UPDATE 11/20/21: In the Kyle Rittenhouse drama and its aftermath, the Prog Left has stood by its contention that self-defense of people and property is evil. Thankfully in this case, the American justice system managed to ferret out/widely broadcast the truth and spare the life of an admirable young man. Justice was also served in the Michael Brown case…and denied in the George Floyd case. Win some, lose some. There is no choice but to tell the truth despite the tidal wave of lies robotically repeated by those determined to destroy us, and that appears to include the Brandon administration, from its pathetic top to its worthless bottom. 

One other sorry aspect of this spectacle is where young Kyle can go without risking his life at the hands of the crazed Woke?  To this day, one wonders about George Zimmerman’s life in the wake of the Trayvon travesty. Who, in this upside world, are the victims and who are the guilty perps? In the best summation pointing the finger directly at the truly guilty parties here (the Prosecution, the Wisconsin Governor, PINO Brandon and their race-baiting online cheering section), a newly proposed Kyle’s Law is proposed. As frivolous libel suits should be discouraged and severely punished, so should frivolous political show trials.

UPDATE 11/16/21: As Orwell pointed out, tampering with vocabulary and the meaning of words is key to controlling masses of people. Of late, the word “misinformation” has come to mean anything true that explodes the lies of the self-anointed Elite. What are loosely called “scientists”  these days now fully embrace (Kiwi tyrant) Jacinda Carden’s  doctrine: “Dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.”


UPDATE 11/14/21: We are living in a world upside down when a 18 year old young man (Kyle Rittenhouse) is considered guilty until proven innocent in the public forum for standing up to lawless thugs actively destroying private property and terrorizing anyone within sight during the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots in 2020. Overwhelming evidence obtained through sworn testimony demonstrates that this teenager, loaded gun in hand, acted quite rationally under life-threatening circumstances. Thanks to the Woke MSM and a certain amoral political candidate gleefully injecting race into the issue (all 3 of Rittenhouse’s “victims” were White), he has already been pronounced guilty  by the usual suspects for having a gun, for defending himself at all, for being White. In a rational world, he would be walking free and deemed a hero for risking his life against violent criminals. Instead, he is on trial for his life, and every possible loophole and technicality is being explored by the prosecution to punish him for acting like an adult, American citizen.

UPDATE 11/11/21: For those of us living in this dismal present, it is cold comfort (but comfort nevertheless!) that history will vindicate determined opposition to the madness of the present. The truth means nothing to totalitarians and the irrational masses enabling them, but facts are stubborn things, things like a)the mass lockdowns have been incalculably worse than any “pandemic” blown out of proportion for purely political purposes; and b)that a politics based on freedom (capitalism) and NOT the Big Lie of “guaranteed” outcomes (leftism/communism/socialism) is the wellspring of true progress providing the most good for the most people. “The millstones of the gods grind late, but they grind fine.”

Looking up and ahead for vindication and the triumph of freedom over tyranny, peddled to us as “equality” or “safety.”


UPDATE 10/30/21: The destruction of objective reality is the means by which every totalitarian attains absolute power over mind-numbed millions.

Take the latest Orwellian wrinkle in the benevolent Biden mafia’s “Build Back Better” boondoggle. No real money for government to confiscate? Make up your own hypothetical, prospective, projected, imagined  wealth by taxing unrealized capital gains!  Supposedly a “billionaire’s tax,” it is  aimed directly at the little guy who will bankroll his own enslavement by Big Brother.

Schemes like this that sound so nice (and are so deadly) are  just one part of what prophet/profiteers like Mark Zuckerberg now calls the MetaVerse. Don’t know what that is? It’s alternate reality on a grand, global scale, and Mr. Zuckerberg and his fellow Master Planners are here to create it for you to THEIR specifications.

C’mon, man! Objective reality is SO yesterday. You can take Zuck’s word for it.


UPDATE 10/20/21: Lies and distortions of reality (men can give birth, 2+2=5) are so prevalent now that one must persistently and publicly address every falsehood possible or suffer the consequences of lies becoming the New & Improved Truth. Admittedly, a full time job for anyone seriously protective of their own sanity.

