Out-of-power Dems desperately selling “socialism” and, inevitably, resorting to force if The People aren’t buying.

October 13, 2018
If you're good to Momma, she'll be good to you.

Prison Matron: if you’re good to Momma, she’ll be good to you.

Socialism/communism of the past century-Russia/ Germany/ China/ Cuba/ Venezuela/ N.Korea/ Indochina-has an uninterrupted history of violence, murder, torture, tyranny: something on the order of 100 million+ liquidated souls, a billion+ more enslaved. Why should we be surprised that today’s American Left is any less ruthless and desperate to enforce what freedom-loving people will never buy voluntarily?

As the pivotal midterms loom as a referendum on Trump’s Conservative policies, Hillary and Holder-the “New Democrats!”-go on record alongside Mad Maxine¬†actively¬†encouraging mob violence and anarchy to overturn the 2016 election and return themselves to power. In collusion with this Holy Marxist Crusade, a mess of multimillionaire Hollywood useful idiots put out a PSA touting the glories of “socialism.” Yet another branch of the Prog Left, the MSM makes a point of denigrating (how apt a word is that?!) hugely popular Black rap star Kanye West for daring to reject Dem enslavement of Blacks and embrace Trump, both literally and politically.

All this disparate, desperate rabble-rousing and intimidation by Dem leadership is simply a cover for the utter failure of the Marxist Left. The glories (and “free” goodies) of “socialism” are entirely dependent upon capitalism, free enterprise, private business, individual entrepreneurship, profit. Marxist parasite, capitalist host. Who needs whom? Thank you, Socialists/Progressives/Leftists: we’ll call you.

By the way: this is not “socialism” all these fools propose. Socialism is government ownership of business while under fascism private ownership continues (in name) but under the strict dictates of the government. Such an arrangement is ideal for the fascist dictator who can blame the inevitable shortages and high prices on the business…as was done repeatedly by Obama in recent years. Neat?

No wonder we have desperate Dems pounding doors and hitting walls. Their solution? Just change the rules, including nearly 250 years of the American Constitution. To those for whom power is Everything, any means to ruthless ends.

A helpful Final Solution: we propose this next, new, fresh-faced, exciting presence as the perfect candidate, the perfect leader, the perfect face of the Democratic Party. Perfectly perfect perfection.

Madam LePerfect when things are, seemingly, going “in her direction”:

Madam LePerfect when things have gone disastrously awry.

The SOUR Grapes of Wrath: the foul crop from whither cometh the cases and cases of trampled vintage Chardonnay this bitter creature swills with such admitted gusto.

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