“The Mafia of Destruction”
A most apt description of today’s Progressives worldwide

October 8, 2016

Obama’s Brown Shirt civilian army made real. And now Mme. BeelzeBubba waiting in the wings.


Where large masses of people (like today’s Inner City Blacks and Palestinians) remain mired in misery, poverty and crime, the presence of a ruling Mafia is always the correct place to point fingers. When granted authentic freedom to thrive in a free marketplace, people everywhere naturally move up the economic ladder to whatever degree each individual might choose. As pitiful props justifying “reparations” funneled through their malevolent “leaders,” permanent victims like Inner City Blacks and Palestinians remain a perpetual source of wealth and power for their “advocates.” And see nothing of benefit for themselves.


Take your pick: Yasser Arafat, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton, community organizers everywhere like one thankfully outgoing POTUS and his wildly acquisitive wife. And then there’s The Pantsuited One bashing her way in to take his place. All operate on the Alinskyite principles of “organizing” large groups of the poor to vote as they’re told in exchange for regular perks from various  shaken-down treasuries, governmental or corporate. That better life of self-determination always just around the next corner somehow, mysteriously, never materializes.

Why should it? The rhetorical question and answer to this politicized misery are the same: What good are the poor if they prosper and don’t need the Jacksons, Sharptons, Arafats, Obamas…or whatever Santa Claus the Dems have decided to run? This time around it’s been Bernie “Free School, Free Everything!” Sanders or, most glaringly, Bill Clinton’s gangster wife. Welcome to Banana Republic/Third World America.

Vultures of a feather...

Vultures of a feather…

UPDATE 3/26/18: No surprise that Black poverty rises in direct proportion to the number of Black crooks elected to represent them in both local and national office. After all, where would the political vermin of today’s Black Mafia be without the assurance of a permanently poor, powerless electorate?

10 Responses to “The Mafia of Destruction”
A most apt description of today’s Progressives worldwide

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  3. Fidel Castro (1926-2016), FIH | Michelle-Antoinette on November 29, 2016 at 9:23 pm

    […] That’s mass insanity for you, even here in the Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave. The wild-eyed loathing expressed by Hillary’s Losers for anyone not in their camp is a present example of how millions are willing to swallow lies and corruption whole so long as they’re couched in the politically correct language of tired old Marxist lies and empty promises. Like any fanatics, they passionately hate those whom they’re instructed to hate, rationalizing that white-hot hatred by projecting it onto any opponent. Most recently, their most skilled instructors have been from the Alinsky Left using the diabolical tactics of class/gender/rac…. […]

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