UPDATE 8/17/18: Now coming to a previously civilized nation near you: Down Under as here and in Europe, the “anti-fascists” reveal themselves to the real fascists.

UPDATE 2/5/18: Post-Superbowl revelry in Philadelphia gets messy thanks to the presence of Antifa, described by one seriously disinformed (and disinforming) journalist as “rightwing.” Right. Those nice black-masked “anti-fascists” behaving for all the world like the Fascists Black & Brown Shirts they claim to oppose.

UPDATE 8/27/17: Despite what the Left desperately wishes to dis-inform, Nazi/Klan/White Supremacists have no haven anywhere: not in the Republican Party, definitely not in the Democratic Party. They are the lunatic fringe, without a grain of any public sympathy and most importantly, without any significant number or funding. Currently, their presence is being blown all out of proportion in the Left’s effort to link them with conservatives. Same old, same old. By contrast, the unvarnished hate and violence of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter most definitely have a home in today’s Dem Party agit-prop machine: the paid, organized masked goons doing the Dems’ dirty work, methodically shutting down free speech, breaking skulls and terrorizing any opposition to the Obama/Clinton/Sanders/Warren agenda. They are “the resistance.” These are the “anti-fascist” fascists of the future, and the future is now.

UPDATE 8/23/17: Virtue signaling celebrities and prominent business people ratchet up the moral grandstanding by donning yellow Stars of David and preening before the cameras to resign from Trump’s advisory councils (quite possibly for reasons more about money than chic protest). Such courage. And so utterly without substance or even an atom of risk. That’s selective outrage for you. Pick a cause reeking of utterly safe political correctness and costing precisely nothing. Lionize elite Progressives like Obama, wholly invested in keeping Blacks safely locked up in the chains of government dependency and go all-out to destroy a Trump, wholly invested in creating economic opportunity for Blacks and anyone else wanting a way out and upward. Where are these passionate “social justice warriors” with regard to the very rational policy of confronting and containing the very real and dangerous international Islamic terror and the domestic terror of AntiFa and Black Lives Matter? Condemning and actively opposing the hatred, brute violence and (oh yeah!)  blatant anti-Semitism of the aforesaid are just not half as cool (and totally inconsequential) as “resisting” a handful of self-styled Nazis and Klansmen, a good number of whom probably still live in their parents’ basements.

ORIGINAL POST 8/20/17: Flash the image of a swastika, a burning cross and weirdos in pointy-hooded sheets in front of a Leftist of almost any persuasion, and one can expect in response an orgy of selective outrage and self-congratulation.  “Virtue signaling” it’s called these days. In the face of such universally recognized, blatant historical evil, passionate outrage is just sooo easy. And pointless. Particularly since Nazis and the Klan are mostly ugly vestiges of the past, only present now as a rallying reference point from the history books for a handful of lunatics here, a handful of lunatics there.

Flash a symbol of real, present and organized danger like  communism’s hammer & sickle (yes, it’s still around) or Islam’s scimitar moon and star, and our passionate social justice warriors’ vision and sense of purpose suddenly fade to white-out. But mention blonde Aryan storm troopers or Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd’s and Margaret Sanger’s white-sheeted compadres? Like snorting cocaine.

…and eulogized by Hillary as the Senate’s “heart, its soul.” Grand Kleagle in the Klan, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Will his statue be coming down too?

Remind a Leftist happily hysterical over a few irrelevant Weimar wannabes about Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, murder, oppression, labor camps, starvation, tens upon tens upon tens of millions of dead bodies outnumbering the homicidal accomplishments of Nazis or Klansmen by a factor of at least 10? Crickets. Nazis, the Klan and erasing Civil War history stubbornly remain the topics of Leftist urgency. (Not to mention blind Never Trump Republicans whose Trump hatred is the best thing the Left has going for it).

