A decent Liberal type recently holding forth in grand manner on the world’s great evils: “The Communists were [sic] bad, but the Nazis were worse.”

Simple response: “No. The Communists ARE worse than the Nazis WERE by a factor of at least 20 (so far). And here are the figures.” Stubborn things, those pesky facts.

There is no shortage of evidence verifying the horrific consequences of Marxism, the Utopian vision of the perfect, planned society, the Road to Serfdom.  Here are two more testimonials.

Hotel USSR, the brutal, soul-numbing realities of growing up Soviet by Ukrainian émigré, Oleg Atbashian, brilliant satirist/artist, Commissar-in-Chief/Party Chairman of The People’s Cube. hotel-ussr-630x354[1]

Children In Exile, firsthand accounts of Polish children deported to the Soviet Gulag during WWII…just in case anyone believes the Nazis had a corner on creating pure hell on earth mid-20th century. Written, directed and produced  by award-winning screenwriter/producer Christopher Swider. childreninexile[1]

2 Replies to “Never Again! Never Forget! The ongoing COMMUNIST Holocaust well documented…yet still ignored at our peril.”

  1. “Children in Exile” is now available VOD, video on demand. The link is below. Please take a look, and most importantly, spread the word. The film won eight awards and screened at twenty-nine festivals around the world. It was broadcast three times in Europe. It’s one of the two most difficult things that I’ve done in my creative life, and it’s a work that I’m proud of, which coming from me is saying a lot.

    Please take a look.


    Chris Swider

  2. A powerfully relevant web post, as the leftist-controlled education system has conveniently abandoned the study of 20th century history except for the holocaust. A modest replica of the Tianamen “Statue of Liberty” a few blocks from Union Station in Washington is the only US memorial to the estimated100,000,000 Victims of Communism (see the numbers by country in The Black Book of Communism, by a group of formerly-leftist French authors).

    Solzhenitsyn was exiled as non-newsworthy immediately after his Harvard address critizing Western liberalism. The university crowd… fat from the gov’t pouring billions into their coffers through student loan subsidies and brain dead from living in the cocoon of tenure… is the vanguard of socialist indoctrination through which our children must pass to obtain their competency credentials. TV’s talking bobble heads, the most visible product of this indoctrination, hold forth with mindless blather in total ignorance of most anything.

    In spite of all this there were still enough Americans not dependent on gov’t jobs or the dole, to bring about the election Miracle of 2016 and seize upon a man with the genius to beat the leftist juggernaut at its own game. As a result we may be on the eve of mass exposés of the extent to which the juggernaut has control of the mechanisms of State, of Justice, of Foreign Aid, of Foundations, of universities… all aimed at insuring the one-Party system necessary for the mindless Road To Serfdom.

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