The carnage of Marxism/Socialism/Progressivism/Redistribution of Wealth:

A) CRIME #1- Coerced confiscation from productive citizens. Excessive taxation, punitive fines for disregarding oppressive laws in place to enforce & legalize this theft. Productivity is discouraged, even outlawed. The source of all jobs, expanding businesses, the life blood of a free society of self-reliant individuals, has been cut off at its source.

B) CRIME #2- Rampant graft, skim-off of confiscated wealth at what’s supposed to be the distribution level, an insatiable, unsupervised government bureaucracy  and its IRS suppliers.

C) CRIME #3- The worst and most permanent damage: the systemic corruption & destruction of self-reliance and work ethic. People look to productive entrepreneurs to provide gainful employment. If job creation is stifled (see CRIME #1), there is mass unemployment leading to social instability and unrest. The stage is now set for the Marxist social transformers who exist solely to exploit the desperation they have deliberately created. The unemployed are now promised the basics of life without the bother of employment. The social transformers in government will provide that for them. The result is a corrupted, dependent populus of helpless children programmed to demand and expect “entitlements,” unequipped to fend for themselves in what is a naturally competitive, often dangerous world.


Transformation is complete: the pride and power of self-achievement and self-sufficiency are destroyed. Most damaging is that the rule of law has virtually been abandoned. Guilty politicians skate free, continuing on their various destructive crime sprees. Our era’s two most prominent and accomplished Social Transformers remind us, “You didn’t build that.” And…”What difference does it make?” Both are multimillionaire Democrats without a financial worry in the world. You’ve given them the power to destroy you and the society around you. What do they care? It’s now your problem, not theirs. Suckers!

Champions of everyday people sharing a good laugh on all of us.
“The last time I parted with a dime of my own… for someone else….!!!!????”