Among other things, the Trump-Clinton choice is a referendum on whether America should continue its slide into dithering incompetence internationally. Are we to be flustered, ineffectual Nanny to a violent pack of monsters…or are we Americans first, the world’s policemen only at last resort to protect our own interests?

One hearkens back to the Reagan Doctrine which offered well-publicized moral support and arms for freedom fighters abroad without waging wars and revolutions ourselves. (“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”) Not incidentally, the Reagan legacy is also one of unleashing American entrepreneurial energy within. (“It’s morning again in America.”)

Within and without, America first. We can be sure that a Clinton Presidency will run counter to this in every possible way. As a continuation of Obama’s dismantling of our essential institutions and mores, HillaryWorld will most certainly not be morning again in America.

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