The Choice
The Choice

UPDATE 7/3/21: Free elections on the national level, the real vox populi, have been salvaged…for the moment. But New York doesn’t look so lucky with the outrageous primary vote miscount numbering in the hundreds of thousands, visibly putting worthy mayoral candidate Eric Adams up against the very same corruption that thwarted Trump’s re-election in 2020.

Let’s look in that crystal ball, shall we? A spanking new Delta( Epsilon? Pi? Phi? Beta? Kappa? Sigma? Chi?) Variant suddenly sweeps over us just as the midterms approach. Such a “pandemic” emergency might require a couple thousand photo-copied/mail-in ballots suddenly appearing here, suddenly appearing there again.

There IS comfort that the Supreme Court has shocked the honest electorate of the country by backing such voting “restrictions” in Arizona as eliminating early voting (aka creating new phony ballots) and voting outside one’s registered precinct. So unfair! Nothing panics today’s Dem Party more than the possibility of an honest election involving one man, one vote on one day. Damn! They thought for sure they’d permanently rigged all future elections after getting rid of Trump last year. Double damn!

ORIGINAL POST 10/31/20: The perennial battle for America’s life, this election being just the latest cliffhanger, is between the Leftist/Marxist forces that FREEZE life, Sleepy Joe’s Dark Winter of Big Brother/Big Government vs. Trump’s (and Reagan’s) Morning In America, the optimistic outlook that seizes life’s possibilities and FREES the human spirit, each and every individual man and woman.

Granted, the truth can be terrifying, objective reality a daunting daily challenge. Evil abounds. So goes the eternal war we’re in, and what is worth more than fighting that good fight? The alternative is servitude/enslavement/serfdom; the reward is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

One can only imagine Churchill’s dilemma, what he was up against, the burden he bore in WWII. Unlike that heroic figure, we still have the enviable luxury of prevailing with  minimal bloodshed (even taking into account the vicious presence of BLM, AntiFa and the Useful Idiot Dems who cheer them on) if enough Americans regain their senses and stand up at the ballot box against anarchy and the totalitarianism it portends.  What will it be, America?



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