ORIGINAL POST 7/17/21: Destroying objective reality-the truth, the concept of Ultimate Authority, right and wrong, God-is the frontline of the war on our lives. Without immutable reference points (1+1=2, there are two biological sexes, etc. etc.)  shared by an entire society, we are putty in the hands of that self-anointed Elite replacing those facts and truths with whatever they choose. Their goal is absolute control, and the very notion of free people going about their respective lives without rigidly centralized control is daylight and mirrors to these Woke Left vampires .

One glaring instance of this is the push for Critical Race Theory, teaching children of the future that the Founders’ America was/is inherently evil, that it must be replaced with top-down controls presumably designed to make us the pure Utopia heralded by Marx and his most effective descendants-Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, Castro.

The inconvenient trouble for Marxists always has been and always will be that forcing enslavement and lies on people happily attuned to freedom and the truth “for their own good” or “safety” or “security” requires force, lethal force. Ask the Cuban people of 2021. Ask 100+ million dead souls (and counting) eliminated on the altar of utopian Marxism over the last century. Is that simple bit of objective reality, repeatedly overlooked or deliberately buried, not compelling enough evidence of the war currently being waged upon us? Prominent Useful Idiots of all stripes will disagree. But what do your own eyes tell you? 

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