AMERICAN SPIRIT-Not just surviving but prevailing!

UPDATE 12/4/21: One gutsy American restauranteur named Tony Roman has taken a stand against Covid tyranny, barring entrance to his establishment by anyone wearing a mask. Naturally, he has become the focus of outrage from the usual suspects, worthy of condemnation on national TV. Admirably, he persists and should be hailed as yet another hero in stemming the spread of the deadly Covid tyranny virus. Another tale of courage that demands emulation if we are to survive this political plague.

UPDATE 12/3/21: America’s survival depends on the principle of individual freedom, free association, free markets-not on centralized Master Planning by a self-anointed Elite who thinks it knows best what’s good for the Little People. No one thinks, feels and lives this more passionately than responsible parents, and any political force allying and identifying with parents will triumph. In addition to fighting the political indoctrination of children through the wildly racist CRT, this must also include resistance to the forced infliction of an untested “vaccine” on babies and children by a BigGov/medical bureaucracy gone mad.

The GOP must remain the Party of Parents, and a tough agenda must be formulated and enacted to win the war.

UPDATE 12/3/21: Kayleigh McEnany speaks eloquently for those Americans decrying the Brandon administration’s betrayal of the American military and its supporters left behind in Afghanistan.


ELECTION FRAUD-America In The Balance

UPDATE 12/4/21: It was apparent well before Election 2020 that continuing MAGA and all its proven benfits hinged on preventing voter fraud. The corrupt installation and dramatically toxic effects of the illegitimate Brandon Presidency proves the point. Having succeeded in 2020, nothing will stop those intent on doing it again and with even more sophisticated tricks. On an optimistic note, there are high tech patriots savvy about the computerized chicanery, foiling the scoundrels, plot by plot. 

Perhaps we can look forward this year to the equivalent victory and sense of relief of a Rittenhouse acquittal on the election/voting fraud front. This includes not just the integrity of computers but a decisive stop to illegal immigration flooding both the welfare and voting rolls. No one battle wins the war, and no war is ever permanently won without focused, permanent vigilance following victory.

JANUARY 6-Tyranny vs A Nation of a Trillion Sparks

A stolen election, legitimate protest, gross injustice in response, double standards, hypocrisy, official BigGov lies and unabashed tyranny make up the agonizing, still unfolding tale of January 6, now given some serious attention on film in “Capitol Punishment.”

Little makes the blood boil more than the selective outrage exhibited over the so-called “violence” of an overblown trespassing incident while the destruction of private businesses and loss of human life by Antifa thugs during the “peaceful” George Floyd riots is literally ignored. Ditto the epidemic looting in California now considered perfectly ok if the theft doesn’t exceed an arbitrary limit. 1960s anarchist Abbie Hoffmans’s Third World America of “Steal This Book” has now become one of the major planks in the mainstream Democrat Party platform. As usual, proudly detached liberals supposedly shocked by all this wring their hands but will continue to vote for their criminal-friendly Party whose radical members will look the other way when these loyal Libs find themselves raped or ripped off. Refusing to look in the mirror, the willfully oblivious pretend they haven’t a clue about what has caused and perpetuated our crime-ridden, impoverished Inner Cities. 

While the GOP must emerge as the Party of Parents, the Dems are welcome to burnish their image as the Party of Crime.




BITA (Bitten In The Ass)


DeSANTISMAGA back on track

UPDATE 12/3/21: Nice to get better acquainted with Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis. The Governor is looking more Presidential by the day, and she looks like she would be equally at home in the White House. Wishing her all the best in her personal fight to regain full health and in fighting for the country.






CHINA-Told Ya So

UPDATE 12/4/21: ChiCom admirers (and slavish billionaire apologists in the West) might temper their admiration in response to an outspoken, suddenly disappeared tennis star…who has just as suddenly reappeared after 2 weeks insisting that she’s “fine,” “relaxed” and “would like to have her privacy respected.”