UPDATE 10/17/21: Waiting eagerly for the moment when the light of objective reality dawns on the Woke millions of sleepwalkers about 1)why so many store shelves are empty; and 2)what policies of which administration made this suddenly happen less than year after 3)businesses of all sorts were booming; 4)gas prices were way down; 5)the borders secure; 6)the Taliban and other sworn American enemies like the Iranians & Norks were in check and seriously wary of American force;  7)unemployment was at record low rates for minorities. Waiting eagerly….


UPDATE 9/26/21: The estimable Clarice Feldman opines that our otherwise nice friends/neighbors/family who stupidly insist on voting for their own demise are just too busy (and intellectually lazy) to read beyond charged headlines and scary comic book graphs.


UPDATE 8/14/21: For those of us who insist on remaining sane and devoted to objective reality and facts, 2+2 will always equal 4 regardless of what The Woke Experts insist. That is REALLY Following The Science, and the unbeatable cure for Wokeness.

UPDATE 8/10/21: Of course they don’t steal elections. Now CA is allowing people to print their own mail-in ballots. What could be wrong with that?

Get those printing presses warmed up and ready to roll for the 2022 midterms.

Or one can always just farm it out to the ChiComs who would be more than happy to help.

One more thing MADE IN CHINA.


UPDATE 8/7/21: The once respected AMA (American Medical Association) has gone through the Woke looking glass and is calling for the elimination of sex on birth certificates. In case you hadn’t heard: male and female as the only two biological choices in the natural world no longer exist in WokeWonderland.

UPDATE 7/30/21: Is the never-ending pursuit of Leftist, anti-capitalist Utopia by intellectuals just a recurring mass epidemic of bright idealistic children refusing to grow up? 

Great ReSetters, Transformers with their Year Zero goals are intent on ripping out America’s roots and creating their own reality. To do this, they must publicly demonize and eliminate any opposition using witchcraft, wicked witchcraft.


UPDATE 7/23/21: Joe Biden is a nice guy. Karl Marx was driven by compassion for the poor and unfortunate. And I am Marie of Romania.

If the predictably stupid masses ever take up trusting their own eyes and common sense to size up what’s real and true, they will come to the shocking realization that Joe Biden is a thoroughly nasty man and that Karl Marx was a wet wad of filthy fiber. If the adjective “evil” is to be accurately assigned to something or someone, one must refer to what has been deliberately done (not just said) by that specific something or someone.

Biden is a pathetic ragdoll with strings doing the bidding of puppeteers yet to be fully unmasked but clearly in control of what is, to the clearly sighted, a degenerating DC career corrupto-crat stuck with a brain long past its shelf life.

Karl Marx was truly a bad seed from whose writings grew history’s most evil ideology…that is, if today’s Orwellian Woke outlook considers the mass murder and torture of millions a bad thing.


ORIGINAL POST 7/17/21: Destroying objective reality-the truth, the concept of Ultimate Authority, right and wrong, God-is the frontline of the war on our lives. Without immutable reference points (1+1=2, there are two biological sexes, etc. etc.)  shared by an entire society, we are putty in the hands of that self-anointed Elite replacing those facts and truths with whatever they choose. Their goal is absolute control, and the very notion of free people going about their respective lives without rigidly centralized control is daylight and mirrors to these Woke Left vampires .

One glaring instance of this is the push for Critical Race Theory, teaching children of the future that the Founders’ America was/is inherently evil, that it must be replaced with top-down controls presumably designed to make us the pure Utopia heralded by Marx and his most effective descendants-Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, Castro.

The inconvenient trouble for Marxists always has been and always will be that forcing enslavement and lies on people happily attuned to freedom and the truth “for their own good” or “safety” or “security” requires force, lethal force. Ask the Cuban people of 2021. Ask 100+ million dead souls (and counting) eliminated on the altar of utopian Marxism over the last century. Is that simple bit of objective reality, repeatedly overlooked or deliberately buried, not compelling enough evidence of the war currently being waged upon us? Prominent Useful Idiots of all stripes will disagree. But what do your own eyes tell you? 

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