Taking in the full insanity of this week’s news, what rational person is not experiencing to some degree the paralyzing fear of a passenger on board a plane piloted by giddy, wild-eyed kamikazes on a suicide mission?


UPDATE 4/25/21:Hysterical mob rule has won the day over the sober rule of law in Minneapolis where a terrorized jury in a murder trial has, under enormous public pressure,  ignored concrete evidence of innocence or even reasonable doubt of guilt (the verbatim transcript of the incident and an authorized autopsy report) to convict a man of homicide on all counts in order to quell the threats of more riots and mayhem.

George Floyd, a serial criminal, was dying of a self-administered drug overdose in that viral video, NOT of strangulation and suffocation from Officer Chauvin’s knee to the back of the neck, NOT the front where breathing can be obstructed. Nor is this a case of “systemic racism” by “White Supremacist” law enforcement against Blacks. Floyd was the latest Black serial criminal out of disproportionately too many Black criminals created by LBJ’s Great Society and its subsequent destruction of the stable American Black family. In our Orwellian Twilight Zone world, this pitiful man is the sort of individual now being miraculously elevated to hero/martyr status by those intent on villainizing law enforcement and legitimizing criminality, ABOVE ALL their own larger crimes of revolutionary violence, destabilization and seizure of absolute, permanent power.

Similar arrests and circumstances involving White suspects have no potential for political exploitation in the current climate of ID Politics, systemic hatred and division, the true legacy of Alinsky disciple Obama and those Democrats who have followed him.

These few simple realities further inflame the screaming mob, possessed coast-to-coast and beyond by  baseless guilt and self-hatred that impels them to tear down the whole edifice of American freedom underpinned by law. This mass psychosis has turned our country into a hijacked plane, co-piloted by kamikazes maddened by the power of life-and-death they exert over millions and insanely cheered on by the malcontent rabble making up their constituency. The rest of us caught unwillingly on board, probably the true majority of Americans, are faced with the dilemma of those Flight 93 heroes on 9/11. We are certain to crash with docile inaction, so what’s to lose fighting to regain control of the plane and landing it safely?

BITA-Bitten In The Ass

UPDATE 4/25/21: In the satisfying wake of the Chauvin verdict, BLM and assorted Wokester pests politely encourage diners at White-owned tacquerias in Manhattan to “get the f-k out of New York!”  Very curious how the Woke Storm Troopers feel most emboldened to harass and terrorize the public in the bluest, most liberal places. And to think how sympathetic most of those diners are to The Cause! They’ll tell you so! Red states and cities with concealed carry permits would be somewhat less willing to suffer this abuse.

CHINA TOLD YA SO….and other Communists on the move.

UPDATE 4/25/21: Like any terrorist emboldened by the absence of opposition, international  Communist China is now doing what it does best which is crushing freedom and making a very public example of some of its most outspoken citizens, including billionaires and celebrities voicing dissent. Such prominent Chinese heroes are finding themselves imprisoned, perhaps for life, perhaps eventually disappeared when it suits the regime’s convenience.  

The same regime is now flexing its expansive conquest muscles, testing opposition by flying into Taiwanese air space and crowding Phillipine waters. And their Russian counterparts are massing at the Ukrainian border. Can this serious new aggression have anything to do with these  bullies and sworn enemies of freedom seeing nothing but a vacant-eyed, senile hologram in the American White House?



UPDATE 4/19/21: Using the old “family tragedy” playbook worn to tatters by the likes of his Dad and Al Gore (see below from years past),  human debris Hunter Biden goes the same phony sob story route. Some people have the Midas touch, metaphorically turning everything to gold. Some have precisely the opposite effect on everything they touch. (Rhymes with “it.”) Shameless and heartless remain the overriding words of significance characterizing our illegitimate First Family.

Adding further luster to the Biden family Coat-of-Harms is The Big Guy himself, now pulling ahead of Carter and Obama at record speed as the worst, most damaging POTUS in our history.


UPDATE 4/25/21: Competition is fierce determining who is the most dangerous politician operating these days. But the ruthless determination of Madame Sprecher to remake our entire electoral process into One Party Rule stands out as about as scary a prospect as we’ve seen. The House under her foaming-at-the-mouth rule has now passed the Orwellian named “For The People Act” #H.R. 1, effectively eliminating the autonomy of the States from the Fed.

Goodbye, Electoral College. Hello, Popular Vote about to be enhanced by 10-20-30 million U.S. Treasury-subsidized New Democrats about to be imported from abroad and naturalized.

Also just passed is  H.R. 51, the move to add Washington D.C. (and eventually Puerto Rico) as respectively the 51st and 52nd States meaning 4 more Democrat Senators and however many new Democrat House Reps their gerrymandering can create. Goodbye, any future opposition to far Leftist Democrat government.

JEAN FRAUD KERRY-Climate Change and CO2 Expert

UPDATE 4/25/21: One venerable pundit has opined that, in his 80+years, Jean Fraud Kerry counts as the most destructive American on record. So many to choose from these days for title of “Worst” [see Pelosi, see Biden…] but a lifetime of fraudulent self-promotion, gold digging and one long lying career certainly makes him a contender. Surely his recent comment about how “we…have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere”  has to put him high in the ranks of the stupidest, most ignorant “public servants” still roaming unattended without a leash in our halls of government.

Kerry’s latest contribution to his native land is to outsource all our manufacturing to the Chinese and to make us dependent upon them for everything we need. Throw in this Climate Change/CO2 expert’s  vow to destroy our fossil fuel energy independence in favor of Green solar & wind technology (monopolized by China), and the fake Hanoi Hero roars right up alongside the seamy likes of Carter, the Clintons and Obama in the Most Terrible Trophy sweepstakes. In all fairness, perhaps we should wait until we find ourselves running up demerits on our social credit scores and energy-starved America looks as dark as North Korea from space before making up our minds.


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  1. It will be interesting if this shabbily run case will reach—and be accepted—by the Supreme Court, as it should be. But given the deep corruption of Roberts’s court, I’m not betting on it. Great piece, as always, Fred.


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