Black Mob Violence:
It’s All The Latest Rage!

February 3, 2015

UPDATE 12/23/17: Preceding even LBJ’s placement of the Great Society dependency yoke on Blacks, the breakdown of the Black family can be traced back to Depression-era policies of social engineering. And the culprits were not exclusively Democrats. Bad ideas are devastating, regardless of who comes up with them.

The worst thing for the Racial Grievance lobby running amuck these days would be for young black men to be schooled in the basics of self-improvement applicable to anyone wanting to get ahead:

Jesse J.: shakedown artist

Jesse J.: shakedown artist

studying, working, playing by the rules, taking the normal knocks of life without resorting to a routine life of crime.

But that just doesn’t square with the abysmally low expectations white Liberals have of their lessers. @2_IR3_01-01-09_JWR_WWilliams-Liberals_W[1]No surprise the sneering contempt the criminal black community has for their lighter-skinned apologists. Those guilt-ridden fools prostrating themselves before the Jacksons/Sharptons, lionizing street punk Michael Brown and invoking “Ferguson” like “Remember The Alamo” still really believe they’re somehow exempt from the consequences of this manufactured, intentionally perpetuated Black Rage. We all know them: the soft-hearted friends & family who would feel guilty if a “person of color” rapes/robs/murders them; the ones who are absolutely sure the tumbrils will pass them by when the guillotines start falling. After all, they voted for The One and still proudly display the bumper stickers, even the signs in their yards.

The Gentle Giant spreads his brand of love.

The Gentle Giant: just a nice kid from the ‘hood.

Hero, Poster Boy, Martyr, Gentle Giant, dime-a-dozen thug knocking over a convenience store, terrorizing the East Indian store clerk…and not even considering for a moment that he might, just might, be headed for trouble.

And what about all those decent people in the black community who’ve done it the right way…and, for their trouble, have had their businesses destroyed. Who are the real victims of this prodded, planned rioting?


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It’s All The Latest Rage!

  1. Baltimore=Ferguson Redux | Dittoville on May 3, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    […] Ferguson revisited: Baltimore, so many other potential hot spots…Obama’s war on America, enthusiastically aided & abetted by Jackson/Sharpton/Holder and anyone blind enough to think these people have anything in mind except their own power over a permanently agitated mob. The Black Mafia and their Leftist White cohorts have everything to lose from real progress in poor, black communities. Of what use are self-motivated black individuals, seeking to build decent lives for themselves and their  families? Black Mafiosi thrive not on worthy individuals but on the blind, hating mob. […]

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