UPDATE 11/29/21: He’s not called Beijing Biden for nothing. Considering the secret business deals and that thick Hunter B. dossier taking up space in the Chinese politburo, why is there any doubt we have a Manchurian Candidate scenario here?


UPDATE 12/1/21: Remember 1976? Remember when even establishment Liberals like Mike Wallace distrusted government edicts? When Big Pharma was still liable for lawsuits filed over harmful drugs? Funny how things change in just a brief 45 years. What would Mike say now?

UPDATE 11/29/21: Draconian martial law Down Under in Australia, brutalizing citizens for nothing more than not wearing The Mask has become the Normal as the ginned-up Omicron scare amounts to virtually nothing while open, mandate-free Florida reports the lowest daily Covid cases per capita in the US.

The world has gone mad, and one prays that history records this as temporary insanity followed by stable decades of hard lessons learned, remorse and regret from those inflicting the senseless harm and equally from those willingly taken in by and supporting the Big Lie it is. 

UPDATE 11/28/21: Scott Atlas’s book, A PLAGUE UPON OUR HOUSE, is probably the best document so far on the worst mistake of Trump’s otherwise productive years in the White House. What should have been a health concern for a miniscule percentage of potentially vulnerable people was deliberately turned by Deep State bureaucrats into a crisis involving everyone on the planet. Because science overwhelmed politics, Leftist totalitarianism has made unprecedented inroads into the Free World.

Oh boy! Let’s get all hysterical about a “new variant!” Saith the sensible sane: HO HUM.


UPDATE 12/3/21: Currently the “vaccine” is the Dems’ hottest offer of salvation and, simultaneously, its chief weapon of fear-based control. But wait until it’s proven to be worthless (or even deadly on a large scale) and be certain it will suddenly be disowned and declared all Trump’s fault. As long as he continues to tout this concoction prematurely rushed into action as some great achievement, he’s setting himself up for taking the fall for every Covid-related crime committed by the Dems.  

This unfortunate albatross destined to hang from the neck of a uniquely effective President, is pointing us to DeSantis (plus Rand Paul!) for 2024.

UPDATE 12/2/21: Like stampeding rats over a cliff, Germany is following Austria’s example and looking more and more like their ugliest selves about 80-90 years back. Think Weimar, 1933. Looking forward to that day not far off when the evil spell has been broken worldwide, and America pointedly rejects Deutschland’s foray into a dark past that would be sheer madness to repeat.

What say, Teutonic pals? How about we keep it something way, way in the past where we can satirize & laugh about it at a great distance, hmmm?

UPDATE 11/29/21: As always, Liberal/Leftists are highly inconsistent when it comes to what they want for themselves and what they insist on for the rest of us. Vaccine/Mask mandates are just the latest. Black Americans have more than ample historical reasons not to trust government-imposed scientific experimentation. And so do the rest of us, taking Reagan’s famous warning seriously: “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”

Come back in a few years after these “vaccines” and “boosters” and “boosters for the boosters” have really been tested (not recklessly en masse on humans), and we’ll consider it. With the option of still saying, “No.”

UPDATE 11/29/21: Enough already with “new variants” and fear porn. But it won’t stop until people cease to love their chains and the drama attached to this particular set of manacles. 

UPDATE 11/28/21: Utterly astounding that we no sooner hear about yet a new variant (OMICRON! Not Nu! Not Xi!) than we’re suddenly, by chance, coincidentally informed of new vaccines that just happen to be waiting in the wings right after Christmas! Surely there’s nothing calculating or smacking of blatant, shameless crony capitalism between Big Pharma and Big Brother here, is there? First it was the miraculous Warp Speed vaccines for Round 1, followed by unexpected “breakthroughs” followed by more variants, followed by boosters, to be followed by more boosters and followed by…Oh never mind. Nothing to think or worry about. Just take the damn jab(s)!

