As aimless young Blacks continue to push the limits of law and order in cities across America, it’s the same old explanation from the usual sources: it’s Whitey, it’s The Man, It’s The System, it’s everyone and everything except the millions of black individuals themselves. As usual, there are those among the Black leadership who have everything to lose from seeing their own people prosper. These full-time professional opportunists exist solely to grow rich and powerful off of the misery and weakness of those they claim to champion.

Some are elected politicians, some are spoiled Hollywoodies, some are crony corporate types pushing the poison of rap and gangsta culture, some are just the all-too-recognizable media hogs; all are pimps and madams profiting obscenely off of deliberately permanent ignorance and discontent.

A sampling below, each an enthusiastic participant in Barack’s Fundamental Transformation Lie: “Yes, I can!” It’s really, “NO, YOU CAN’T!” (not without us getting it for you). Sadly, the lineup below is only a partial one:

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Congressional Black Caucus

Elijah Cummings

Louis Farrakhan

Eric Holder

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Sheila Jackson Lee

Spike Lee

John Lewis

Loretta Lynch

Cynthia McKinney

Kweisi Mfume

Al Sharpton

Russell Simmons

Maxine Waters


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Black America’s Enemy Within”

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