Kafka/Orwell Wrapped Up In One

UPDATE 1/28/21: As de-programming anyone connected directly or supporting Trump becomes mainstream, it is suggested that these New American Fascists look to China and their “social credit scores” for a workable plan. But then, they’re already there. 


Gaslighting of America

UPDATE 1/31/21: The Nobel Committee has nominated domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter for their once-prestigious Peace Prize, shared in more recent Orwellian times by such noble “community organizers” as Yasser Arafat and Obama. Am I crazy? Is this The Babylon Bee satire I’m reading? No. You’re being gaslighted. For further inspiration and unexplained migraines, peruse this documented list of “peaceful protests” gracing our national scene almost daily from the Left since Donald Trump rode down that escalator.

If this is "mostly peaceful protests," a Nobel Peace Prize makes perfect sense.
If this is “mostly peaceful protests,” a Nobel Peace Prize makes perfect sense.

Fate of HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 1/30/21: The title [The Fate of HCQ=The Fate of America] for this post now is more appropriate than ever. Based on the prevailing anti-Trump political climate, not on real science  or whatever benefits are to be gained by the public, the politically correct AMA has withdrawn its previous(see 12/14/20) endorsement of HCQ. Despite the proven benefits provided by real scientists and medical professionals  treating real patients like Dr. Stella Immanuel or Dr. Zelenko referenced below, politics continues to override real science and the market place.  Unsurprisingly, both Immanuel and Zelenko have been specific targets of character assassination. We shall see if a new development of a nasal spray effectively combatting the CCP virus from Israel will also be shredded into irrelevance…or hailed as a triumph of the Biden administration’s brilliant, compassionate foresight.  Farewell to the free choice of the free market. Now the State will decide how, what, when, where, if you may buy or sell anything.

Real-life results don’t matter. Ideology rules.

American Jews: The Brightest and Dumbest People on Earth

UPDATE 1/31/21: Thanks to their perpetual blind foolishness, the majority of American Jewry can look forward to the mainstreamed anti-Semitism of their bigoted Party of choice. God forbid they be aligned with anything even vaguely connected to “conservatism” or, worse, Donald Trump, the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel POTUS ever.

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 6, 2019: Trump Supporters pictured as President Donald J. Trump pictured addresses The Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, NV on April 6, 2019. Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ MediaPunch /IPX
All too rare common sense in this Jewish brain.



UPDATE 1/31/21: “Things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator,” he said awhile back. “We’re a democracy. We need consensus.” And here is the newly installed, germ-free Avatar of Unity and Consensus busily doing a whole lotta destructive things by executive order, 30-and-counting in the first 10 days. But don’t ask him if he has a clue what he’s signing. C’mon, man!!

Exec Orders


UPDATE 1/31/21: It appears that the amount of money annually pocketed by federal employees is INDIRECTLY proportional to the value they have to the country and humanity in general. The highest paid federal employee? Glamour puss wrecking ball Tony Fauci, at $417K, surpassing even the salary of POTUS Donald J. Trump whose $400K totally bypassed his pocket and went directly to private charity. Fauci, worse than worthless, utterly destructive on an unprecedented, worldwide scale. Trump, against all odds his accomplishments benefitting Americans more immediately and directly than any President within memory. In politics and show business (among other overpaid fields), one does not necessarily get what one pays for.



UPDATE 1/31/21: The so-called Cuomo miracle starts smelling publicly like the rotten fish it is, thanks to the machinations of a political rival opting to tell the truth about undercounted (50%) deaths by Covid in NY State. Thanks to the mandate ordering elderly Covid sufferers to nursing homes,  “12 percent of New York nursing-home residents have succumbed to the virus. In New Jersey, where a policy similar to Cuomo’s was enacted, the death toll was similar: 12 percent of nursing-home residents felled by the virus. In Florida, where nursing homes were forbidden to accept people with coronavirus, that figure is 1.6 percent.” 

The ridiculously crafted narrative of Wise Leader Cuomo brilliantly, heroically saving lives has been just one more gaslighting attempt on anyone who has passed 3rd grade arithmetic.



UPDATE 1/31/21: While the usual hyenas continue to howl for Trump’s blood and his tax returns and whatever might totally ruin or. ideally, end his life, their selective outrage bypasses the blatant corruption of one of their own Beloved Leaders. Where is the shock at Nancy “Hearts Full Of Love” Pelosi and her shyster hubby investing heavily in various markets while simultaneously using government influence and privileged information to wipe out that market’s competition? Hardly the first time. It’s called crony capitalism and/or insider trading. Anyone in that camp over yonder asking how these career politicians, particularly those anti-capitalists on the Dem Left, have accumulated multimillions on a politician’s salary? Martha Stewart, a private citizen minus any official political power like The Designer Ice Cream Italian-American Princess,  went to jail for much less.

Why? Because I can.
Why? Because I can and no one stops me.

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