Vanity of White Privilege, White Guilt

UPDATE 9/22/20: The nice White neighborhoods of Minneapolis, [and Dallas and wherever else the privileged, guilt-ridden cozily reside] now dotted with prominent signs supporting BLM, Biden, Wokeness. It’s almost comical to watch these fools delude themselves into thinking their signs of sympathy automatically grant them immunity from the mob. This stupid suicidal stance won’t change a whit, even when their property burns and they find themselves on the wrong end of sharp, hard, explosive implements of destruction. But that’s just the standard folly of the Good Liberal, smug in his/her guilt-driven, suicidal compassion for the criminal element of humanity.

white guilt

ORIGINAL POST 7/19/20: “Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” Ecclesiastes 1

White guilt. White privilege. Totally copacetic. THE Perfect talisman, a Teflon shield and defense Exhibit A-1 when the tumbrils roll by, and the allegedly abused, tortured and murdered rabble arrive to exact their revenge. It’s an orgy of major virtue signaling, self-congratulations sloshing, splashing over the edges, over everyone and everything who’ll pay them the tribute and admiration (and leniency) for being A Really Good Person. A Conscientious Person. I Take Responsibility. Honest! REALLY!!!

“Clarion declarations” by whites of their “racial blameworthiness” simply don’t have “the texture of guilt,” declares Lionel Shriver at Spectator USA. Rather, they’re “prideful,” a “form of showing off.” Some “confessions” are also “defensive,” an attempt to avoid possibly violent attacks — but “you get canceled anyway.” With so many whites now “frantically competing” over “who can appear more self-excoriating,” the world is “in danger of installing heritable guilt as morally valid,” even though none of us chooses “our race, sex or natal nationality.” It makes no sense to “feel ‘guilty’ or ‘ashamed’ about something you didn’t do”; it’s “not only ridiculous. It’s vain.”

Lucy's white guilt

Those of us not frantically scrambling about atoning for some Original Sin  find ourselves holding our ears and hoping that Trump will speak up LOUDER in unambiguous defense of America. Some of us can’t wait to vote for him in November while others apparently are waiting for a plan, a blueprint.  The plan and blueprint already exist in America’s founding and ongoing principles based on individual liberty, but apparently the dense Undecideds need it spelled out.

Dare we hope that the Jacobinesque madness has peaked, and sanity will prevail in the end?

The madness tops itself daily in escalating absurdity. Are you aware that even sleep is racist?!

In a legal decision IN FAVOR OF an Indian child molester, the eastern half of Oklahoma is now potentially slated to be a separate AmerIndian Nation, unanswerable to American law, thanks to no less than Neil Gorsuch, the newly arrived “Conservative” to the Supreme Court. Shades of Sharia and No-Go Zones there.

In quaint, prosperous small town America, mass public demonstrations of apology and groveling pleas for forgiveness at the feet of The Wronged Other. Mao’s Cultural Revolution has arrived just a short walk down river from where Washington crossed the Delaware on behalf of the American Revolution.

Females of White Wokey persuasion are voluntarily consuming themselves in ritualistic self-loathing and offered nifty do-it-yourself, 28 day brainwashing courses as an antidote.

Those of us who remember the traumatic Sixties are particularly unsettled by this reborn 2020 fancy for Bill Ayers’ Weatherman plan for America.

Mercifully, there is some sanity and good news. Police organizations and unions are sensibly switching their knee-jerk allegiance away from the Dem Party and seeing a friend in Trump.

Most crucially, one must believe that most Americans Out There are not the babbling fools that seem to envelope us with the MSM’s help like a toxic, gaseous fog; that when they go into the voting booths in November, they will not choose the riots, the virtue-signaling self-abasement, the mania for totalitarian control that is the hallmark for today’s Democrat Party. Let us hope the blessed perks of living an American life as they have known it just might carry the day.


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