Rush Limbaugh, American.


UPDATE 2/17/21: We’ve lost this greatest of conservative voices right at a moment when we need him most, but in these most difficult of times, his life and living legacy will prove to be among our greatest weapons. He spoke for us, in our language, expressed our shared vision of a blessed American life, and his continued presence will see us through to a restoration of what he celebrated like no other great American patriot within memory. A “second generation Founding Father” as his stalwart sidekick Bo Snerdley has so movingly eulogized him.  God bless and keep him and the land he loved and fought for. As said below, almost precisely one year ago: over to you, Mr. & Mrs. America.

P.S. To the great distress of those kind, compassionate detractors on the Left celebrating his demise, it will come as a major disappointment that Rush intends to continue broadcasting from the afterlife. And it has been confirmed that God has extended His interest-free loan of Supreme Talent to the MahaRushi for all eternity.


American Jews: Dumbest and Brightest People On Earth

UPDATE 2/18/21: Paying grateful tribute to Rush Limbaugh, Binyamin L. Jolkovsky , publisher of Jewish World Review, provides a refreshing exception to foolish American Jewry’s embrace of Leftism.

Supporters hold signs as US President Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition 2019 Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 6, 2019. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Communist China: Told ya so. 

UPDATE 2/15/21: Going back at the very least to the Clinton administration, the multi-pronged perils of dealing with Communist China have been finessed, especially by those personally enriched and/or empowered by Chinese collusion at the highest levels of American politics.  Clintons & China

Follow The Money: Transgenders

UPDATE 2/16/21: Adding to their lucrative abortion (and fetal organ harvesting) income, providing hormones to the sexually dysphoric is turning into a whole new cash cow for Planned Parenthood.

Planed Parenthood



When you’ve been hailed as “President Cuomo,” lauded, applauded, awarded, honored, praised, canonized, deified, hosannaed and hagiographied as the greatest, most heroic leader since Winston Churchill, Alexander The Great and Mussolini…and then  AOC and the slavishly Leftwing MSM turn on you, you know you’re about to fall very far, very fast. Look up the word “expendable,” Andy. Maybe you and Harvey Weinstein might get together and swap notes.

Executive order


UPDATE 2/21/21: The seemingly appealing Nikki Haley becomes increasingly unappealing as she panders shamelessly low to the Trump-haters while nervily requesting a special audience with that very same man who gave her the prominence of a UN Ambassadorship. Thanks anyhow, Nikki.  The two-sided mouth is not a good look.


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