Communist China: Told ya so.

UPDATE 2/14/21: Anyone skeptical of Communist China’s hyperactive subversion of American life would be well advised to remove their head from the sand and face some chilling facts.

China & America

Fate of HCQ=Fate of America

UPDATE 2/9/21: The ongoing campaign by the medical establishment (and its parent Big Gov Establishment) against easy availability of HCQ and zinc to prevent & treat Covid will prove in any honest court of law or public opinion  to be criminal negligence, medical malpractice, a deliberate assault on humanity in pursuit of political power. Truth again proves to be the mortal enemy of the TrumpHaters  now in the process of assuming absolute control over all aspects of our lives.

By most honest accounts, an unbeatable combination.
By most honest accounts, an unbeatable combination.



UPDATE 2/14/21: Who’s the Edgar Bergen for the pathetic likes of Sleepy/Sloppy/Slippery Joe? Who’s pulling the strings? Who’s the man behind the curtain?  Who and what is it that we really have to fear? Certainly not the Nowhere Man from Delaware, our confused Basement President, erstwhile placeholder in the highest seat of power. See the China connections, 10/31/21 below.

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