ORIGINAL POST 11/8/20: Not surprisingly, all issues other than last Tuesday’s Election have receded into irrelevance as it’s become apparent this election was stolen (as expected) in the middle of the night with hundreds of thousands of phony mail-in ballots hauled in where necessary to overtake Trump’s overwhelming leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, perhaps Arizona and Nevada as well. Amazing how one can suddenly discover huge batches of votes 100% for Biden, 0% for Trump when and wherever one chances to need them. There are lots of statistical impossibilities at work here, but that has never deterred the Left’s remarkable talent for carefully crafted, gaslighting reality. Finding our way out of this Kafkaesque nightmare is the task at hand.

Election Night II
Only 57 to get to 270….

My own little tally pictured above surely resembles that of millions of Trump supporters, eagerly assuming things were going as the real American electorate had voted, not as it was about to be altered in lawless banana republic fashion, the workings of a clearly organized Dem Party crime syndicate.

The Mafia model has always been a reliable way to describe and keep track of the corrupt Left in America: a gigantic racket that terrorizes its victims with promises and threats of ruin and mayhem, then graciously offers its services for protection with a thousand and one offers one can no longer refuse. Free Americans operating in a free, competitive marketplace are  masters of their own lives and careers and property and money, immune from such threats. Not so those impoverished, permanently dependent masses of Big City voting blocs; and eventually no one finds himself free of the financial/physical controls of the Mafia-like, Big Marxist Government mandates. In the Left’s basic Master Plan, everyone is reduced to obedient servitude, living at the whim and pleasure of one Leftist Godfather/Big Brother  bureaucrat or the other.

So it appears it will be under the proposed agenda of Biden’s Dem syndicate. To name a few promised items: Medicare for All (controlled rationed medical care), a Green New Deal (controlled, rationed energy), imposed national lockdowns for “safety” that will dwarf the devastating effects of the CoronaCrazed farce. Needless to say, all miserable, terrifying scenarios to contemplate.

Despite there being no official state certifications for the election results and the massive legal offensive being mounted nationwide by the Trump camp, the media, the Trump-hating weasels of all political stripes and Sleep Joe & Kamala themselves have declared Harris-Biden the winners, our new rulers.

Not so fast there, pals. To be reasonably optimistic, their wishing does not necessarily make it so. There is the longshot possibility of redoing the elections in the corrupted states at issue, the best, most honest plan. And there is Trump and his legal team, headed by Rudy Giuliani,   fortified with both real and circumstantial evidence of fraud that is the most one can bring to a legitimate court of law. In aggressive, fighting mode there is hope. If we are to go down, it will be in active combat.

For most of us, there’s just waiting and praying for the best. Realistically, things could get very ugly, possibly permanently so, making America as we have known and loved her a thing of the past. Dark, conflicted thoughts for now, and the only choice is to maintain and preserve whatever good things we still have.

How bad can it get? Likewise, how possible is a miraculous turn of events? History is full of stories of heroic men and deeds, and our loyalty to Trump is based on what we sense is a fearless sense of mission, a continuation of America as it was founded to be and as all, whether they know it or not, stand to benefit. This is the tragedy that brings us to this tipping point, that such a large proportion of the electorate are actively, enthusiastically sowing the seeds of their own destruction, stupidly, willingly played like puppets on a string.

We did have one such amazing, unexpected miracle happen to us in 2016, and carrying that positive thought forward, we still have that same fierce, rough character who likes To Win, Winning and Winners. What better words to keep in mind as we face the music?  It’s hardly the first time people have dealt with seemingly insurmountable obstacles; this is only the latest and a new shock for many.

Personally, I take heart at such expressions of hope as this from the past that sprang up gloriously in response to prolonged, equally (if not more) desperate times of yore. Moonlight and music and love and romance….life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Take what you can and go on, one day at a time, and don’t let the bastards get you down. It ain’t over yet.