Baltimore=Ferguson Redux=
…the next one.

May 3, 2015
No wonder "they" don't like the wise Mr. W.

No wonder “they” don’t like the wise Mr. W.

UPDATE 11/11/17: Baltimore crime out of control, reports frantic Mayor. So far, no direct link between earlier (see below) riot encouragement and vilification of the police by the Mayor’s office and this totally surprising state of affairs.

UPDATE 11/6/17:  The choice lies squarely in hands of the Black American community: follow the race hustlers-Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Black elitists in academe and the MSM, and neighborhoods & businesses will continue to burn down, and young Black bodies will continue to pile up.  OR permanently adapt and enforce the vision of Booker T. Washingon: strong families, education, self-advancement, dignity, the same goal as everyone else. Stop the blame game, playing the Permanent Victim card.

Ferguson revisited: Baltimore, so many other potential hot spots…Obama’s war on America, enthusiastically aided & abetted by Jackson/Sharpton/Holder and anyone blind enough to think these people have anything in mind except their own power over a permanently agitated mob. The Black Mafia and their Leftist White cohorts have everything to lose from real progress in poor, black communities. Of what use are self-motivated black individuals, seeking to build decent lives for themselves and their  families? Black Mafiosi thrive not on worthy individuals with personal goals but on the blind, hating mob.

Weighing facts, judging each case individually is a spoiler for the Left. Such sober, sane justice poses a problem for those who wish to turn every  such incident into a race war for political and financial profit.  What is one to make of the Racist White Police War on Young Black Men when 3 of the  6 officers charged in Freddy Gray’s death are black? No doubt the black officers are to be branded Uncle Tom tools of The Man. How very compassionate.

Just keep blaming the police reacting to criminal behavior (reminder: that’s their job) and ignore the central question why young black men in such numbers choose a life of crime. Where are the fathers? Where is discipline and self-respect? Where is family? In the person of Toya Graham, is FAMILY, writ large. Unleashing a primal protective maternal rage on her son, Ms. Graham provides a role model. At the very real center of this story is an unmarried, unemployed mother with 6 children, the perfect, typical target for permanent welfare largesse, cynically doled out in exchange for political fidelity to the Democratic political machine. How else to explain the doomed path of multi-million young black lives leading to early graves or chronic incarceration?

Race Baiters First String Hall Of Shame

First String Varsity Race Baiters

Lloyd Marcus (a black man who didn’t get the message that he’s supposed to stay on the Demo plantation) educates his fellow black citizens.

Another black man tells the truth about Ferguson and in so doing, the truth about ________ (fill in the blank with some other festering Inner City community for the next scheduled riot venue). An ominous tinderbox template is being established here with a succession of (not so) “innocent” young black “martyrs” providing the spark  for the next new explosion.

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…the next one.

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