How do they get away with it? Wellesley girl Hillary lapses into AME Southernese and preppie Ivy Leaguer Barack mysteriously starts talking like the jiveass pimp on the ghetto corner when addressing Black audiences. If you or I did it, we’d be laughed out of the room if not shot or dismembered.

Worse is the message. Crime is the system’s fault. You didn’t build that. You just got lucky.  Wasn’t nuthin’ you did. You don’t own your life. Get used to the idea of staying a slave on the Leftist plantation. We own you.

There is no clearer illustration of the despicable deadliness of Dem Party policies that intentionally condemn millions of Blacks to  lives of permanent poverty, ignorance and powerlessness.

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Obama tells young people they dare not see themselves as owners of their lives.”

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