Writing out those prescriptions and mass mandates as fast as they can produce the saleable merchandise.




UPDATE 12/4/21: Possibly the most consequential gaslighting of America in recent years has been the presentation of the Obamas as the Second Coming. Remember? The “first post-racial President?”  This is just the most prominent case of telling the Big Lie enough to make it seem true to the gullible sheeple. Lately, we’re told a less-than-zero political hack is Presidential material, his appalling record notwithstanding as a sub-mediocre Indiana mayor and now totally failed Transportation Secretary (in charge of unblocking supply chains). Remember what Groucho asked?

UPDATE 12/3/21: What’s causing the epidemic looting in California? Ask Jen!

THE GREAT RESET-The Clocks are striking 13? Can you live with this?

UPDATE 12/3/21: Perhaps we might listen to those who lived through and survived communism only to see it take hold unimpeded here. Perhaps we might look with unblinkered eyes at the scary seizure and abuse of power in Australia and other “free” countries and take it seriously as something THAT CAN HAPPEN HERE.

UPDATE 12/1/21: The notion of political prisoners locked away in gulags and jails was once thought to be exclusively the evil province of the Soviets, Cuba, China, Iran, Turkey. Under the leadership of emboldened, power-mad Democrats, America is getting into the act. 

UPDATE 11/28/21: Tucker Carlson’s book of essays entitled THE LONG SLIDE could just as well be called THE GREAT RESET as it is one journalist’s witnessing the ominous shifts in America’s political climate that threaten our unique standing as a beacon of freedom.


UPDATE 12/4/21: Elitism, noblesse oblige, the rule of a privileged few over the faceless many, is always at the heart of modern tyranny. This includes not only those in political power but equally their deluded, slavish followers vicariously experiencing their own fake sense of omnipotence.



GREEN MONSTER-Environmental Tyranny

12/4/21: Threats of Armageddon by professional Leftist fearmongers are becoming as routine as the rising sun (for which they also claim credit). Somehow we’re always passing yet another END OF WORLD deadline(s).  

Reporting for duty, #1074!!!!!!! These far-seeing eyes have seen The Glory!!!! 9 years left, only 9 years left!!! Uh, make that 90 years left, only 90 years left! Wait. it’s 9000 years left, only 9000 years left….zzzzzzzzz.

UPDATE 12/4/21: Any questions about the costs and consequences of all the wonderful things in store abandoning plentiful and manageable fossil fuels for “clean,” “renewable” energy sources?

“Answer me this one…” about the folly of where all the juice for this battery-powered world is supposed to come.  Sorry, guys. Wind and sun won’t provide all that battery power, especially when the sun’s not shining and the wind’s not blowing. The Elite Master Planners know this, but they’ll always have special access to whatever they need (like gas for their jets and heating fuel for their many mansions), the plebe public be damned.

ID/WOKE POLITICS, Obama’s Permanent Civil War of Transformation


BLACK LIVES MATTER…but only selectively to the race baiters.

IAVT-I’M A VICTIM TOO! (Successful Black division)



ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION/ OPEN BORDERS-Creating a Permanent Democratic Party Majority




AMERICAN JEWRY-Brightest & Dumbest People On Earth

JEXODUS-Sensible Jews leaving the Dem Party







TRUTH-The Great Uniter





UPDATE 12/3/21: What a difference a day [actually 14 years of political opportunism & grift] makes…slick Swamp Creature Brandon on Afghanistan in 2007 differs a bit from mentally challenged PINO Brandon on the same topic in 2021.



UPDATE 12/5/21: Truly the world has gone bonkers when it lionizes a madman, and the Little Napoleon  declares himself “The Science.” Just a variation on the equally deranged Kiwi Queen-Of-The-Universe’s proclamation about being “the source of all truth.” 

A sinister cipher, a little man in all significant respects granted power to control the world. There’s a fable, an allegory here.






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