No wonder "they" don't like the wise Mr. W.
No wonder “they” don’t like the wise Mr. W.


UPDATE 5/9/21: ALWAYS follow the money, especially in the Marxist universe where lots and lots of money, luxury and power is ok for those animals deemed more equal than the other animals. Ask real estate mogul & fancy resort habitue Patrice Cullors, BLM co-foundress and major league grifter. Not as an aside, this sociopath is loud and proud to be compared to Chairman Mao, mass murder champ (40+million) of the twentieth century. Keep moving those goal posts, Patrice, redefining Marxism, and never, never apologize.

UPDATE 4/25/21:Hysterical mob rule has won the day over the sober rule of law in Minneapolis where a terrorized jury in a murder trial has, under enormous public pressure,  ignored concrete evidence of innocence or even reasonable doubt of guilt (the verbatim transcript of the incident and an authorized autopsy report) to convict a man of homicide on all counts in order to quell the threats of more riots and mayhem.

George Floyd, a serial criminal, was dying of a self-administered drug overdose in that viral video, NOT of strangulation and suffocation from Officer Chauvin’s knee to the back of the neck, NOT the front where breathing can be obstructed. Nor is this a case of “systemic racism” by “White Supremacist” law enforcement against Blacks. Floyd was the latest Black serial criminal out of disproportionately too many Black criminals created by LBJ’s Great Society and its subsequent destruction of the stable American Black family. In our Orwellian Twilight Zone world, this pitiful man is the sort of individual now being miraculously elevated to hero/martyr status by those intent on villainizing law enforcement and legitimizing criminality, ABOVE ALL their own larger crimes of revolutionary violence, destabilization and seizure of absolute, permanent power.

Similar arrests and circumstances involving White suspects have no potential for political exploitation in the current climate of ID Politics, systemic hatred and division, the true legacy of Alinsky disciple Obama and those Democrats who have followed him.

These few simple realities further inflame the screaming mob, possessed coast-to-coast and beyond by  baseless guilt and self-hatred that impels them to tear down the whole edifice of American freedom underpinned by law. This mass psychosis has turned our country into a hijacked plane, co-piloted by kamikazes maddened by the power of life-and-death they exert over millions and insanely cheered on by the malcontent rabble making up their constituency. The rest of us caught unwillingly on board, probably the true majority of Americans, are faced with the dilemma of those Flight 93 heroes on 9/11. We are certain to crash with docile inaction, so what’s to lose fighting to regain control of the plane and landing it safely?

UPDATE 4/17/21: The Chauvin-George Floyd Affair is currently The Next One practicing  neither truth, justice,  nor the American way, but mafia mob blackmail: convict…or else.

UPDATE 10/15/20: Shelby & Eli Steele’s documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?” gets memory-holed by Amazon. Hardly a surprise since the thorough Justice Department investigation exonerating the police under the Obama-Holder administration was predictably ignored from the start in favor of the prevailing BLM narrative of  Racist Cop Murders Innocent Black. The simple answer to the documentary’s title question (WHAT?)  is the Democratic Party political machine and its perpetuation of ongoing generational poverty and attendant crime culture. Next question beginning with WHO has the same answer. For an answer to WHERE? and WHEN?, simply insert BLM’s next American city and date of choice.

Refer again to Booker T. Washington above.
Refer again to Booker T. Washington above.

 UPDATE 10/11/20: More of the real story of latest manufactured martyr/saint Breonna Taylor. Like the rest, living on the wrong side of the law in like-minded company is not a good choice if you have serious intentions to live out a full, decent life span. On the other hand, if you’re into losing your life for a possible 15 minutes of questionable fame(infamy), go for it!

