UPDATE 3/28/21: Using plain English and simple math, one should have no problem explaining why raising taxes and the minimum wage hurts the Little Guy, supposedly the beneficiary of such economic good intentions. But, instead of recognizing the lie implicit in such vaunted altruism, the response remains, “OK!  Make lower wages and higher prices illegal!” And never mind that the employer or corporation goes broke or moves to China. What a great strategy for helping the Little Guy employed and in clover! When will it dawn that someone’s going to have to make up the loss that the employer takes with higher taxes and minimum wages, and it’s going to be the worker and the public.  

UPDATE 3/25/18: Michael Moore, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders generate great excitement and much Hope & Change by holding a confab on Income Inequality…and giving away most of their combined own personal wealth (something over $60 million including over a dozen luxury homes among them) to the cause. Quiz to reader: which of the two clauses in the previous sentence deserves the bigger laugh? Quiz 2: if hypocrisy could be converted to lead sinkers, how long would the Dem Party stay afloat, even in the Dead Sea or Great Salt Lake?

The logical results of “Income Equality” practiced to great fanfare by one guilt-driven young fool. Luckily, he’s only ruining his own company, not a whole town, state or country. Did no one tell him that, in the natural order of things, those who are smarter, word harder and stay the course deserve (and demand) more? Who wants to work like a dog, get ahead and end up being compensated the same as someone who does nothing?

He would certainly have never heard any objections from his President and those in Demo/Progressive politics who make it their business to pander to ignoramuses like him. These hypocritical pushers of the socialism drug preach equality while living like the Royal 1 Percent themselves. So what else is new?