Welcome to the Dem Party’s America of permanent victimhood and comforting “Safe Spaces.”

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UPDATE 3/17/23: Leave it to the pitiful State of CA to sponsor BLM’s nearest rival (to date $83,110,233,433) to being the biggest Race, Inc. shakedown of its long distinguished history. Rah! Rah! Reparations Now!!! (And it won’t cost you a cent.). Are we surprised to learn about a direct connection to all that Silicon lost Valley Bank money pouring into this and other Leftist/Democrat coffers? 

UPDATE 1/5/23: The life-threatening football injury of a young player has given mass attention to the long-held position of Leftists decrying football as “immoral” and overdue for abolition. In the words of one ex-player, this is “a side of football that is extremely ugly…These guys are putting their lives on the line to live this dream.” In other words, these highly paid professional athletes authentically “living the dream” for themselves are actually self-sacrificing heroes forced to slaughter each other for the pleasure of all those bloodthirsty gridiron fans. Even football has gone Woke when described in this now viral context of victims and oppressors.

The existence of danger in countless endeavors VOLUNTARILY PURSUED is catnip for that mentality wishing to banish free choice and all those imperfect but free societies permitting it. 

UPDATE 10/2/22: Those prosperous Blacks demanding “reparations” from Whites for their enslaved ancestors might reconsider when informed that it was Black Africans selling other Blacks who were some of the earliest and biggest profiteers of that nasty enterprise. 

In the light of the recent mainstream hoopla surrounding an A-list film celebrating female African warriors, one shouldn’t overlook Madam Tinubu, the woman considered to be among the most powerful African slave traders of her sex in the 19th century.

This was a formidable lady, not one to be deterred by English laws outlawing the slave trade. She simply ignored them and continued on with her profitable human trafficking before she was forced by the wicked colonialist Brits to turn her considerable money-making skills to other “commodities.” Apparently, this Black slave trader is still looked upon in a positive, even heroic light, judging by this statue in Lagos that stands today in tribute to her.

So much for the Leftist “White Patriarchy” being the sole source of the world’s woes.

UPDATE 4/11/21: Obama’s ID Politics Civil War progresses apace on multiple fronts, particularly the race scenario on city streets, subways, anywhere Black assailants are free to assault elderly ladies and slight men with nary a helping hand from passive bystanders.  Or a word of outrage from the MSM addressing the pressing problem of serial criminality among young Black males. But phone cameras are on the job! And from those dependably outraged quarters in the MSM come the encouraging battle cry Asian Lives Matter! Yet a new victim group slogan is born!!

Would this even be news if the battered and bloody victim was White? Or even Black?!

After all, the majority of crimes against Blacks is by other Blacks which runs counter to the whole Whites-Love-Killing-Blacks narrative put forth by the Left best demonstrated by the George Floyd travesty and all those racial fires deliberately set before him beginning with Ferguson. Does the jury in Minneapolis dare exonerate Chauvin based on solid evidence of his innocence and Floyd’s self-administered drug overdose as the sole cause of death? Convict as The Narrative instructs [“White cop wantonly murders innocent Black citizen!!”] or get your city burned down. This blackmail threat of full-scale rioting hangs like a sharpened sword over their heads.

And the Obama legacy progresses apace.

ORIGINAL POST 4/20/17: This shot was snapped last week outside yet another noble Resistance “sanctuary,” a local coffee shop in a charmingly gentrified village in one of America’s richest counties which offers not only bagels and bananas but “safety.” Every race, religion, native nationality, sexual orientation, gender (how many this week?), ability(?) stands terrorized and threatened outside this door and is offered…”safety.” Question: “safety” from…what? It’s a rhetorical question one must ask about the parallel paranoia and distortion of reality among the smug, ultra-privileged cast of a hit Broadway show or the quivering snowflakes of today’s most elite college campuses.

The catch is that anyone falling into any of those put-upon Dem Party Voting Victim blocs listed is “safe” so long as he/she/it votes Dem. Welcome to Community Organized America, Obama’s most evident legacy that will be harder to turn back than ObamaCare ever will be. Such a comfort of “community,” it feels so good, this business of being a victim. Meanwhile, the genuinely victimized go unnoticed. In the face of real atrocities, one might actually have to do or risk something.

Just a random sampling from the news in the last 10 days: the escalating horrors of Islam on the march with slaughtered Christians abroad and mutilated little girls in Michigan? Is there a ripple of concern for anyone wishing to freely give a speech on a college campus being denied exercise or protection of that Constitutional right because they refuse to identify with the Voting Victim blocs on this list?  Veterans neglected & dying needlessly in Veterans Hospitals, the glories of efficient government-run healthcare on display. Hell, just walk through the Inner City only a quick drive down the river! Now that’s “unsafe!”

Perhaps the reason for such selective outrage is that free speech and basic rights are selective in ProgressoWorld. Even a Black Somalian transgendered lesbian quadriplegic Muslim (ok so far) who voted for Trump and a self-determined individual destiny (not ok) would be barred from this sanctuary or at the very least lambasted for that last unacceptable impropriety on their CV. Les Deplorables are the enemy, the ones from whose imaginary assaults this scared rabble is fleeing into coffee shops and campus “safe spaces.” Openness Progresso-style, like everything else the Left sells, has deadly fine print.

15 Replies to “Obama’s legacy: A national Community Organized in Victim Voting blocs.”

  1. Good stuff, Fred. Ready for primetime. You gotta come out of the closet and share on facebook. Or maybe use a nom de plume. You need to share with a larger audience.

    1. Thanks, Jim, but FB and other social media I use only to promote FredGrams.com. Do feel free to refer to Dittoville or Michelle-Antoinette in your posts. I’m always pleased to hear from other Conservatives or Liberals who are genuinely interested in progress, not Progressivism.

  2. Ah, Fred… So many sharp arrows hitting so many bullseyes. I’ll comment on one.

    For most people, free speech has little value because it has never been an issue in their lives. I have experience of overt censorship (I studied film directing in a communist country) and the indirect kind (I was an academic) so it means a lot to me. When I look at people who are censorious, I find a mix of the following related characteristics:

    • They’re conformists, an observation that arises from my years in academia.

    • They’re inarticulate. Censorship is a great cover for this failing.

    • They’ve never had an original thought.

    • Because they do not know how to do anything, they are threatened by creativity.

    • They don’t really enjoy people in all their variety. They are not amused by human foibles.

    • They’re bullies.

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