The text and some explanation of the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) of the U.S. Constitution.

I: Establishment and free exercise of religion; freedom of the press/speech/assembly/petition. 

II: To keep and bear arms.

III: Quartering of troops.

IV: Search and seizure; warrant clause.

V: Grand jury requirement and exception; double jeopardy; self-incrimination; due process clause; takings clause.

VI: Speedy trial clause; public trial; jury trial; arraignment/confrontation/compulsory process/right-to-counsel clauses.

VII: Right to jury in civil cases; reexamination clause.

VIII: Cruel and unusual punishment.

IX: Rights retained by the people.

X: Reserved powers of the States.

For the full text and further explanation of the entire U.S. Constitution-the Preamble, the Articles of Confederation, and the 27 Amendments-go to any of the following reliable sources:;;

Cornell Law School ;;; (including explanation for kids and teenagers).

There is also   Hillsdale College’s free online Constitution 101 video course.

Go to any of these denoted links for further examination of our most fundamental founding documents, known as the Charters of Freedom.

Other Dittoville links for the Preamble, the 7 Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) and Amendments 11-27.

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