The much hope-hyped January 6th has come and gone; and now the media and the Democrats have their biggest, best chance to destroy Trump and the movement behind him once and for all. Perhaps this all might have been avoided if the Supreme Court had had the honor and wisdom to examine the legitimate allegations of massive, deliberate voter fraud and lay it out in formal fashion for all the world to see and decide. Instead, in refusing to even take such a crucial legal case on, it closed the door on American liberty and justice for all, underpinned by the proverbial day in court.  Sorry, not this time.

Justice denied

Thus the pressure cooker was turned up to full: no legal recourse, no American system to give an entire movement and the individuals supporting it their due hearing after four years of being criminally attacked and slandered on a day-to-day basis. Now this catastrophe, largely orchestrated by the same paid actors (“peaceful protestors”) who have been trashing Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Kenosha for the last year. Swept along in the melee were Trump supporters, and a girl was shot dead. What a gift to the Left.

AntiFa Capitol

The particular sadness and tragedy of this day is that it only further clears the way for the Obamanized Left to enact its agenda of totalitarian “transformation” of America into a UniParty Marxist satellite of the One Worlders. Under their control, we are scheduled to become a faceless society of obedient servants, in thrall to the State and its unending, paralyzing edicts, directives and mandates. The lockdowns and mass masking have been an unexpected dress rehearsal for the Left. The fully staged nightmare will feature Marxism’s inevitable scarcity of services and goods and severe restrictions on free speech, self-defense and movement. That’s just the way it works when Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is amputated and free markets are strangled.

Stand by for open borders and a flooding of the voter rolls with new  cradle-to-grave Democrat dependents making up a permanent electoral majority. Prepare yourselves for an expanded, packed Supreme Court revamping the Constitution with its limits on government into an ever-expanding 20,000+ page how-to manual for unlimited government control of every  aspect of every citizen’s life. How many new states (Puerto Rico? DC?) adding more Dem senators and representatives to both houses of Congress can we expect?   Visualize a monitored Red Chinese America of cowed, silent citizens haunted 24/7/365 by the presence of punitive social credit scores and watchful, barking drones, the death knell of free-wheeling American entrepreneurship and the unlimited progress and prosperity that has historically, naturally evolved out of that creative impulse.

We have enjoyed lives of breath-taking opportunity and freedom to live out our dreams, one soul at a time. Not for long, judging by the glee with which the newly omnipotent forces of the Left are planning our future.

Stand by for an end to America as we’ve known and loved her.  Hello, U.S.S.A. May time prove me laughably paranoid and wrong on all counts. God willing.


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  1. I agree, Fred.
    The moneyed class that supported this government takeover by radicals will rue the day. These Robespierres will eventually meet the chopping block, but only after the great American experiment in self governance is no more.

    We survived Obama. Here’s hoping we survive Harris. But, after the fools change all the rules, as they did to steal this election, we may never again get a chance.

    God bless America. God damn the empty scrotum SCOTUS.

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