One cynically wonders whether exterminated Jews, lynched Blacks, America’s survival as a lawful, just Constitutional Republic matter so much to any of these people as the preservation of the Utopian dream of the Left and the demise of Trump among the Never-Trump Repubs. For the Left and all their talk about diversity, multiculturalism and Identity Politics, there is to be in the end only One Identity for everyone, and that is Leftist/Communist/Socialist/Collectivist/Progressive. So many flavors, but it’s really all the same poison. Try explaining that to a Never Trumper obsessed only with hating Trump.

On a daily, well-publicized basis (Barcelona), Islamic Jihad continues apace its determination to kill The Infidel. Yet, a gathering of pussy-hatted Trump haters, certainly many of them Jewish, have no problem with an unabashed anti-Semite bully like Linda Sarsour as one of their pin-up girls. Clueless movie stars and the permanently gullible celebrate a Hugo Chavez and his socialist Venezuelan paradise, ignoring the devastating results of a once-wealthy country laid to chaotic waste, starvation and violence. Viva la revolucion! Even if it’s one big horror. Of the present, now, not something that might happen.

The Left has no purpose except to seize power, always under one false banner or the other such as “anti-fascism” (AntiFa) or “social justice” (Black Lives Matter). Without the defunct straw man of Nazis and the Klan with which to associate its opponents, Progressives find themselves at sea and only themselves to examine. Thus, the desperate need to create the perception of a menacing Nazi/Klan/White Supremacist presence. The timeline and history of one Jason Kessler illustrate the careful orchestration behind incidents like Charlottesville and the Orwellian move to erase history. It’s all expressly designed to reanimate the morally bankrupt souls of the Left and its “resistance” to being voted out of power in post-Obama America.

And who is Jason Kessler? Obama supporter, Occupy Wall Street operative AND organizer of the long-planned White supremacist march last week in Charlottesville. Quite an ideological leap there, from Occupy Wall Street and Obama supporter to (suddenly in November right after the election) founder of the kooky White supremacist Unite The Right. Why Charlottesville? An ideal location as chance would have it, declared by its Mayor, one Mike Signer, to be the “capital of the resistance,” again right after the election. In harmonious concert with the Mayor is Clinton/Obama pawn Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Conveniently, a mob of the Left’s all-star domestic terrorists-Black Lives Matter, masked Antifa (the consummately fascist Anti-Fascists) stand by, on hand ready to rumble. At the first hint of trouble, rather than separating and containing the two crowds, the Governor and Mayor abruptly declare the assembly permits canceled, break up the demonstrations and the two violently opposed factions are seemingly steered into one another by police. Voila! A riot.

Torches dramatically ablaze a la “Birth Of A Nation,”, the media thrusts its much sought-after Nazi/Klan imagery to the news cycle forefront and proceed to link and brand the POTUS and his Deplorable supporters as one big Nuremburg rally. A little sniff down the money trail, one would most likely stumble upon George Soros and his always-open Open Society wallet for underwriting such anarchy and revolution.

And quietly behind the scenes?

Post-Charlottesville, there’s one very happy ex-POTUS, now effectively acting as our sinister Shadow POTUS. Obama’s legacy of Identity Politics dividing the country into permanently warring factions is bearing fruit for this ideological protege of a proud Saul Alinsky. If Saul had a son, he’d look just like Barack.

F–k the law, as one eloquent social justice warrior scrawled across the Lincoln Memorial last week. Apparently, that’s the new Dem Party message. Anything goes in pursuit of Obama’s Marxist/Socialist Transformation. No violent, destructive means is off-limits, nothing is sacred now in pursuit of Obama’s Transformation. So much for the so-called post-racial Presidency. It has only proven to be the one giant deliberate step toward permanent civil war, chaos and, ideally for the Left, a return to power and resumption of Transformation.

Meanwhile, keep asking, “Who are the fascists here? Who are the ones smashing faces and property and terrorizing the nation into submission?”

The Web and airwaves have been jammed with editorials, opinions, screeds, so in terms of exposure, the orchestrated Charlottesville riot has been a noisy success: this summer’s deliberately staged riot, the latest Ferguson. One only need ask “Where will they stage the next one?” November 4 is being bandied about as 2017’s answer to 1969’s Weatherman Days Of Rage. Everything old is new again! Stay tuned.

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