“Guilty as hell, free as a bird—America is a great country.”


Note Ayers’ shameless pose, working class designer sneakers ground firmly into the American flag. The incarnation of being simulatenously legal yet immoral. A great country indeed.

Without Ayers’ substantial Chicago pull early in Obama’s career and, most significantly, his almost certain authorship of Obama’s career-making  “autobiography,” Obama might still just be a “community organizer” drone in the Chicago machine. Know the transparently evil Bill Ayers, and one knows his more saleable protege Obama.

Encyclopedic overview of the life & career of a pampered rich kid turned unrepentant terrorist replete with references and links at Conservapedia.

Excellent dossier on Ayers at DiscoverTheNetworks.org.

A good introduction to an ongoing career path of evil by James Simpson at American Thinker.

Jack Cashill’s stunning investigative  expose of the Obama-Ayers connection. Hard to put down, hard to deny. 11/26/13 Further verification that the much-touted literary genius and Nobel Prize Winner occupying the White House had a ghost writer named Bill Ayers. No surprise to anyone recognizing the essential mediocrity and fraud at the center of Obamania.

Harvey Klehr’s review of “Fugitive Days” at CommentaryMagazine.com.

Blogger Anne Leary’s chance encounter with Bill Ayers.

Read Stuart Schwartz’ description of Obama’s “soft evil” at American Thinker. The point is that the “hard evil” of a Bill Ayers isn’t electable.

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