book publisher celebrating admirable American figures (read “conservative”)  kicked off Facebook. Facing vocal and well-publicized resistance, the Zuckeroids have suddenly, regrettably claimed it was all a mistake.


UPDATE 1/6/22: Taking a cue from RFK, Jr sounding the call to arms, scales are dropping even from the calloused eyes of the NY Times (and their Trump-hating confederates) admitting the real damage done to the young by the whole Covid/Vax/Mask outrage.


CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 1/6/22: One can only shudder at the story of a Chinese woman ending in her suicide after being detained in a Wuhan brainwashing center to force renunciation of her personal faith. This is the totalitarian social order on which American Leftists have modeled our future. And Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals that this is the political regime that owns The Big Guy. That should explain the mad rush since Day One of this administration using mass vaccination and lockdowns to turn us into a totally monitored society of cripples.


1/8/22: The Supremes are striking one more body blow to our faith in longstanding American institutions. The hard Leftists on the Court-Kagan, Breyer and Sotomayor-have made it clear they are approaching the legality of a government imposing vaccine/mask mandates NOT as jurists interpreting the Constitution but as ignoramuses spewing out outright medical & scientific falsehoods about the virus itself. Either they are just a trio of scared fools, or they’re liars taking subversive marching orders from the Dark Side.

To wit, the Wise Latina just pronounced:

1. The jab prevents transmission
2. Omicron is as deadly as Delta
3. 100K children are hospitalized with COVID, many on ventilators
4. Vax mandates would prevent 100% of cases
5. Hospitals are overrun

Every point is provably false. Even a ‘casual’ look at the medical literature would have enlightened the Justices.

1. The jab prevents transmission. FALSE (CDC)
2. Omicron is as deadly as Delta. FALSE (Dr. Anthony Fauci)
3. 100K children are hospitalized with COVID, many on ventilators. FALSE (Media Reports 1)
4. Vax mandates would prevent 100% of cases. FALSE (CDC)
5. Hospitals are overrun. FALSE (Johns Hopkins)

Dopey or Duplicitous?


UPDATE 1/7/22; It’s gone viral, it’s contagious, and it has nothing to do with the germs sent our way by the ChiComs and everything to do the madness of the elite educated classes. Read all about it.

UPDATE 1/7/22: Trump committed a major blunder, taking the word of a corrupt, bureaucratic martinet like Fauci and assuming that a “vaccine” rushed “warp speed” to market would be the answer to stemming the virus. Instead, it has served to embolden his enemies in stepping up their control over the population. It’s becoming clearer by the week that the “vaccines” are no such thing and that actively suppressed preventive remedies like Ivermectin and HCQ can be used to ease symptoms while natural herd immunity does the rest.

That blur has been his (and America’s) worst mistake.


UPDATE 1/5/22: “Stupid” best describes the obeisant public’s response to continuing Covid directives. On the other hand, “evil” is most on-the-mark characterizing those bad apples in power who gleefully exploit that fear-based stupidity. The resultant mixture of the two is “insanity,” a world in which evil can prosper with the full encouragement and permission of its victims.

UPDATE 1/3/22: Since the beginning of the CoronaCraze, Americans are suddenly dying from other causes in wildly increased numbers. Simple logic points in one dual-pronged direction: a) the untested jabs and b) the economic/emotional stress of lives forcibly locked away and enslaved by a monstrous Big Brother looking out for their “safety” and “health.”

This viewer’s Rorschach eyes see tearful lockdown despair on its back.


UPDATE 1/8/22: This insane video, sounding so like brainwashed ChiCom Red Guard children singing the praises of Chairman Mao, revives zany memories of that one hearkening back to 2008 featuring Hollywood’s most prominent braindead Obama worshippers: “I pledge to be a servant to our President.” Your command is our sworn duty. Whatever you say, Beloved Leader.

UPDATE 1/8/22: All significant points of Vaccine/Mask tyranny are covered in this video of airline workers pushing back on the dangerous mandates. Watch the 8 minute version.

