Exit Mundi: A Collection of End-Of-World Scenarios

March 16, 2011

End Of The World - Just Ahead sign with bad day on background

DejaDoom/Exit Mundi-Leftist Doomsday propaganda

UPDATE 3/28/21: What an annoyance to the Left when real scientists with carefully collected facts and figures demonstrate that the latest Doomsday scenario is most likely a politicized hoax, driven by a calculated agenda of fear. Watch a very convincing “Every 172 Years A Big Climate Change” and just start worrying if the math actually lands at one of those unfortunate spots on the timeline. Then, just plan ahead…every 172 years.

UPDATE 12/8/19: With little to attract voters except guaranteed salvation from the latest in Deja Doomsday prophecies, Leftist Prominentoes of various mutations & strains frantically rush the old Race-Against-Time scam center stage. EEK! Global Cooling! Global Warming! The Sixth Mass Extinction! All, not-by-chance, solvable by central control, Marxist One World Master Planning. Where would Leftist would-be saviors Al Gore, Jane Fonda, Nancy “Heart Full Of Love” Pelosi, the Obamas, the Hill-Billies be without artificially-induced panic?

Bizarre and perverse the predictable desperation among these power gluttons when their best political opponents actually address life’s timelessly persistent problems. Which, by the way, might include real ecological crises that are a regular part of our planet’s history over billions of years, NOT the fault of Donald Trump, White People and capitalism.

ORIGINAL POST 3/16/11: The End-Of-The-World: no joke to the Japanese just recovering from a natural disaster. They will rebuild and recover. Not so, those fearful souls prey to every phony Doomsday scenario presented to them by the ever-imaginative demagogues of the Left. Give us full control of your lives, and we will take care of you.

Go to ExitMundi.nl for an entertaining history and detailed catalogue of End-Of-World Scenarios.

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