St. Breonna

UPDATE 9/30/20: One by one, the Rest Of The Story regarding Ferguson and all its sequels.

ferguson lies

UPDATE 9/24/20: Add Breonna Taylor to the list of manufactured “martyrs” usefully exploited in full service to BLM/AntiFa/Dem Party propaganda. As in the case of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Jacob Blake, it’s a lie. And once again, after careful investigation, no police malfeasance, just legitimate response to some historically bad actors. In Taylor’s case, a very, very bad choice of boy friends. Exoneration of police officers provides a bit of a bump for the cop-killing anarchists, especially if the law goes on the offensive & justifiably fights back in court. Meanwhile, a new yet-to-be-identified and soon-to-be-dead young Black is slated for exploitable sacrifice in the AnarchoDem holding tank.

ferguson effect

UPDATE 9/20/20: Who/What killed George Floyd, and Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin, and….? Much more than the fetanyl overdose or bullets.  How about the cradle-to-grave fate of those caught, generation after generation, on the Black Inner City plantations overseen by the Democrat Mafia?

UPDATE 9/9/20: Jacob Blake, now following in the hallowed, martyred footsteps of George Floyd, Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, Trayvon Martin. Next!

UPDATE 8/29/20: “The next one” this year from the Democratic Party race-baiting playbook has been the George Floyd affair providing one more excuse to destroy the country in the name of  Social Justice. Lo and behold, what really happened to Floyd (like useful martyrs Michael Brown or Freddy Gray or Trayvon Martin and whatever serial criminal comes next) is at complete odds with what has been portrayed. Read the transcript of the whole arrest and weep for the lives and property destroyed…based as always on a manufactured lie.

UPDATE 6/29/20: One more time: what really happened in Ferguson. And like every other excuse for a Leftist-led riot, it didn’t happen the way we’ve been told.

UPDATE 6/8/20: It’s high time for today’s American Blacks to put the blazing vision of Booker T. Washington into practice…or self-destruct in the hustling hands of their 21st century Dem Party masters.

UPDATE 11/11/17: Baltimore crime out of control, reports frantic Mayor. So far, no direct link between earlier (see below) riot encouragement and vilification of the police by the Mayor’s office and this totally surprising state of affairs.

UPDATE 11/6/17:  The choice lies squarely in hands of the Black American community: follow the race hustlers-Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Black elitists in academe and the MSM, and neighborhoods & businesses will continue to burn down, and young Black bodies will continue to pile up.  OR permanently adapt and enforce the vision of Booker T. Washingon: strong families, education, self-advancement, dignity, the same goal as everyone else. Stop the blame game, playing the Permanent Victim card.

ORIGINAL POST 5/3/15: Ferguson revisited: Baltimore, so many other potential hot spots…Obama’s war on America, enthusiastically aided & abetted by Jackson/Sharpton/Holder and anyone blind enough to think these people have anything in mind except their own power over a permanently agitated mob. The Black Mafia and their Leftist White cohorts have everything to lose from real progress in poor, black communities. Of what use are self-motivated black individuals, seeking to build decent lives for themselves and their  families? Black Mafiosi thrive not on worthy individuals with personal goals but on the blind, hating mob.

Weighing facts, judging each case individually is a spoiler for the Left. Such sober, sane justice poses a problem for those who wish to turn every  such incident into a race war for political and financial profit.  What is one to make of the Racist White Police War on Young Black Men when 3 of the  6 officers charged in Freddy Gray’s death are black? No doubt the black officers are to be branded Uncle Tom tools of The Man. How very compassionate.

Just keep blaming the police reacting to criminal behavior (reminder: that’s their job) and ignore the central question why young black men in such numbers choose a life of crime. Where are the fathers? Where is discipline and self-respect? Where is family? In the person of Toya Graham, is FAMILY, writ large. Unleashing a primal protective maternal rage on her son, Ms. Graham provides a role model. At the very real center of this story is an unmarried, unemployed mother with 6 children, the perfect, typical target for permanent welfare largesse, cynically doled out in exchange for political fidelity to the Democratic political machine. How else to explain the doomed path of multi-million young black lives leading to early graves or chronic incarceration?

Race Baiters First String Hall Of Shame
First String Varsity Race Baiters

Lloyd Marcus (a black man who didn’t get the message that he’s supposed to stay on the Demo plantation) educates his fellow black citizens.

Another black man tells the truth about Ferguson and in so doing, the truth about ________ (fill in the blank with some other festering Inner City community for the next scheduled riot venue). An ominous tinderbox template is being established here with a succession of (not so) “innocent” young black “martyrs” providing the spark  for the next new explosion.


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