Americans Refuse Not To Work

UPDATE 9/8/20: Some of us knew in the beginning (see the original post from months back below) this unprecedented shutdown of the world’s motor on the advice of a few suspect “experts” was one of the most outrageous mistakes in recorded history. For future reference, let us hope the freedom-loving, rational public realizes it is one of the biggest crimes ever committed. How else to view the loss of life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness for millions but as the ultimate violation of the most fundamental human rights?

Silent Majority, Never Silenced

UPDATE 9/7/20: Do you hear what I hear? Upcoming, October 3: The UnSilent Majority March on Washington!

Mirror Offensive

UPDATE 9/9/20: Long my contention: know your friends, know your enemy. Two articles, one topic: Lincoln’s Gates of Hell speech from 1838, warning us of the onset of the lawless mob and the inevitable dissolution of our social order. One writer warns us with some evidence of the evil forces against which Trump is waging war on our free republic’s behalf.   A leftwing scribe declares that HE is the satanic avatar of lawlessness and social dissolution. Here are the Orwellian tactics of projection laid bare: accuse your enemy of that of which you yourself are guilty.

UPDATE 9/7/20: The same as 3 years ago, only more so: which Party makes outrageous accusations and demands of the other Party that that they can’t explain away in themselves? Fascism (their favorite, all-purpose projection)? Racism?  Anti-Semitism?  Domestic terrorism?  Political and financial collusion with foreign enemy powers?  Income inequality? Concern for the Little Guy while maintaining permanent poverty and despair, pushing the heroin of government dependency thereby “owning” those Little Guys?


Mirror Offensive II

UPDATE 9/9/20: There’s nothing they won’t project, even Joe’s obvious mental and physical deterioration onto Trump. Did you hear?!! Orange Man is suffering from dementia too! Why not? Trump-haters will do and resort to anything, no matter how ridiculous or false.

Mail-in Fraud

UPDATE 9/12/20: Reassuring news for anyone interested in preserving the Republic: there’s a plan for putting down the threatened post-election insurrection by the Dems. In answer to the fed-up public wondering why Trump hasn’t already sent  in the National Guard: “(1) Democrat governors rejected his help; (2) Democrats are just dying to have proof that Trump is actually a Nazi and they imagine that using the National Guard will provide that proof; and (3) the logistics of sending troops into a hostile state are challenging.” 

Once past the election, POTUS promises to invoke the Insurrection Act and stop the destruction. And to the great aggravation of his enemies and delight of his supporters, Trump keeps his promises.

UPDATE 9/11/20: The Woke Left and NeverTrump scoundrels are gearing up for major Resistance come Election night, 2020. Forewarned is forearmed, but how will this be fought, except in the courts? Calling all conservative lawyers and litigators! Then again, the Silent Majority may roar so loudly  in a landslide and be so omnipresent that the wolves will retreat…for the moment. Evil never sleeps.

UPDATE 9/8/20: In light of Dem Leftdom’s stopping at nothing to attatin absolute power, mail fraud is seeming more and more likely. The creepiest scenarios is currently topped by the idea of the sudden appearance of “lost” or “recovered” ballots by the millions despite what appears to be a clear victory for Trump on November 3…all leading to the courts and ultimately, John Roberts. This so-called Conservative has an ominous history of veering Left in the crunch. Call us Conspiracy Nuts, but the plausible question long ago posed arises again: “What do they have on him?”


UPDATE 9/6/20: For all those waiting to come out of hiding until a vaccine for Covid is found, here’s a cautionary tale of Bill Gates’ messianic impulses gone awry. For many, like Kamala, TDS is reason enough not to trust  to trust any vaccine that might come out soon. If Trump’s for it, I’m ag’in’ it. Must be bad…that is, until it’s forced on everyone by UN Globalist Democrats like W.H.O…or Bill Gates.

San Francisco

UPDATE 9/8/20: As predicted below, San Fran has caught up with Detroit and the like to become yet one more disintegrating American City Of Degenerate Wokedom. Unimaginable to anyone who knew her in Tony Bennett’s heyday as one of our most distinctive, beautiful, cosmopolitan urban jewels. No longer. If the terminally Woke Friscans awaken and replace the rich overlord Newsoms and Pelosis as their representatives, she might rise from the ashes. But that means they’ve returned to the real world of what does and doesn’t work. Fat chance.

Ferguson Redux

UPDATE 9/9/20: Jacob Blake, now following in the hallowed, martyred footsteps of George Floyd, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Trayvon Martin. Next!



