Listening to those “concerned,” “compassionate,” “woke” [and GUILT-RIDDEN] souls anywhere to the Left in this writer’s social circle need to answer a question: “What are your political goals? What do you want for yourself, your family, your community, your fellow citizens, your country?”

Usually they can’t or won’t respond in any meaningful way because they value only abstractions of “the good life”: equality, justice, fairness. Sadly, these things simply can’t be guaranteed or distributed because, in fact, they do not exist in nature. It’s a jungle, a tough world out there.

Equality, justice, fairness can and DO exist more often than not in circumstances where people have been granted the freedom and opportunity to create lives of their own making, safeguarded by basic legal rights: life, liberty, property. Sounds like America! However, to The Woke, such rights are insufficient. In their view, this flawed, unfair world of inequality and injustice needs to be “fixed,” “transformed” to the rigidly controlled [socialistic] specifications of those all-knowing, all-wise people called “politicians.”

For the rest of us, politicians are useful only for keeping the road clear, removing obstacles, not “fixing” things.

A recent article handily captures the essence of any sensible political campaign, the best argument for Trump’s re-election. JOBS, NOT MOBS speaks pretty much to the point in answer to the question of what most of us really need and want. Throw in law and order, and you have the underpinnings of the America that all  rational self-reliant people support: a free marketplace of goods, services, ideas.

Unfortunately, rationality and self-reliance have no place in today’s Democrat Party Marxist platform. And the good life will forever elude them and the have-nots they claim to champion.



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