The text and some explanation of Amendments #11-27 of the U.S. Constitution.

XI: Suits against a State.

XII: Electoral College.

XIII: Abolition of slavery.

XIV: Citizenship; state action; privileges or immunities; due process clause; equal protection; appointment of representatives;  disqualification for rebellion; debits incurred during rebellion; enforcement clause.

XV: Suffrage; race.

XVI: Income tax.

XVII: Popular election of senators; vacancies in the Senate.

XVIII: Prohibition.

XIX: Suffrage-sex.

XX: Presidential terms.

XXI: Repeal of Prohibition.

XXII: Presidential term limit.

XXIII: Electors for the District of Columbia.

XXIV: Poll taxes.

XXV: Presidential succession.

XXVI: Suffrage-age.

XXVII: Congressional compensation.

For the full text and further explanation of the entire U.S. Constitution-the Preamble, the Articles of Confederation, and the 27 Amendments-go to any of the following reliable sources:



Cornell Law School ;



USConstitution.net (including explanation for kids and teenagers).

There is also   Hillsdale College’s free online Constitution 101 video course.

Go to any of these denoted links for further examination of our most fundamental founding documents, known as the Charters of Freedom.

Other Dittoville links for the Preamble, the 7 Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10) and Amendments 11-27.

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