UPDATE 9/9/20: Given Biden’s obvious inability to put a clear sentence together on his own, let alone be America’s Commander-in-Chief, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that some long-planned surprise solution to “the Biden problem” is afoot. Although legally not able to be ELECTED a third time, is there anything in the Constitution (12th amendment) that says Obama couldn’t be Biden’s Vice President and assume office if the President couldn’t fulfill his duties? What if the ever-gracious Kamala decides to make way for the redoubtable Barack on the ticket come November 3, one could legitimately say, “Game On!” again for the Democrats. Let’s see: Kamala could be the new Attorney General…or Secretary Of State…or something big. In a word or two, Obama III for America, Operation Transformation achieved! Chilling thoughts, to say the least. But one must be prepared for ANYTHING from the Dems. Anything in pursuit of absolute power. Anything.



UPDATE 9/8/20: If anyone has any doubts about the obvious deterioration of Biden’s mental and physical state, look at this wasted man pitifully struggling even to read a tele-prompted answer to the simplest of questions. Add to that his creepy predilection for playing handsy where one shouldn’t, especially with children, and we are looking at an episode of “Outer Limits.” What do his family, his personal handlers and those running this horror show have up their sleeves? Is he in fact a temporary stand-in for a last minute substitute, a real October surprise?

UPDATE 9/8/20: If you haven’t already had the pleasure, Meet The Bidens! Niece Caroline, credit card scammer; daughter Ashley, recreational druggie; son Hunter, kicked out of the Navy for cocaine snorting, serial incestuous philanderer, dead beat, grifter (with his Daddy’s assistance), all-round low-life stinker; the compromised security problems with our international enemies such a motley crew has on a public, political figure. Buy one, get the whole reeking garbage pile for free!

biden grift

John Roberts

UPDATE 9/8/20: Roberts’ name arises in anticipation of major mail fraud on Election Day, leading to the courts, leading ultimately to him. Considering his history of betrayal to his reputed “conservatism,” we are waiting and watching in rational dread, breath held.


UPDATE 9/7/20: Like Blake’s aphorism about seeing the world in a grain of sand, here we can observe the whole nasty Leftwing Universe of politics through a filthy, clotted, stinking mass of sludge just removed from a certain San Fran septic tank.  Typical White, Leftist champion of the Little Guy, compassionate crusader Pelosi comes out post-Hairgate squarely for the most publicized victim of the week: HERSELF! She was set up!

Now through her $1000?/$2000? an hour lawyer, she offers up veiled threats of a looming lawsuit against the salon owner whose establishment was not allowed to function during the Corona “crisis”…except for the rich and privileged like Nancy. The owner is wisely packing up and leaving unfriendly Blue Pelosi country, hopefully taking up Kristi Noem’s personal invitation to set up shop in South Dakota where she can “run your salon in a state that respects freedom and won’t shut you down.” One on the scoreboard for politicians specifically in business to keep the path clear for their constituents, zero for the hypocritical power gluttons of Pelosi’s vile ilk. Kinda illuminates everyone’s choice in the voting booth these days. 


UPDATE 9/11/20: The Dems’ slithery Veep candidate continues her wild pandering, obviously feeling immune to the inevitable viral blowback for her blatant hypocrisy. This time, she tells the latest Victim/Martyr/serial criminal of the moment Jacob Blake she’s “PROUD” of him. Presumably, that includes pride in his life of raping/beating/abusing/impregnating various women prior to his current 15 minutes as a useful propaganda tool. Lordy, that woman will say anything for a vote! Hello, selectively outraged #MeToo crusaders! Anyone home?

Paul Krugman

UPDATE 9/6/20: Time for a little hilarity as Paul Krugman holds forth expertly, authoritatively as he always has done on things he simply can’t fathom. Like economics, for instance. So much for Nobel Prizes. Always reliable about being away from home when anything rational or true comes to call, The Krug doesn’t disappoint in his latest prognostications on the inexcusably horrible Orange Man Bad and riots and all that icky stuff he and his fellow residents of the thin-aired Ivory Tower heights just can’t quite “get.” Unlike the clueless fraud PK, Trump has his feet planted in the real world while this fool gets paid ridiculous sums and totally unearned, empty praise for being wrong about everything. It’s a talents of sorts.

Hanoi Jane

UPDATE 9/11/20: Now promoting a book with a title of heroic, epic involvement, “What Can I Do?”, Hanoi Jane is making the interview rounds hoping for someone to give her a polite answer to that dangerous question. Response from Vietnam era veterans, particularly former POWs, has been brisk with pointed suggestions about precisely what she can do. At 82, Hollywood’s self-appointed savior feels the time is running short for her to save the world. Alas.

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