UPDATE 1/7/22: The mortality rates (not from Covid) for middle-aged people has suddenly jumped 40%. These are relatively young, otherwise healthy (and “vaccinated”) people. Are the “vaccines” turning out to be a temporary fix that weakens the immune system to the point where it is dependent upon repeated fixes?  Certainly good financial news for anyone selling “vaccines” and devastating for anyone with compromised immune systems hooked on them.

Not statistics, just a conjectured theoretical model. Note the jump in immunity then overall decline with each successive booster. Meanwhile immunity of the unvaccinated remains whatever it is, enhanced by whatever natural immunity might occur from infection. Refraining would be the safe, sane approach.

UPDATE 1/2/21: Simple   percentage figures of the jabbed Omicron-infected, first from Denmark (90%) and now Germany (95%), exhibit both the folly and the perils of enforced, UNTESTED, UNRESEARCHED “vaccines.” They are worse than useless; they’re dangerous. For 500 second opinions after hearing out Dr. Fauci, ask these Canadian physicians, scientists and health professionals.

Looking forward to that day when real science-proven remedies and natural immunity-is once again mainstream and coming out of the mouths of real scientists, not corrupt bureaucratic hacks.


UPDATE 1/4/22: Beware the delusional Utopian thinking that replaces God with BigGov.  We are living the consequences at the present, one of those dreaded historic/hysteric moments when mass psychosis has overtaken the world. The real virus afoot isn’t biological, it’s psychological. Face this ominous reality, build immunity to it or go mad with the mob.


UPDATE 1/5/22: Coordinated suppression of Ivermectin & HCQ’s effectiveness is only the departure point for this illuminating and disturbing interview with Dr. Robert Malone. Note to world: ignore only in the event of trusting “experts” over embracing the truth and what fortifies liberty and benefits people.


UPDATE 1/3/22: Our descent into lawlessness and perhaps the total dissolution of America as we’ve known her is perfectly illustrated by a young Black thug’s random attack and robbery of an elderly woman in a prosperous Los Angeles shopping district. The woman’s outrage at her attacker is surpassed by utter disgust at the Leftist politicians allowing/encouraging this to happen. Today’s Democrats are the Party of Crime.



UPDATE 1/3/22: The Woke continue to tell us there’s nothing wrong here. For those harder to gaslight, an Ivy League school allowing a Lia Thomas to cheat his way into record books beggars belief.

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 1/4/22: The old question about totalitarianism: can it happen here? But it IS happening here, and one better recognize and resist it in whatever form it presents itself. If you loved Covid, you’ll just DIE from Climate Catastrophe. Covid has been just the warm-up. In case you don’t know, it never was or ever will be about “health” or “safety.” It’s always about POWER. 




GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation

UPDATE 1/6/22: Speaking the truth these days about the destruction wrought by BLM and its violent ilk will get you fired in Woke territory. In this case, an honest, objective statistician at Reuters news service has found himself terminated when criticizing the company narrative embracing the burning of cities and destruction of Black lives and businesses.



BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







TRUTH-The Great Uniter





1/3/22: From Day One, Brandon’s legacy has been destined to be the dismantling of every underpinning of American liberty. And there are three years yet to go with one possible respite in between.


CLINTON (The Charmless One)

1/3/22: One should know better than pretend this woman is ever voluntarily going away (see below and below and below that going back to 2012…). Now we’re treated to scary images of her facing off AOC in 2024. Rather than look ahead and “move on” as these scoundrels are always counseling us to do, let’s look at all those stinking sewer lines of the past leading straight back to HER. 






UPDATE 1/8/22: Nobody is praying more fervently for mass short-term memory loss than Ted Cruz after coming out as a potential replacement for Liz Cheney on Pelosi’s January 6 Show Trial Commission. After calling January 6 “a violent terrorist attack” on the Capitol, he bas found himself walking things back in desperation, vainly invoking the limp old “I misspoke” meme. Tucker wasn’t buying it, and one suspects neither will the betrayed and very disappointed MAGA base.



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