Bernie The Red! Pocahontas! Kamala-Mala-Bing-Bang! Booker T-Bone! Creepy Uncle Joe! Butt-A-Bum!

The charlatans have rolled into town, outbarking one another with the same old promises of snake oil socialism.The answered prayers for the Faithful Left, dreaming of that endless gravy train, the masses of the perpetually dependent, the resentful, the nihilists, the uneasy prosperous & rich hoping to buy their way into heaven (with someone else’s money), all screaming as with one deranged voice. Free Everything For Everyone! Cost no object! Scandinavian Utopia right here in America!

It’s come down to Capitalism vs. Capitolism: are we to remain a society of free individuals, daily thriving on countless millions of associations of our own choosing-personal, social, commercial; OR a crippled nation of managed robots remoted controlled from Washington by a few politicians and infinite edicts? Can half of us have become so willfully ignorant about the price to pay for “Democratic Socialism?” Earth to dumb Dems: someone will pay, and it’s not going to be the reviled rich. It’s you and your descendants.

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