UPDATE 11/12/22: Although his End Of The World prediction hasn’t quite panned out, it is instructive to hear everything the mercurial Bill Maher fears about conservative Republicans.  God willing we soon see the day when things are really as “bad” (GREAT actually) as he fears.


UPDATED 8/19/22:


ORIGINAL POST 12/20/15: With America, mankind has proven it can create an almost perfect society, a workable, vital version of Eden. Live and Let Live. The complications always arise with the inevitable weeds in this and every other Garden.

Harsh weeds choking out healthy, desirable vegetation.
Harsh weeds choking out healthy, desirable vegetation.

In our case, the weeds are those Eden inhabitants who for a complicated number of psychological reasons feel impelled to seek and exert absolute, corrupt power over others. And there are those who seek power (or at least security) vicariously through their chosen figureheads. How else do you explain greedy mediocrities like Hillary or Barack and the deluded, privileged millions who insist on turning their (and everyone else’s) lives over to them? The swallowing whole of fictions like “Climate Change” as an excuse for One World government?

The alternative remains the principle of the individual soul and his responsibility to take on the world however it’s handed to him and make the most of it without interfering in or obstructing other lives. Every law, every decent political theory should exist solely to protect the individual’s desire to thrive and bloom. Destructive mass movements are all rooted in the destruction of that individualism, usually starting with fostering dependency on the State. Crisis! Big Brother will save you! Think Obamacare, Climate Change legislation.

 There’s a good reason why “Atlas Shrugged” remains the second most popular book of our times behind only the Bible.

Gary Copper as individualist Howard Roark in film version of Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead."
Gary Cooper as individualist architect Howard Roark in film version of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead.”



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