Is O’Reilly losing his touch or is he just irresponsible?

Does access breed obsequiousness? One would be hard-pressed to come to another conclusion with regard to Sunday night’s chat-fest between Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and president Barack Obama. If that was an example of Mr. O’Reilly’s contention that his TV domain is a “no spin zone,” one might consider such a contention to be utterly laughable. Yet the exchange revealed something immensely troubling about the president which, once again, was ignored by the same mainstream media which has largely ignored the troubling revelation that this president sold out Britain to Russia to get the START treaty ratified. Who got sold out this time? Israel, and by extension, Jewish Americans as well.

Capitalism—Minus the Cronies

The revelation that the American taxpayer is now the World’s Banker of Last Resort, as revealed by the new FinReg bill (yet another assault on real, as opposed to crony capitalism), means Americans must face the disturbing reality that our national sovereignty is being completely undermined. And those undermining it have only one over-riding loyalty: a level of naked self-interest beyond anything the world has ever witnessed.